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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Knowledge utilization dung worms.

Knowledge utilization dung worms

Kascing ... this is not the type of tasty food for humans. But the type of food is delicious by the need to improve land fertility, Kascing is the meaning of the sewage worms.

Kascing is one type of organic fertilizer at this time that i often used by farmers and have economic value that is high enough, because kascing organic fertilizer is one of the organic fertilizer which is full of burly womb.

As the title any posts, I will try to prescribe how the creation kascing of Soil Science, because I did not know of any other field. This recipe in Create By Mother Dr. Ir. Ni Luh Kartini, M.S. which is a lecturer in the Department of Land. She stages in pembutan kascing is making this medium, seed preparation, seed penebaran, maintenance and penen. Meanwhile, the main material is a waste in this house is cut animal waste (RPH).

Making medium; medium that is used to place a live worm compost should be rare, because of waste in the RPH should komposkan during the first 15 days. In the next set in the form of about 5m long, 1m wide and 20cm high.

Elections and penebaran seed; worms should be used with a healthy feature 7-15 cm long, 4-6 mm diamater color and reddish purple to dark. Next ditebar evenly. So when the worm nervous medium does not match, if caing active and direct entry, indicates the appropriate media.

Maintenance; first love worms eat it, worms are important though not dead, just as food mashed with medium (in juice) with a comparison of feed and water is 1:1. This serves to keep moisture in the medium and poke every 3 days for aerasi also awake. Pengadukan do not use a shovel, but the forks of a shovel. There are important things that need to be remember, worms eat the food seberat own body every day. So every day the food should be as heavy worm ditebar do.

Harvest; before the harvest, it's good to know characteristics kascing ready to harvest. According to the experience mrs. Kartini kascing the harvest is ready to have a blackish color and a soft serpihan. To separate the worms and kascing, we juggle with the worms, because worms are very sensitive to light. Do with the media, such as pyramid pile and light on the top of the pyramid disinarkan. Later worms continue toward a dark place, and then separate.

Oh yes, before dilakuakn things over there making a good selection kascing is a place that is easily monitored and not exposed to direct sunlight such as under the shady trees, in addition to the house or make home-made in a special, so do not pick up the sun and the heat does not save .

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