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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Genius Should Include By Any Blood Group

Genius Should Include By Any Blood Group
Why would a genius be owned, because the genius of a business does not require much energy and thought it would result in larger and more perfect.

Blood group should understand this genius idea, because if ignored, the group will not be developed and thus can experience a significant decline so abandoned by its members.

Think for a genius in something positive so that the success of a group will be achieved quickly and eternal.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lil Wayne Blood Gang

Lil Wayne Blood Gang
Rapper Lil Wayne under the leadership of tomorrow to a prison sentence in the famous New York's Riker Iceland serve. In outide - prison for speaking non-institutionalized - Lil Wayne's clothes, gestures in music videos and lyrics of rap all show that he was a member of 'The Blood' aka LA-bsaed famous road course in "The Riders Damu" Well. Lil Wayne is not from LA has no relationship to the city, but in the last 6 years he has made many references to gangs, namely:

"Woo Soo-gang, and if you do not know, then you are in the food chain"

Lines like the above sound good on the track, but we can not help wonder how the voice track inmates who harden their lives in defense of the gang to spend life. Rikers Iceland is known that both blood and crips house - a gang rival, in the midst of the war the way since the early 70s. Both the band is a bit too, by showing examples from Lil Wayne, Lil Wayne in Blood to the "false-flagging", and Crips to Lil Wayne's loyalty to the blood.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Blood Gang Environment

Some of the environment, which eventually form an alliance known as the blood around as long as Crips in many cases. The brim, black P Stones, Denver Lanes, Athens Boys & turquoise longer active since 1969 and 1970. During the early formative years, this area an independent organization, no competition and no band in the way we started thinking about street gangs today. For different groups of Crips in Los Angeles began to spread its influence, it is the environment that the motion Raymond Washington decided challenges and retain their original identity. In 1972, Turquoise, borders, began Blackstone P and some of the environmental battles with Crips and the rivalry was born. Will a few years before Blood Alliance have forged with 1976 or 1977, all the neighborhood known as Blood.

There are about 70 blood County and make the width about one-third of the population of Black Gangs in Los Angeles, mainly by the Crips outnumbered. The Crips despite serious internal struggles, the numerical dominance and eliminated in some circles in Los Angeles, fight harder than Crip Crip vs Blood competition.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blood Piru Knowledge in 2011

Blood Piru Knowledge in 2011
Year 2011 in early January, of course, for each blood group must be different than the previous one, because it is growing year course business activities should be more progress by following his time.

At this advanced technology so of course their blood groups and others should have more advanced knowledge to be a group of intellectuals and is no longer the radical group, hopefully in 2011 they can realize it.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Black Gangster Disciple Knowledge

Black Gangster Disciple Knowledge

The Black Gangster Disciples (BGD) is a street gang, which is fragmented in the Gangster Disciples and the Black Disciples street gang and their knowledge of the Folk Nation. Each band, what they contain as "knowledge", "in the book, or manifesto, that each member of the gang have to memorize it. This book is filled with codes and meaning of symbols and signs of the gang. For example, use BGD six-band Point star, and each point has a meaning. love, life, loyalty, unity, knowledge and understanding in the book knowledge they are also a number of laws in which they promised to follow.
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