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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Knowledge About Animals.

Respiration is a tool or the tool body 02 can berdifusi the entrance and the C02 can berdifusi out.

Tools respiration in animals vary from one animal to another animal, there is a form of lung, gill, skin, trakea, lungs and books, even some organisms that do not have a special tool so that berdifusi oxygen directly from the environment into body, for example, in animal cells that have one, porifera, and coelenterata. In the third animal is berdifusi oxygen from the environment through the body cavity.

1. Insect respiration on the Hearing

Air shaft (trakea) is a respiratory equipment that is owned by insects and other arthropoda. Trakea empty vessel in a small hole in the external framework (eksoskeleton) called spirakel. Spirakel tubular astigmatism that kitin layered substances, and is located a pair on each body segment. Spirakel
men have a valve so that the muscles are controlled by opening and closing spirakel happen regularly. In general spirakel open for flying insects, insects and closed at rest.

Oxygen from the outside through the entrance spirakel. Then spirakel air from the tube-tube and tube trakea ramose trakea into fine branches called trakeolus so that they can reach the entire network and tools in the body. Trakeolus not kitin layered, containing liquid, and formed by cells called trakeoblas. Gas exchange occurs between trakeolus with the body's cells. Trakeolus has the same functionality with the capillary system on the carriage (transportation) in the vertebrata.

Respiratory mechanisms in insects, such as locusts, are as follows:

If the muscle belly of locusts berkontraksi then trakea mexrupih so rich air out Coz. Conversely, if the muscle belly of locusts berelaksasi then trakea back to the original volume so that the air pressure becomes smaller than the outside pressure as a result, the air outside the entrance to the 02 rich trakea.

Functioning transport system trakea OZ and to circulate throughout the body, and carry the bacillus C02 respiration to remove from the body. Thus, the blood work only on the insects carry pollen to non-food and respiratory gas transport.

At the end of the trakeolus there is a liquid so that air berdifusi easy to network. On water insects such as mosquitoes jentik, air obtained with the respiratory tube to protrude the surface of the water to take the air.

Insects have a water air bubbles so that they can dive in the water in time. For example, Notonecta sp. have any air bubbles in the organ that resembles the hair on the ventral surface. During the dive, O2 in the bubble to move through the system trakea to respiratory cells.

In addition, there are insects that have a gill trakea the work to absorb air from water, or air through the branches fine gill similar. Then this fine branch of oxygen distributed through the duct trakea.

2. Hearing on the respiratory scorpion-profit and profit

Scorpion and spider big (Arachnida) that live on land have a means of respiratory lung book, while living in the water when breathing with the gill books.
Lungs have a book coming from the coil invaginasi stomach. Individual lungs this book has a sheet-thin sheet (lamela) is arranged in line. Paruparu this book also has a place of entrance spirakel oxygen from the outside.

Exit air caused by the insertion of muscle movements that occur regularly.

Both gill and book lungs of both books have the same function as the lung function in the vertebrata.

3. Hearing on the respiratory Fish

Gill owned by the species of fish (pisces). Gill-shaped sheets of thin pink and always lembap. The most out of the gill associated with water, whereas in the closely related with the capillary-capillary blood. Each gill consists of a pair of filamen dare, and each contains many filamen lamina (lamela). Filamen there on the blood vessel that has a lot of capillary OZ berdifusi allowing incoming and outgoing CO2 berdifusi. In the fish gill is covered by the original bony gill cover, called opercullum, while bony fish in the gill is not prone to be covered by opercullum.

Gill not only as a means of respiratory function but can also function as a tool ekskresi salt-salt, food filters, ion exchange equipment, and osmoregulator. Some species of fish have a labyrinth which is the expansion to the top of the gill and form so that the fold-fold-hollow cavity is not regular. This labyrinth save backup function so that 02 fish hold on condition that lack of 02. Examples of fish that have a labyrinth is: stopple fish and catfish. To save the backup 02, in addition to the labyrinth, the fish has a bubble pool is located near the back.

Respiratory mechanisms in the fish through step 2, ie, inspiration and ekspirasi. In the inspiration phase, 02 out of the water into the gill and 02 bound by capillary blood to be brought to the networks that need. Instead the phase ekspirasi, C02 is carried by the blood of the network will be empty and the gill to gill diekskresi out of the body.

In addition to owned by the fish gill is also owned by the frogs in the tadpole phase, the external gill. Animals that have external gill throughout his life is salamander.

4. Tools respiratory in frogs

In the frog, oxygen berdifusi peritoneal cavity through the mouth, skin, and lungs. Except in the tadpole phase with gill breathing in the water because of his life. Peritoneal cavity mouth can act as a respiratory thin and there are lots of empty capillary that is in place. At the time the movement occurred mouth cavity and faring, Iubang nose glotis open and closed so that air is in the mouth cavity and the diffusion occurs through the membrane enter the mouth cavity is thin. In addition to breathing with the mouth cavity membrane, the frog breathe with the skin, the skin is possible karma is always in a state of wet and contain so many capillary gas respiratory berdifusi easy. Oxygen entering through the skin akan vena through the skin (vena kutanea) and then brought to the heart to distributed to the entire body. Instead of carbon dioxide in the network will take it to heart, from heart pumped to the skin and lungs through the arterial pare skin tuberculosis (arterial pulmo kutanea). Thus the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide can occur in the skin.

In addition to breathing with the mouth cavity and coating the skin, breathing frogs also paruparu with tuberculosis-although not as good as parunya lungs mammals.

Frogs have a pair of lungs in the bubble where bermuaranya capillary blood. Surface of the lung by the enlarged forms, such as respiratory bag so that gas can berdifusi. Lungs with mouth cavity connected by a short bronkus.

In the lungs occurs and inspiration ekspirasi mechanism that occurs when both the mouth closed. Inspiration phase is when the air (oxygen rich) that enter through the peritoneal cavity and skin of the mouth berdifusi the bubble-bubble in the lungs. The mechanism is as follows inspiration. Konstraksi muscle Sternohioideus going up so that the mouth cavity, consequently oxygen entering through koane.

After that koane close the mandible and the muscle and muscle contraction occurs so that geniohioideus mouth cavity over time. Mengecilnya mouth cavity pushing oxygen into the lungs through the midst. In the lungs gas exchange occurs, oxygen bound by the blood capillary walls in the lungs and vice versa, carbon dioxide is released to the environment. Ekspirasi mechanism is as follows. Stomach musculature and sternohioideus berkontraksi so that the air in the lungs it out and into the mouth cavity. Cleft palate and close the opening koane. At the same time, under the jaw muscle contraction which also happens followed by the contraction geniohioideus so that the mouth cavity becomes smaller. But the mouth of the air cavity that is rich carbon dioxide out.

5. Hearing on the respiratory reptilia

Reptilia lungs in thoracic cavity and protected by the rib. Lungs reptilia more simple, with only a few folding wall function of increasing gas exchange surface. Reptilia on gas exchange is not effective.

In the lizard, turtle, crocodile and lungs more complex, with some of the cleavage-making paru-parunya Texturized as spon. Lungs in some type of lizard, for example vacillator Africa have air sac that allows the animal back up to float in the air.
6. Hearing on the respiratory Birds

In birds, where the respiratory gas berdifusinya only occur in the lungs. Lungs and a pair of birds was located in the thoracic cavity is protected by the rib.

Respiratory routes in birds started in the nostril. At this place, the air entering and forwarded to the cleft palate on the basis that there is faring connecting trakea. Trakeanya long bony prone to form a pipe-shaped ring, and the end of the trakea diverge into two parts, namely bronkus right and left bronkus. In bronkus on the base of the trakea there sirink on the inside there is a bending-bending form of the membrane can vibrate. Bergetarnya membrane that cause sound. Bronkus fork into mesobronkus which is a secondary bronkus and can be divided into ventrobronkus (in the ventral part) and dorsobronkus (in the dorsal part). Ventrobronkus associated with dorsobronkus, by many parabronkus (100 or more).

Parabronkus form tubes tubule. Parabronkus empty lot in the capillary allowing air diffusion occurs. In addition to lungs, birds have 8 or 9 expansion lung or air sac (sakus pneumatikus) that spread to the stomach, neck, and wings. Sac elements associated with the lungs and thin tunicate. In the air sac is not going respiratory gas diffusion; air sac only serves as a storage backup and ease the body's oxygen. Because of the air sac in birds the respiratory become efficient. Sac elements found in the base of the neck (servikal), space the front of the chest (anterior Toraks), between the clavicle (korakoid), chest to the back of the room (Toraks posterior), and in the stomach cavity (abdominal air sac).

Inclusion of oxygen-rich air to the lungs (inspiration) due to contraction of muscles antartulang rib (interkostal) so that the slats move out and move to the sternum down. Or in other words, suck up the air with the birds do increase the chest cavity so that air pressure in the chest cavity to become smaller in the entry of outside air. Outside air entering a small living in the lungs, and most will be forwarded to the air sac as a backup air.

Air sac in the air at the time used only air (OZ) in paruparu reduced, ie, when the birds are wings flutter. When wing flap or appointed to the top of the air bag in the corner so that the bones korakoid oxygen at the entrance to the lungs. Instead, ekspirasi occur when muscle relaxation interkostal the rib and sternum back to original position, so that the thoracic cavity and pressure decline becomes greater than the outside air pressure in the air result from the lungs of carbon dioxide rich exit. Mengecilnya together with the thoracic cavity, the air bag from the air into the lungs and release oxygen occurs in the capillary tube in the lungs. Thus, release oxygen in the lungs can occur while ekspirasi and inspiration.
Respiratory chart on the perch when the bird is as follows.

Birds inhale þ bronkus air flow through the sac to the rear air þ simultaneously with the air already in the lungs into the air sac þ air sac in the back of the flow to the lungs þ earthen jar to hold water to the air - earthen jar to hold water before sex.

Respiration on the speed of various animals from many different subject matters, among others, activities, health and body weight.


Knowledge About Aviation Aircraft.

Recently, some people express opinions about the profession of a pilot .. Some say that the flight was so with the same driver. There is another one that just might learn to fly, said that the opinion was that an airplane is the same car with the wheel. Many more opinions delivered in connection with the professional aviator.

I want to respond to a few opinions about that as it is. Skills or flying an airplane is not something that is very special one. I still remember one of my instructors once said, monkeys can be trained to become a pilot.

No to coal that the great aviator and others, but that need to be submitted to become a pilot there are some physical requirements, intellectual and mental illness that must be fulfilled first. It is correct, and that there are also many people who said after learning to fly only a few weeks, and says that flying is easy. Usually they come up with a conclusion like this because knowledge about the flight is limited. Once again I have to insist, that for some people who are talented and skilled, can only learn to fly in a short time, then, declare themselves to be already a skilled pilot and also states that it's easy to fly.

In short, I can describe, that flying is not something very difficult. Similarly for a flight is not something difficult to achieve. However, if people only crammer only to be pilot, and then run a pilot of its duties, it will be many difficulties akan faces. All the more when we speak as a professional pilot or flying as a profession. Stock of knowledge is not needed and not a little too simple. Starting from a knowledge of aircraft flight, such as yourself learn the various systems used in aircraft to the conditions and limitation on the operation. On the other there is some knowledge to know the absolute limit on the particular circumstances related to the air. Understanding the weather situation in general, learning the "water-ways," know about "aerodinamik", telefoni radio and more. Knowledge "air navigation" can not not be learned carefully, not to mention the requirement that the navigation equipment available in the Great Air and available in the travel route of a particular flight. An airplane is one thing, but to become a professional pilot is otherwise very different. A flight must be conducted in a format that subject and obedient to the rules that apply, and also to the rule-rule fence. Discipline is the key word is. Series of rules that is quite a lot should be first. "Air manship" into one of the main measurements of the quality of a pilot. Ethics in the profession as a pilot at any time and attention in the assessment of the surrounding environment. "Flying Hour" to measurements in other skills to see a flyer. Because the skills of a pilot will only be obtained with good training and experience through the hours of need. There are special requirements, and again in the rules, to how many hours of someone new can be given that trust can be improved its position to become "captain pilot" for example. That should be all that should be the main stock is owned by a pilot. That is also the standard time required to print a flyer is approximately 18 months. Each school pilot program always begins with "ground school" to provide a stock of knowledge, and then proceed with a special knowledge related to the aircraft that will use. Introducing the "cockpit", something that is not easy. "Cockpit drill", in the equipment that is in the cockpit including how to cram all of the panel and "switch" that there is space in the rudder. Not an emergency procedure which should memorize the size of the part outside the head, and this requires a certain level of intellect. Before flying there's more training sessions in the simulator, which includes many things, among others, emergency procedures and patterns for "take off" and "landing". Communication skills that are part of the whole process of implementation of a flight will be the burden of extra training in the simulator. After all that running with the results of the evaluation is satisfactory, then a student permitted to start flight training to fly with the actual aircraft.

As a pilot who is active, then in accordance with the regulations that have, in every 6 months they have to do health tests and also "Proficiency check" for the skills of flight.

For the professional pilot who has not, will soon see the difference at the time of the emergency .. They generally acted wrongly in the matter, because the stock of knowledge as a pilot does not exist. Say for example its knowledge of the aerodinamik, this pilot will be guiding the decision for the right machine at the time the plane died. Who have no knowledge aerodinamik, akan already be taking the wrong decision, because the book knowledge that is not supported enough.

Thus, a picture, that to become a professional pilot, is not something easy. For those who often say that the fly is easy and the same flight with a driver, we should also know and understand together, because (without meaning to disparage) opinion is certainly out of the knowledge that someone is new to the driver level. Please and Thank You Sorry.


Knowledge Diet By Blood Type

History .. Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo a naturopatis from Stamford, Connecticut, United States, which in 1996 introduced a new diet based on the history of evolution, especially related to differences in blood type (O, A, B, and AB) .. In his book "Eat Right For Your Type", PhD. D'Adamo said that people who have different blood types have a certain response or responses to food that is also different. Despite the controversy, is one for the healthy pattern of life we try, hopefully useful ... ..

Blood Type O. Based on the history of evolution, our forefathers had the same blood type of O, type-bred hunters, daily food staple meat. Blood group O blood group is the oldest in human history.

Type O blood group, typically as follows:

* Having the body's immune system is high compared to other types of blood group
* The response is usually good to stress with physical activity
* Diet for blood group O with mengasup more meat. It is recommended for food mengonsumsi high protein and low carbohydrate, such as meat, fruit, fish, vegetables.
* Behavior: Berenergi & not easy to despair
* Problems encountered: Vulnerable exposed to a disease caused by inflammation and damage organs such as arthritis Feed when food is not appropriate, diabetes, problems with bowel & pencernaannya susceptible and stomach pain, blood circulation is less good, waist and back pain, obesity, dry high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high-fiber dry acid, cancer disease, gout, heart disease, arterial stoppage, and the most easily bitten by mosquitoes ..
* Sports that do match Blood Type O: is aerobic.
* Is in general is high, casual, flexible, easy to adapt to the environment. Flamboyan style that often makes it too late if the promise, it's easy to decide something, but difficult to break down easily forgive, can be trusted, if only to save menguntungkannya, jagonya sports, according to research the most reach in the Olympic Medal Sports of blood group O, and even the so most of the director. Most long because he does not stress easily antibody and its most solid, most ingatannya also strong, as a friend is also most preferred for casual, but the most easy on the fat because kesukaanya animal protein (meat lover gitulah ..), and eat the appetite large, and eat fast. Blood group O is also the most rapid bald, probably because the feeling that only comes kantuknya're tired and do not have work, if a new bed-a tired and in need. Eat what is good or nice .... The Prime Minister of Japan so the average person with blood type O, because the spirit of leadership and problem solving fun.
* How to stay healthy? Because of the high power konsentrasinya, then also need to be controlled so that not too uptight, and bersantailah roads.
* Foods that are beneficial (food that act as a drug): green vegetables such as spinach, mustard greens green, kangkung, broccoli, parsnip, waluh, lettuce, seaweed, Chinese radish, blueberry, stawbery, pineapple, papaya, cerry, guava, pea, red beans, all kinds of onion, seaweed, ginger, kailan, turmeric, meat (cattle, buffalo, deer, sheep)
* Food is neutral (foods that act as food): gold fish, eel, lobster, tuna fish, Sardine fish, shrimp, chicken eggs, duck eggs, butter, beans (black, red, soybeans), bean, tempe, tahu, susu soya, cereal, rice, rice cakes, bread, rice, wheat flour, eggplant, tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, meat (chicken, duck, and goat, goose, turkey, rabbit).
* Food is avoided (foods that act as poisons): cereals, mustard, variety of pasta / noodles and rice, pork, squid, cuttlefish, shellfish, eggs, goose, eggs, puyuh, ice cream, cheese, cow milk, yoghurt (all type), coconut oil, turtle, corn oil, corn, red cabbage, cabbage green / white, peanut, peanut mede, kuaci, potatoes, mentimun, flower cabbage, mushroom, blewah, mandarin orange, plantain, pare, white wine , ketchup, coffee, liquor.

Blood Type A. When the lifestyle change from human hunters who run into agricultural activities, agriculture, live and not live longer, fight like muncullah type A blood, as an adjustment on the existing practices.

Type A blood type have the following characteristics:

* The body's immune system is not as strong as the type O.
* The response is usually good to stress with meditation.
* Sports that do match: yoga, taichi, meditation
* Problems encountered: Lost patience or self-quick-tempered, easily infected Flu / Cold / Coughing / Colds & vulnerable because of weak virus, seep excessive sebum, heart disease and problems of the blood channel, and cancer ulser, gaster, obesity.
* Diet is recommended that food is high carbohydrate and low fat, because the path is quite sensitive digestion. Very suitable to become vegetarian.
* Behavior: Responsible, and romantic
* Is in general: organized, consistent, work-life samanya high, accurate & mathematical, obey the law but the most experienced traffic accident. They are very perfeksionis, always so anxious and like meributkan matters detailed, the most difficult to tolerate evil, soul-narsisme also high, sparingly, like most menghitungkan always lay with the bank interest, the tolerable remember strong, and he is quite long because life is always organized. 4 balanced living Pattern 5 perfectly healthy, eat what is in the plates only, according to the rules to sleep 8 hours a day, but most vulnerable to disease because the virus. A blood type is the most trustworthy because selau on time. People with blood group A match so the MC, many also become a leader because ketelitiannya and perfeksionis its nature.
* How to stay healthy to keep? Because too perfeksionis, better at times relaxed, not too uptight and serious hold, so that does not quickly bald, because people with blood type A disease most easily affected by stress.
* Foods that are beneficial (food that act as a drug): spinach, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms gold fish, peanut, kidney bean, soybean / soybean susu, know, tempe, the rice flour, blueberry, olive oil, gold fish, Sardine fish, (pineapple juice, mango, banana, orange & lime citric)
* Food is neutral (foods that act as food): tuna, chicken eggs, duck eggs, eggs puyuh, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, nuts arcis / pea, maize, tapioca, corn bread, squash, red onion, mentimun, taro, grape, melon, blewah, pear, pomegranate, kiwi, dates, strawberry, kesemek, guava, meat (chicken, ostrich, turkey grouse, dove).
* Food is avoided (foods that act as poisons): dairy products, meat (cattle, buffalo, sheep, duck, goose, rabbit, partridge), lobster, octopus, crabs, eel, frog, shrimp, squid, butter, susu beef, cheese, ice cream, pure milk, pickle, eggplant, tomatoes, cassava, potato, orange, coconut / coconut milk, honey, plantain, papaya, pare, soda water.

Blood Type B. Due to mixing of different races and the occurrence of migration from Africa to Europe, Asia, and America, type B blood, which appear to grow and develop through what has been provided by the world's animals and plants.

Type B blood type has the following characteristics:

* Having the body's immune system is strong, and blood type is the most balanced. The key is balance between the animals and plants.
* It is recommended that the frozen & canned food. Blood type is very convenient product susu Feed. It is also advisable to make a diet with a variety of all types, including blood in meat
* Sports made a suitable pool, tennis, and walking meditation.
* If diasup food that does not match the type, the alleged risk that can be exposed to the virus attacks the nervous system is very high
* The response is good to do with stress usually do work that requires creativity and hobby
* Behavior: Easy to adapt, and analitikal.
* Problems encountered: The nerve system, difficulty to sleep quality, weak against the influenza virus, the lungs, headache and migraine, liver disease and bile channels, menstrual problems, spinal pain, obesity, heart disease.
* Are in general are: Casual, easy going, not affected by pressure from the surrounding, and most are free to enjoy life. Tend forgetful, do not wonder if they are the most easily lost, and the most nyebelin, because if the most promising late & molor saking santainya, but can still be trusted. Mentolelir easy to mistake other people, because life is easy going, but also easy to accuse. Are depending on the mood, so it seemed self-absorbed, self at will. Almost all of judo athlete, swimmer and pegulat Japanese blood diversified B. Because siftanya the easy going, most clever tolerate and seek compensation when the stress, but also have a fast and Obesity as bald like to eat tasty and eat old. Eating patterns, sleep and never regularly. Drowsiness came when, while berdiripun be asleep. Menu of interest is berkuah food, such as soup, soto, meatball etc.. The blood type B is generally only have to save that much money. Are sensitive and easy to take too many decisions that make a leader. Tokyo University students, in general, diversified blood: B
* How to stay healthy to keep? Because it is too difficult to concentrate, one-time need little serious. For example, do meditation or play chess ..
* Foods that are beneficial (food that act as a drug): watermelon, pineapple, green wine, orange lemon, lettuce, bokcoi, ginger, fish, milk, beef, cheese, cereal / havermot, essene bread, rice cakes, broccoli , parsnip, carrot, cabbage flowers, eggplant, green tea, goat meat, lamb, rabbit meat, deer meat.
* Food is neutral (foods that act as food): squid, gold fish, tuna, butter, cheese, eggs, chicken, red beans, green beans, rice flour, bread, rice, spinach, mentimun, squash, potatoes, mustard greens, mango , melon, orange, pear, date palm, guava, beef, buffalo, turkey, calf liver.
* Food is avoided (foods that act as poisons): meat (chicken, pork, duck, goose, grouse, horse) snail, crab, snail, eel, lobster, ice cream, eggs (duck, goose, puyuh), peanut , wheat bread, tomatoes, waluh, young corn, alpokat, pare, pomegranate, coconut / coconut milk, kesemek, star fruit, pear, water, soda, alcoholic beverages.

Blood Type AB. Blood type AB blood type is the most modern and aged less than 1,000 years old, still in the stage of evolution and rare (only 5% of the population), is complex and the biological. Because you bring anti-gen A and B.

Type AB blood type have the following characteristics:

* Having a sensitive digestive path and the body's immune system is very tolerant
* The response is usually good to stress the spiritual activities conducted at the same time with physical activity and creativity.
* Most are able adapt to environmental changes
* Diet: Can adapt to various types of food or any form of diet
* Problems encountered: easy Flu / Cold / Coughing / Colds weak because of the cleanliness, flatulence, and channel blood problems, cancer, difficulty sleeping quality but if the mood again, everything is sleeping, sore joints and bones, heart attack and shy and susceptible anoreksia
* Sports that do match: sports is in the morning.
* Behavior: loopy, and penyabar
* Is in general is: Unique, cuek, creative and resourceful even almost never experienced traffic accidents, but not clever work stress, but also not fast bald lho ... ganda berkepribadian Sometimes, either because it is easy to replace the often mood.atau change-change program. Maping cognitifnya its very strong so it is never lost if dijalan, love taking risks, do not like sports, Obesity is not easy because depending on the mood to eat, eat & sleep pattern also try hobby amburadul although all cuisines.
* How to stay healthy? Because tired easily, so need to find activities that are fun, fun, who can make you feel relieved and satisfied
* Foods that are beneficial (food that act as a drug): sardine, tuna, milk, goat, chicken egg white, ricotta cheese, sour cream (low calorie), tea-green, red wine, meat (lamb, rabbit, turkey ), watermelon, blue bery, plum
* Neutral Food (food which act as food): Cumi-doer, gold fish, tuna, butter, cheese, eggs, chicken, red beans, green beans, rice flour, bread, rice, spinach, broccoli, lettuce, mentimun, squash, potatoes, mustard greens, mango, melon, orange, pear, date palm, guava, ostrich meat,
* Foods that should be avoided (foods that act as poisons): meat (beef, buffalo, chicken, duck, goose, pig, deer, horses), lobster, crabs, frogs, ice cream, having a speech impediment duck, black beans, pickle, corn, , star fruit, pomegranate, pare, banana, coconut, kesemek, tomato sauce, coffee, soda, alcoholic beverages.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Knowledge About Blood.

Thickness of blood in the body, why there?

Once in order to drink a lot every day ... and ask "Why should drink lots of water and white-many..?" Can good info ... I hope that useful ... In fact, the answer is "egregious" but as an honest question must be answered with a honest, the topic can be described as follows: Approximately 80% of the human body consists of water.

In fact there are some parts of the body that we have a water content above 80%. The two most important organs with water content above 80% are: brain and blood. ! Brain has a water component of 90%, while the blood component has a 95% water. Ration drinking life is at least 2 liter / day or 8 glasses / day. Needs must be added on if you are a smoker.

Water as it is necessary to replace the fluid that comes from our body through urine, sweat, respiratory. What happens if we consume less than 2 liters a day ...? Of the body needs to balance itself. How ...? By way of "suck" water from the component body. From the brain ...? There has not been up to (wow. .. imagine when dry brain ...), but what happens from the nearest source: Blood. ! Taken blood clot into water. Due to blood clotting, the blood becomes less travel than the smooth liquid. When passing kidney (filter poisons from the blood), kidney akan working extra hard to filter blood. And because the filter in the kidneys smooth, often thick blood can cause tear in the kidney glomerulus. effects that occur in urine color you redness, signs began to leak kidney filtration. When left continuously, you may have to spend at a 400,000 dollar a week for washing blood, before I talk about the brain? When blood flows through the thick brain, the way a bit obstructed. The brain is no longer "thin", and because brain cells are the most extravagant meals, and consume oxygen, slow the flow of blood can cause brain cells die quickly, or not working properly (yes his name is also less likely to eat) If this is added with heart disease (which also works when the added weight of blood coagulate ...), then the attack can be more quick-stroke come. Now you select to stay:
do "investment" with a drink at least 8 glasses a day - or "pay interest" through the kidney disease or stroke.


Is He High Blood Pressure?

Blood Pressure Is he?
Blood pressure is the pressure imposed on the arterial vessel during blood circulation caused by the throbbing heart.

Blood pressure is measured how?

Blood pressure there are two sizes and is usually measured as follows - 120 / 80 mmHg. Nombor up (120) shows the arterial pressure over the vessel due to heart beat. He called sistolik pressure. Nombor down (80) shows the pressure during a break between the heart pumps. He called diastolik pressure. The most good for measuring blood pressure is during your break and sit in or lie.

Blood pressure variability

Measure blood pressure is not the same throughout the period. He often change according to your body needs. If your high blood pressure, your doctor will check your blood pressure back to some degree determine the time for your blood pressure is real.

Is he high blood pressure?

Measure blood pressure is always higher than the normal rate for a period that is long. Value is beyond measure blood pressure OPTIMA ie 130 / 80 mmHg.

High blood pressure on the bottom does not indicate any symptoms. You may have high blood pressure and at the same time you have felt themselves sihat. Meet doctorate is the only way to know your blood pressure.

Due to high blood pressure

High blood pressure regularly can bring complications, such as the following

heart attack

wind ahmar

heart failure

damage to the fruit belt

Ensure blood pressure OPTIMA

check your blood pressure regularly at least 2 times a year or more frequently depending on your level of blood pressure

not smoking - nicotine in cigarettes can cause heart beat faster and constrict the smooth channel pulse forced pumping of the heart stronger to meet the needs for your body

reduce the salt - excessive salt in the blood can cause more water stored in it forced and this resulted in a high blood pressure

reduce fat - excessive fat collected around akan channel pulse and make it bold and stark

Ideal body weight winner
exercises regularly
Avoid drinking alcohol


Human blood.


Blood is the human body fluid network. Its main function is to carry oxygen is required by cells throughout the body. Blood also supply the body with the nutrition network, carry the remaining oxygen-oxygen metabolism, and it contains a variety of immune system that is aimed at maintaining the body from various diseases. Hormones from the system endokrin also circulated through the blood.

Human blood have red, the red light when the oxygen-rich red to dark when the lack of oxygen. Red color of the blood caused by the hemoglobin, protein respiratory (respiratory proteins) that contain iron in the form of heme, which is a place-bound molecular oxygen molecules.

Humans have a closed circulatory system, which means the blood flow in the blood vessel and circulated by the heart. Blood pumped by the heart to the lungs to release the rest of the metabolic form of carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen through the arterial duct pulmonalis, and brought back to the heart through the vena pulmonalis. After the blood delivered to the whole body by the blood vessel channel aorta. The blood to circulate oxygen throughout the body via channels called the fine blood vessel capillary. Blood and then return to the heart through a vein and superior vena Cava inferior vena Cava.

Blood also carry the rest of the metabolism of materials, medicines and chemicals foreign to the heart and to be explained to the kidney to be removed as urine.

[edit] Composition
Blood consists of several types of korpuskula that formed 45% of the blood. 55% of the other form of liquid colors that form a liquid medium called blood plasma of blood.

Korpuskula blood consists of:

Red blood cells or eritrosit (about 99%).
Eritrosit not have a cell nucleus or organela, and not considered to be in terms of cell biology. Eritrosit contain hemoglobin and distribute oxygen. Red blood cells also play a role in determining blood type. People suffering from lack of eritrosit disease anemia.
Chip-chip or blood trombosit (0.6 - 1.0%)
Trombosit responsible in the process of blood coagulation.
White blood cell or leukosit (0.2%)
Leukosit responsible for body immune system and served to destroy the things that are considered foreign and dangerous by the body, eg virus or bacteria. Leukosit are amuboid or do not have a fixed form. People leukosit excess leukimia suffering from the disease, while those who lack leukosit suffering from the disease leukopenia.
Blood plasma is essentially a water solution containing: --

of blood freezer
immunoglobin (antibody)
different types of protein
different types of salt

Blood Cell.


Blood is the fluid of the animal all the high-level send function oxygen-oxygen and oxygen needed by the body of the network, transport chemicals results of metabolism, and also as a body defense against viruses or bacteria. Medical terms related to blood begins with hemo-or hemato-which comes from the Greek meaning haima blood.

In the insects, blood (or better known as hemolimfe) is not involved in oxygen circulation. Oxygen in the insect system trakea distributed through channels such as the channel air directly to the network body. Blood insects carry oxygen to the body of the network and remove the remaining material metabolism.

On the other animals, is the main function of blood oxygen transport from the lung or gill to the body of the network. Hemoglobin in the blood that are functioning as ligature oxygen. On the part of the vertebrate animal or not the small invertebrates, oxygen seep directly into the blood plasma because oxygen carrier protein that dissolves freely. Hemoglobin is an oxygen carrier protein, and there are most effective on animals, vertebrate or vertebrata. Hemosianin, the blue, contain copper, and is used by animals crustaceae. Squid using vanadium kromagen (colored light green, blue, yellow or orange).

Friday, April 24, 2009

Crips vs Bloods

Color is often used as a symbol of the gang groups, and the other party, the image above shows the hostility between the 2 groups, namely Crips and bloods, they fight each other for the sake of power for life.

Animation Piru and Bloods.

Seen two young men who are shadow-visional symbol piru, animated images that illustrate each of these group members will always supervised by their leaders indirectly.

Results Booty Group Bloods.

Dollars and hours of this famous brand is the result of the spoils with a characteristic group of bloods put the results on the red cloth typical group of them, in this case the results are not very large and small.

Hand Bloods

Fist symbol with the color red is a symbol meaning that the group of bloods, red means that the main concern is that in every group of gangsters as well as groups bloods.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Bloods Standby Brigade.

In terms of what they have, including the special forces trained the ready at any time for war, war and the use of weapons is the most important groups in the bloods.

Small Bloods

From small they are introduced to the bloods and taught in the world of crime, with the ongoing generation of course, their children do not know if the meaning of truth.

Small Groups of Bloods

Most of the bloods always groups, from small to the thousands, they always show their identity with a symbol, a flag or the other.

The Bloods its honor.

They also have bloods homage to the tradition of leadership, with this clearly seen that the structure of the organization they are neat and strong, so to disperse groups of models is very very difficult, we can only try to always teach to the good fellow, who knows with this much be aware that e and return the correct path.

Cartoon Bloods


With bloods cartoon model looks funny and interesting, but when the actual situation so egregious and visible danger. Indeed character alley where many are sure to be ugly than good, we just wait for the awareness of each person who currently enter.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Slayer Blood Groups

Many kinds of colors and slayer used this group of blood, there are new colors, red and black. Perhaps these colors have any meaning for them apart, this example slayer black and used for their action.

Third Coast Piru

This is a symbol of any posts to interpret the purpose of blood groups with media graffiti.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Symbol Blood Piru Knowlwdge

Symbols made by the blood group is always just use the color red and the symbol that they are understood by people, such as symbols, and to kill the other. Kill them for doing the usual, the murder is clearly a despicable act and is prohibited, except when we are forced to defend in the sense of our self-interference and crimes of others.

Gun and skull

This is a symbol of one of the blood groups and the skull image pistol, the only red they become typical.

Troops Bloods Piru

They have the blood group of special forces combat ready with the clothing style of ninja to cover their identity, you try to look like in the picture, of course characteristic of red remain attached to the troops is.

Business Groups Blood Slayer

Slayer of the widely used blood groups to be a good area for business for some people, with this special slayer they produce for the group of blood, of the benefits that can not alias a little big.

Mineral Water and Shoes By Bloods

Blood groups can also create an ad for berolah always in the spirit of sport, envisaged with mineral water and shoes that would always be used when berolah sport, its core so that the stamina of the permanent members are kept in the picture do not forget the color red has always been characteristic.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Symbol Hat Blue Gang

Slayer appeared in a hat is not just red, but there are also blue and the other, and the typical slayer hat this is a long back.

Symbol Hat King Gang


With gold embroidery on this hat, which is the symbol of the kingdom of this can be a sense that this is the hat of a gang leader.

Hat Forces Bloods

Hat with any posts on the red slayer, NY any posts with this we can give the meaning of the symbols of blood, but the author said that we do want to misbehave and will always try to do in the good, so calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Black Blood Brothers

gang members will be the stronger when family members dominate the gang, as a closer, such as race or tribe, so that in working together more easily because the fit and match.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Piru Hand Graffiti


With signs piru graffiti art has been created, the image above for example. Appear visible signs piru variegated with black screen, but simple art.

Piru For Business


Some of the signs piru for their business activities both for business and good for business is not good, with signs piru is the business activity easier for the communication.

Bloods Banner


In gang activities they appear to take on the banner to indicate that the strength of the bloods is compulsory for the fear Him, why do we as humans have to make some of the other men fear for us, better than one thousand of the enemy.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hand Signs or Piru

Signs such as the above there is always the gang groups, such as pistol toys for their course, free to take them to safety themselves. Of course, life will not be quiet, because so many enemies that threaten, not what we want to become a normal human being safe from any violence.

Go Piru Triumph

I could bri meaning, meaning that this is a sign that the group should go in what is desired to obtain the triumph in the world of gangsters on the street crime, aspiration for victory is very good, but if the goal is so negative and ugly is not commendable .
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