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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bloodz and Kitchenz Alliances

im not sure when it happened but it is some time in the kitchen and start cripz Clickin Bloodz ... It began with 63 KCG 6'0z beef with ... Hoodz began to align the wood .... u see where Deuces Sayz and Dogz (6 Deuces and Bloodz) or 2Z, 4Z (FA Bloodz) & 7z graffiti .... even some who Hoodz kitchen where all the ounces of blood were all a mixture of both ... but not all blood Hoodz copperatin not like the fact, and to date still diss cripz kitchen and not have them in there .... Hoodz

bloodz, kitchenz
Here is a pic of 2 ..... Bloodz and KC

Friday, October 30, 2009

Tub of Blood Bunch

blood piru knowledge, blood gangs
Bak blood Bunch is one of the first New York street gang at the end of the waterfront in 1860.

Collection of criminal gangs composed of members of different gangs in New York after cleaning "of the Forth area by police shortly after the Civil War, Blood Bunch Tub includes members such as Skinner Meehan, Netherlands Hen, Jack Cody, Sweeney Boy, Brian Boru, and Hop Along Peter. Operating from a local bar, recently appointed as the blood, gangs dominate Corlears "hook part of the port of the East River. Sweeney Boy Brian Boru was stolen on a regular basis, especially for pedestrians that the simple reason that the change of clothes. While the fate of the band is unknown, Brian Boru says one account to have stayed outside in the tavern and drinking, can be killed by strangers in the night because he has found the next day near the half-eaten by rats pier.

One of the main gang members, Hop Along Peter often hired by gangsters on the lookout during the crime, allegedly due to a pathological hatred of police officers, police make random attacks on sight, generally let other gangsters escaped. A fear of "warrior policing" of the East Side of New York for nearly two decades after his departure in 1880, the last Blood Bunch Tub disappeared into the darkness. Bloodbath, the last reminder of the band futures closed since shortly after the bankruptcy.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Characteristics of the Gaza blood

Characteristics of the Gaza blood

blood pru knowledge, blood street gangs
Blood members identify themselves through various indicators such as gang colors, clothing, symbols, tattoos, jewelry, graffiti, language, and signing. Blood gang red color. They like to wear sports clothing, including team Starter jacket to display their gang colors. Some of their favorite teams, including the San Francisco Forty Niners, Philadelphia Phillies and the Chicago Bulls. They are also known as the Dallas Cowboys wear, which has five branches star logo.

The symbols most frequently used are the number of blood "5," five-pointed star, and pointed to five crown. These symbols are intended to show the affiliation of blood "with the People Nation, a coalition of subsidiaries created to protect members of the Alliance in the federal prison system and state. These symbols can be seen in tattoos, jewelry and clothing that gang members also used in gang graffiti, which is used by blood to mark their territory. Many graffiti includes gang names, nicknames, declarations of loyalty, threats against rival gangs or a description of crime in which the gang had been involved. Graffiti blood may also include the word "Piru" which refers to the fact that the first known Blood gang was formed by people from Piru Street in Compton, California.

Finally, a graffiti of a rival gang Blood May include symbols (especially those of the Crips) is traced backwards. The goal is an insult to the rival and its symbols. Members of blood as a single language. Blood greet using the word "blood" and often avoid using words with the letter "C" Finally, the Blood of hand signals to communicate with each other. Signature mai a single movement, such as American Sign Language letter "B" or a series of movements using one or both hands to a more complex formula. United Blood Nation (UBN) or start the East Coast Blood often receive dogs paw mark, represented by three points often burned with cigarettes on their right shoulder. UBN other symbols, including Bulldog and Bull.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rufus Buck Gang Blood


blood piru knowledge, Rufus Buck Gang Blood
The Rufus Buck Gang was a criminal gang of multi-racial, mixed race and Indian Creek Negros operating in the Indian Territory of Oklahoma, Arkansas from 1895 to 1896.

Formed by Rufus Buck, the gang of Lewis Davis, Sam Sampson, Maoma July, and Lucky Davis. Geng began building a small inventory of weapons during his stay in Okmulgee, Oklahoma to kill Deputy U. S. Marshal John Garrett on July 28, 1895, the gang began to remove the many businesses and farms in the area of Fort Smith for two weeks. In one incident, a merchant named Callahan - after being robbed - was offered a chance to escape if he can escape the gang. When the old Callahan had escaped from the band to kill her frustration assistant.

Further attacks against settlers and Creek indiscriminantly, the gang was arrested outside of Muskogee with a combination of power and the Indian police Lawman Light Horse Creek, led by Marshal S. Morton Rutherford, August 10. Although the creek wanted a meeting for the gang who were brought before "Hanging" Judge Isaac Parker in which they were hanged July 1, 1896.

Following the death of Rufus Buck Buck images found in the mother cell together with a poem written on the back.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

History of the Holocaust in the blood gang

blood piru knowledge, history of holocaust
Holocaust (later stake): Leonard Smalls was the illegitimate son Thomasina Jefferson Mayor Dakota. A strong pyrokinetic superhuman Smalls left the union after a struggle with officers Texador, and chose to leave the world of gangs to smaller scale for larger possibilities offered by organized crime. As an initiation ritual, he was forced to give something very precious to him: his name and reputation that accompanies it. Unable to call itself the Holocaust, Smalls changed its name to the pile of firewood. As firewood, it has tried to reform Syndicate recruit new blood: Boogieman, Flashback, Lady Death, Bad Betty, Fade, Tarmack, Bubbasaurus, and the Rocket (in disguise). Smalls then got his name - the Holocaust.

Monday, October 26, 2009

MO which was formed from the blood of 20 Set Rollin

blood piru knowledge

5 Number of three students until 6, 2 Down Love It Hate It

a gang of Kansas City, MO which was formed from the blood of 20 Set Rollin, mostly from the east side of Kansas City, they have migrated to the south shore and is currently not active (as they say), they were wearing red and black, they are followers of the Nation and the People's number 5, which rotates around the nation and people usually equipped with a red hat tilted kc on the right side and fold the bandanna up there. .. and sometimes turned blue, gray, or black bandana with a red to signify a relationship with the Folk Nation
Person 1: Whos that ... he dressed like blood?
Person 2: Naw ... well its kinda a number 5 three students

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blood Group Membership

blood <span class=
Blood refers to a loosely organized association of street gangs in smaller, known as the "set", which adopted the common gang culture. Each set has own leader, and generally operate independently. Most members of the blood of African American men, although some series have recruited female members and members of other racial and ethnic backgrounds. Members ages range from early teens to twenties, but some in positions of leadership in their twenties and thirties sometimes.

It is not known national leaders, but the individual sets of blood The blood has a hierarchical management structure with the level of member ID. This level indicates the status of the gang. A leader, usually the older members of the wider criminal history, running each circuit. A set of leaders are not elected but rather himself stated in its development and management of corporate reputation for gang violence and cruelty, and through his personal charisma. The majority of the set is called "Soldier", which is usually between the ages of 16 and 22. The soldier has a firm commitment to implement and they are very dangerous because of their willingness to use violence, either to gain respect from gang members and adapted to each person who "does not respect set. "Associates" is not a full member, but they identify with the gang and participate in various criminal activities. Insofar as women are gang, they usually associate members and tend to be used by men to carry their weapons following drugs or prostitution to earn money for their set.

Recruitment is often influenced by the environment recruitee. Blood was recruited heavily among school-aged children in a poor predominantly African American. Gang youth offers a sense of belonging and protection. It also provides immediate gratification for kids who are economically disadvantaged to see the trap of gang life: gold jewelry, cash, expensive sportswear.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blood Street Gang King

blood street gang king, blood piru knowledge
Blood is a street gang born in Los Angeles, California. Gang widely known for his rivalry with the Crips. They are identified by the red color worn by their members and a gang of some symbols, including signs of a typical hand. Blood is composed of various sub-groups known as "sets" between which significant differences exist such as colors, clothing, and operations, and political ideas which may be in open conflict with each other. Since their inception, branching blood gangs across the United States.
Geng portal

The blood has been documented in the U.S. Army, found in the U.S. and overseas bases.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Formation of Gangs Blood

blood piru knowledge, formation of gangs blood
The gang members ended up together, forming a new band. This requires some time. The original members were killed in the Holocaust, to be rescued by Flashback. He hesitates to hire, Wise Child; threatened in the process. Third Rail has been found in a camp for homeless far below the streets, suffering from guilt over his father. Group met and decided to work together. After the initial dispute, they agreed to go with 'Blood Syndicate, "the combination of the names of two rival gangs, the" union power "and" Paris of blood. "

First they raided a crack house, for operating capital, has killed many addicts and criminals and recruitment Masquerade. This super-powered individuals were recruited to the drug itself.

They found themselves in their homes, to be ambushed by a large contingent of the local criminal element. Templo killed instantly and the gang work together to kill all their attackers.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Battle of blood in the Dakotas

blood piru knowledge, battle of blood
The "Big Bang" refers to an incident in which gang members from around the Dakota met in a major battle. They do not know, or even the police are involved, using tear gas to disperse them, were reported by a radioactive agent. Many gang members and policemen dead. Other changes, some after they are next. Aquamaria, landed in the water, the benefits of hydropower. Brickhouse merged with brick walls and a brick.

Other entities are affected by other means. Dogg, normal dogs, found that he had developed cognitive abilities and speech. Other heroes and villains that they will face later on will prove to have acquired the ability to meet with the gas. Some of them, like static, was a member of both gangs and police.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

All Blood gangs in Los Angeles County

blood piru knowledge, blood gangs, all blood
There are 88 incorporated cities and dozens of other places that do not belong in Los Angeles County (LAC). In doing this research on development of gangs in Los Angeles, visiting each place in an effort to identify not only the active gangs in Los Angeles, but to determine their areas, too.

With several weeks of field work and research there are a total of 274 black bars in 17 cities and five areas unincorporated County of Los Angeles. In this study, both cities and unincorporated areas identified as "place," the term used by the U.S. Census.

# 135 Piru
# 456 Island
# 64 Brims (defunct since circa 1990)
# 706 Blood
# Acre Hood Piru (defunct)
# Athens Park
# Aliso Village Brim (defunct)
# Avenue Piru Gang
# Bartender Piru (defunct)
# Be-Bopp Watts Bishops
# Black P Stones-City
# Black P Stones-Jungles
# Blood Stone Pirus
# Blood Stone Villians
# Bounty Hunters
# Campenella Park Piru
# Cedar Block Piru
# Center Park Blood
# Center View Piru
# Centinela Park Family
# Circle City Piru
# Crenshaw Mafia Gang
# Cross Atlantic Piru
# Dalton Gangster Blood (defunct)
# Denver Lane Bloods
# Doty Block Gang
# Down Hood Mob
# East Compton Piru
# East Side Piru
# Elm Street Piru
# Family Swan Blood, 89, 92
# Fruit Town Brims
# Fruit Town Pirus
# Ghost Town/ES Pain
# Hacienda Village Blood
# Harvard Park Brim
# Hawthorne Piru
# Holly Hood Pirus
# Hoover Family (defunct since circa 1980)
# Inglewood Family Gang
# Jarvis Street Piru (defunct)
# Kabbage Patch Piru
# Kalas Park Loks
# Leuders Park Piru
# Lime Hood Piru
# Lynwood Mob Piru
# Mad Swan Blood
# Mid Wilshire Bloods (defunct)
# Midtown Family (defunct)
# Miller Gangster Bloods
# Mob Piru
# NeighborHood Pirus
# NeighborHood Pirus 145
# Rollin 20s NeighborHood Blood
# Original Block Piru 151
# Outlaw 20s
# Pacoima Pirus
# Parke Nine Bloods (defunct since circa 1997)
# Pasadena Denver Lane
# ProJect Gangster Blood
# Pueblos, 52
# Queen Street Blood
# Queen Street Blood 76 Block
# Rollin 50s Brims
# Samoan Warriors Bounty Hunters
# Scott Park Blood
# ScottsDale Piru
# Squiggly Lane Gangster
# Tree Top Piru
# Ujima Village Bloods
# Unton Brims (defunct)
# Van Ness Gangster
# Village Town Piru
# Water Front Piru
# Weirdoz Blood
# West Covina Mob
# West Side Piru - Compton
# West Side Piru - Carson
# West Side Piru - West Covina

Monday, October 19, 2009

Blood Gangs in Rosewood (Unincorporated Los Angeles County)

blood piru knowledge, blood gangs
Rosewood formerly known as Athens, but in an effort to improve both the perception and value of property in this area just west of Compton, the name was changed to rosewood. Athens is still there as a small neighborhood just west of Rosewood, in the thin area of the city of Los Angeles.

* 135 Turquoise
* Athens Park Blood
* Campenella Park Pirus

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blood Gangs in the City of Los Angeles

blood piru knowledge, blood gangs

The City of Los Angeles covers both the west and east side which also includes Watts.

Mid City | South LA, West Side | South LA, East Side | Venice | Watts | West LA

* Be-Bopp Watts
* Black P Stones-City
* Black P-Stones Jungles
* Blood Stone Pirus
* Blood Stone Villains
* Bounty Hunters
* Circle City Piru
* Dalton Gangster Bloods
* Denver Lane Bloods
* East Side Pain
* Family Swan Bloods
* Fruit Town Brims

# Hacienda Village Bloods
# Harvard Park Brims, 62
# Mad Swan Bloods
# Miller Gangster Bloods
# Neighbor Hood Rollin 20s
# Outlaw 20s
# Pacoima Pirus
# Pueblo Bloods, 52
# Queen Street Bloods, 76 Block
# Rollin 50s Brim
# Van Ness Gangsters
# Water Front Pirus

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blood Gangs in Inglewood

blood piru knowledge, blood gangs

  • Avenue Piru Gang
  • Center Park Blood
  • Centinela Park Family
  • Crenshaw Mafia Gangster
  • Doty Block Gang
  • Inglewood Family Gang
  • Neighbor Hood Piru
  • Queen Street Blood
  • Weirdos Blood
  • Blood Gangs in Compton, California

    blood piru knowledge, blood gangs
  • Butler Block Piru
  • East Compton Piru
  • Elm Street Pirus
  • Fruit Town Pirus
  • Holly Hood Pirus
  • Leuders Park Pirus
  • Lime Hood Pirus
  • Tree Top Pirus
  • Neighbor Hood Pirus, 145
  • Cedar Block Pirus
  • Cross Atlantic Pirus
  • East Side Pirus
  • Original Block Pirus, 151
  • West Side Pirus
  • 900 Block Bloods
  • Friday, October 16, 2009

    Blood Gangs in Carson, California

    blood piru knowledge, blood gangs

  • Center View Piru
  • Calas Park Loks
  • Cabbage Patch Piru
  • Samoan Warrior Bounty Hunters
  • Scotts Dale Piru
  • West Side Piru
  • Blood Gangs in Athens (Unincorporated Los Angeles)

    blood piru knowledge, blood gangsters
    No blood gangs in the Athens area of Los Angeles. Athens region is known as Rosedale is home to the Athens Park Blood. According to Thomas Bros. Maps, the area formerly known as Athens, which has been identified as rosewood, and the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles society.

    Thursday, October 15, 2009

    Blood in the comics syndicate

    blood <span class=
    Blood Syndicate gang multicultural is a fiction created by supermen Milestone Comics and published by DC Comics. The team first appeared in Blood Syndicate # 1 (April 1993), and was created by Dwayne McDuffie, Ivan Velez Jr. and Denys Cowan.

    In the fictional town Milestone Comics' the Dakota, the Blood Syndicate is a loose affiliation super-powered individuals brought together by circumstances, and 35 issues of their eponymous comic book, written largely by Ivan Velez, Jr., published between 1993 and 1996.

    Blood Syndicate super groups different from others in that they (in Vélez's words) "not a team - they are a gang." In fact, they are relics of a life of street gang (hence the name, a combination of "Paris Island of Blood" and "Force Syndicate"), who has acquired super powers in the so-called Big Bang, and decided to use them for purposes that are larger. However, they are constantly in battle, their method of non-sustainability and lack of central vision (especially after the death of their leader first) led union finally disintegration.

    Wednesday, October 14, 2009

    Knowledge management concepts

    blood piru knowledge, disciple blood piru knowledge

    The concept of knowledge management or knowledge sharing makes sense intellectual leadership team in most organizations. Why do not we want to learn from successes and failures, and translate that learning into value?

    However, there is often a gap between conceptual understanding and their own behavior as a leader - and this could be a problem? How do you engage leaders both intellectually and emotionally in a way that will make a difference in their day-to-day behavior? This requires more than one set of competency frameworks!

    The examples below are from the book bestseller Fieldbook "Learning to Fly? Management practices leading knowledge and learning organizations", written by Chris Collison and Geoff Parcell.

    Example 1) In BP, known for its culture of sharing knowledge, senior leaders have become used to enhance the learning of others "when they visit the operational sites. Imagine the scene: Director or Senior Vice President arrived, and is usually given a tour of the site. They sat together and examine the management team of company performance to a set of KPIs is expressed. One of these KPIs is not currently met. What happens when they identify with this problem?

    "Are you thinking about the X approach? Talk Is performance problem? Z Changed widget? "

    .. develop a set of behaviors.

    "Who else is in talks with other places that may have the same problem? .. Encourage a very different set of behaviors.

    It is the road that BP has chosen to take tours of senior management have the opportunity to enhance the value of learning from others, rather than as an opportunity to highlight their seniority to provide "answers".

    Services Example 2) As senior director of energy and essential company, Centrica, met to discuss ways to improve knowledge sharing within the company, they have agreed d ' a set of practices "leadership challenge" for executives of the organization:

    * How can I personally suggest that "seeking help" is a sign of strength rather than weakness?
    * Faced with a business problem, how can I reinforce the importance of learning from others - not only give an answer?
    * When considering a project or investment proposal, I was challenged to ensure that the bear has taken knowledge from other projects?
    * How to react when someone fails - is it a pure business loss, or is an investment in their education?
    * Does my team to see failure as something to learn from them, or something to hide?

    Such issues and challenges of converting the concept of knowledge management in a real, practical ways.

    What will work in your organization? If you can spend five challenges for your senior management team, what would you choose?


    Chris Collison is a renowned expert in knowledge management and experienced practitioners in leadership and implementation of the perspective of organizational change.

    As a successful author, he has presented to the public schools and business conferences around the world and is a regular contributor to publications of knowledge management. Chris has worked with leaders at the highest levels of many public sector agencies and private sharing of practical experience he gained working in the management team of BP knowledge and deep understanding of human dynamics program major change.

    Tuesday, October 13, 2009

    If not, wait for the year 2028

    blood piru knowledge, street blood knowledge

    There is one simple way to explain the two gangs, stupid, stupid, and less educated. Thats the best way to describe it. But when they begin to hell with the shit and then they take life and seize weapons and pointing them in the wrong direction and hit a puddle of urine Satan (aka CRIPS) and the cause of several wars. That's screwed up a reputation as the Hells Angels on their asses out of this evil laughter created such nonsense. So Satan called Blood and Crips to the world that is good.

    They spread like a virus infecting the general population. The house has been burglarized, civilians have been killed (or sometimes blurred because of their horrible effect) and thus the devil watched with amusement.

    Finally, they started supporting artists rap because it causes them more effective. The only bright spot is that the government hired assassins to kill Tupac Shakur. Gang warfare is a drive? Please, if they can not shoot while standing still, then how on earth are they intended, even speeding SUV? More and more rappers were killed. For the good of the world. And as the year 2009, they still held some political power. Howeve, r the political form of their somewhat pathetic and can not even close to DC

    By Tom Clancy believes that in 2028, the Blood and Crips and both parties have the Los Angela. One side of the red zone. Another is the blue area and that military action should be taken ...

    Monday, October 12, 2009

    Use of the Internet for blood gang

    blod piru knowledge, blood gangsters
    Initially, the band announced their existence and have posted their messages in the form of graffiti. Graffiti can be found everywhere, on walls, fences, subway cars, signs, sidewalks, and even train cars. Now, with computers that are relatively accessible to all, gangs have entered the virtual world. Websites, chat rooms and message boards responding to the gang culture has emerged on the Internet in increasing numbers.

    According to a report released recently by the Constitutional Court TV, the gang members use the Internet to discuss crimes in the private chat rooms and offers Banger gang wannabes (abused term) may register for membership in Online posting. It is estimated that these sites gang running into tens of thousands, but only 20 to 30 percent run by actual gang members.

    Link below gangs. Gang OR We can not guarantee their authenticity. Most of the gangs of "art, photographs and other creative works, including the rap" gangster "background music.

    Advisor: language in some of the following links may be profane and / or insulting. In addition, many sites contain pop-up ads, where gangs or we have no control.

    o Asian Pride
    o Jackson St. Boyz

    Bloods and Crips
    O Blood and Crips United

    Blood / Piru

    * Blaze'Z domain
    Blood for Life
    * Blood
    * B.rothers L.ivin O.n O.thers D.ispair
    * Dogs For Life
    * Blood J_DOGG001
    * LuKas'Z Paige
    * Piru Love

    Civil Struggle

    * B.O.S.
    * B.O.S. Ranks


    * 23 Street Mafia Crips
    Thug * 187 Crips
    * 224 Crip Mafia
    * Hilltop Crips
    * Madd Dogg Gangsta's Page
    * Memorial To All Crips - R.I.P.
    * P-Town Crips
    * Peninsula Gangsta Crips
    * Thuggin Dogg Crip
    * Funeral Music Paradise
    * Tru Blue
    * Tru Playa LoccZ South Deuce
    * Franklin Watts Crip Gang


    * Growth and development of the nation
    * Tru F.O.L.K.S.

    Gangster Disciples

    2.11 * Black Gangster Disciples
    * Green Boy Gangster Disciple

    Latin Kings

    * Almighty Latin King / Queen Nation


    * Lil Sad Eyez 14

    People Nation

    * Gaylords Almighty 712
    * Taylor Jouteurs

    Latin Kings


    * On X3 Nation (media gang or us)
    * 307 Home Boys
    * On Clanton Varrio
    * Santa Paula X2 On St. 13
    * Crazy Sureño 13
    * LaMaraSalvatuchax13
    * Puro vBPRX3 GANG

    Vice Lords

    * Almighty Love
    * Unknown Almighty Vice Lords Nation People

    Source unknown

    * The 7 Crown Royal

    Gangsta Video

    * Sureños - Welcome to National City
    * Mr. Shadow - Hood Soldier
    * Nationwide Rip Rydaz (CRIPS)
    * G and LOCZ

    Sunday, October 11, 2009

    Knowledge of gangs

    knowledge of gangs

    Understand what street gangs.
    Rata Penuh
    Webster's Dictionary of the knowledge of a gang as:
    1. A group of people who work for illegal or antisocial, for example, a band of antisocial adolescents or

    2. A group of people who have informal relations and close.

    The above definition clearly does not fit the definition needed to describe a street gang.

    There is no national standard definition of street gangs.

    Many states have enacted laws that gangs, mostly involves the definition of a gang. Law enforcement agencies in States that have not adopted legislation, also many definitions of a gang. Each definition is designed to meet desirable to identify the band through a federal or state or department policy.

    Defining the risk of starting a wave of hysterical anti-gang and Table subsequent anti inefficient and costly gang activity: namely, curfews and sweeping - the poor, but the current strategy is used in many parts of the country.

    Without such a definition, other problems often occur immediately surface. Generalizations that apply to groups of white supremacy, bikers, gangs, Asian, African American and Latino gang together when in fact there are clearly discernible differences between these groups.

    Saturday, October 10, 2009

    Coq Piru blood

    blood piru knowledge
    Firstly, kissing and all piru gangs Ruster. Piru was originally for "Panthers red uniform" and they claim Piru ST. They were the first "blood" before it is called blood slobs. Most people call them rusters which reads "Rooster" because they sometimes say "house" in the blood. "No real gangster from a gang of blood is particularly Piru.

    Meaning Piru Blood

    Piru, at the end of the Crips, the spelling of words tha tha back a joke inverted C, red wine, as opposed to clothing Piru Blood tha red suit, which I care What you but tell niggas fake Piru Blood gang of two distinct, but they were affiliated with one another.

    Friday, October 9, 2009

    Red clothes for blood groups to easily recognized

    blood_t-shirtA gang that was formed by a few cats that are not in compliance with the Crips and the hope of beating them. The blood was bombed and fakers flashin Crips gang signs they stole (and absurd).

    You can identify these cats with a red dress, Calvin Klein (CK = Killa crip crab), Mecca (to kill all CRIP / children Allive crab) and Reebok (respect for each blood OK any wear).

    These criminals are not really dangerous if you are a 12-year old boy or girl, then they like to put you in the blue to believe that they killed a Crip (or as they call it crab) .
    that cats blood drink called Red Bull (because red and the fact they said the blood of the bull generally live longer)

    Cheerful father on blood

    My father is here and he said that banks, Piru, Hoover 62s, bounty hunters and their families too Inglewood crabz dem niggas die for their enemies cuz niggas No cash Crippin their leather jackets, so my father a great neck t Homie will collect niggaz from Compton High, high Morningside, Washington niggaz high street for a meeting in Piru allies crabz cons, back then use to call time niggaz niggaz Young Blood Young, they think a Once they thought the alliance was so thick and so hard to say alliance theyed blood crabz n wearing a blue jacket, blue leather, they are cuz they think of blue men meant they use cuz they 're called aves baby. But go if u call a liar!
    too Piru Piru gang who call themselves the top of the original tree.

    Thursday, October 8, 2009

    Is Blood Also Love Peace?

    blood piru knowledge

    A street gang composed of young children who dysfunctional home. They found the strength and security by pasting Together in the streets. they weapon and runners weapons illegal arms and drug trafficking in drugs. Most of the time they Col0r blue whites. If you want to stop gangs, you have to stop what they create. is the lack of security in the hood and there's a good job for the family there. And create a task force to bust these crooked policy, which benefits from the violence and drug use.
    With government contracts for prison system
    paying so much per head, not to mention the slave labor.
    but until that happens we'll be here to do what
    we need in order to give families the fall and Justice
    those who don't have one.

    80 619 babies Skyline Piru
    pacifist (compliance) mad love to those who fell victum
    for the match. but on the streets or in prison.
    blood, Bloodz, bedown, Bloodz, horizon, Piru, 59brim, parkbloodz licoln, uptownbloodz, mob syndo

    Blood Rule The World

    blood piru knowledge

    There are tons of gangs out there that represent the blood. Some even do not have real names (or Pirus Blood), although they are in conformity with their flashing signs blood.

    From the west, Compton, California, in particular, where blood from the late 60s. They have their way slowly eastward, as far as California in the 80s.

    Blood now can now be found everywhere in the world now, because the mass media, internet, telephone, or by word of mouth.
    Life Ckrip Ckrab Killa 'for'!
    Do not walk in O.G. in the Red Army!
    Blue cloth fall every day!
    If you wear blue, you can still die of blood, because you'll be colorful fabric after I pop.
    Straight Up Blood!
    San Diego Street is Watching!
    671 Piru Blood!

    Wednesday, October 7, 2009

    Blood Street Gangs

    blood piru knowledge

    The Blood (Black Liberation Organization of Defense) is a Los Angeles street gangs in California. Blood is identified by a red color worn by their members. Gang composed primarily of African-Americans, although the mixed-blood racing more than the Crips, their rivals. Blood is made up of various cliques known as "games" or "plateau" of which there are significant differences such as color, clothing and operations. Since their formation the Blood gangs branching across the United States.


    Blood was formed in response to the growth of Crips, who at one point had outnumbered non-Crip gangs by 3 to 1.When several members of the LA Brims, P. Black Stones, by the Pirus and the CRIPS was assassinated in 1973, who fought the gang got together to form an alliance called the Blood, the gang of the existing nation called "The People". Knowing that the Crips used the color blue to identify each other, this group decided to use the opposite color, red, to identify each other. Today, groups located in an area formerly owned by larger groups will use the Stones Piru or on behalf of their series.

    During the 1990s, there was a report of gang members with blood in New York City. The NBI, the United Blood Nation, founded by OG Mack, who was sent to Riker's Island, the largest city in New York for its installation in prison. While in New York, this group became famous for a variety of non-gang members slashed in order to emulate the ...
    more ... get this on Mug def
    Slobs Pirus Blood Crab
    by R3AL MuThApHuKiN E 19 avril 2006 shares
    30. 68 blood up, 236 Down Love It Hate It

    Blood is a street gang who was wearing a red cloth or bandanna to say they are gang members or Blood gang members tell others that the blood blood blood they were gang rival streets.Their Piru, Crips bloods.Although much more numerous than their rivals, they grew and aggresive.If you are in the blood, do not wear blue clothes, particularly blue bandana fabric or they will error on their rival gang, even if you do not like and kill you and they will not bein you.They explanation Fom also called slobz by Crips to disrespect Sho.
    Blood is composed of black people, but as in previous years, is now bein acted out blood all over the world, especially Fom bein known by the Internet and television

    Blood tried to resist the action of the victim

    Oppression and Ruin

    Crips terrorized our neighbor hood and rape or they inundate the community with drugs because they fall within the White Mans plan to destroy blacks. Blood tried to resist the action of the victim, but the same game drugs that cause conflict between the latter two are still present. the only way to solve the problem must be smart enough so it has a distinct white people use to lose focus and take advantage of our early goals to make money and keep the life Familys Black. Now we cut the neck of each other to survive to get food to take luxury cars to smoke the best weed and power. We do any kind of dirt we fought for the whites, you do not know what was funny they were. Unite to solve the larger problem of poverty in our inner cities.
    me and my two brothers and blood brothas crip.Don 't live niggas like crabs and slobs do not let them take our freedom vote to lead our forces in chains and shackles and lies. we can make a difference. bang for the right reasons.

    Tuesday, October 6, 2009

    Flag Bloods & Crips

    Blood is a street gang from California. They fly the red flag. They compete with the Crips. Those who fly the blue flag. Blood is the most difficult of their gangs, and crip fuck up anyday.

    If it's blue, it's not true.
    "Take a knife, stabbed a CRIP. Whatch Dat Nigga that blue blood dripping blood .... ran into the street all day, a night kiss dem Crips in a bloody street fight ..... . Pull'd Back, chicken, loaded, another fallin da crip to the ground. Crips bloody, screaming, will be the only voice, Nigga dis da shit Bloodz own city. "- Bloodz Up, Down Crips.

    Monday, October 5, 2009

    Piru Street Gang

    A gang of California that was formed many of his rivals Crips and then spread nationwide. Instead, they chose the color red. They are also known as Damus or turquoise, Turquoise means Piru street gang, a rival gang the Crips gang and joined the anti-Crip alliance.
    They use CK as the Crips use the BK, as an acronym to diss their opponents.
    Some brands are the colors they are right, and a drop of water that represents the murder. Members including rapper The Game, Birdman and Lil Wayne.
    call their gang whose brrrrat a onomotopoeia a ball, and other forms of Blat, why has ccclat Crips or cons Clatter.
    They also use calls Swoop gangs, which often extended to Sir woop, woop with repeatedly sounded like a cop car (woopwoop, swoooop)
    In an unusual collaboration between members of the Blood Crip The Game and Snoop Dogg, offering both choirs Cult-Rip (CRIP enlarged) and Suh-woop.

    Sunday, October 4, 2009

    Drugs between the Crips and Bloods

    Crips terrorized our neighbor hood and rape or they inundate the community with drugs because they fall within the White Mans plan to destroy blacks. Blood tried to resist the action of the victim, but the same game drugs that cause conflict between the latter two are still present. the only way to solve the problem should be smart enough so that white people do not use separate and exploit lose focus of our initial goal of making money and keep the life Familys Black. Now we cut the neck of each other to survive to get food to take luxury cars to smoke the best weed and power. We do any kind of dirt we fought for the whites, you do not know what was funny they were. Unite to solve the larger problem of poverty in our inner cities.

    Saturday, October 3, 2009

    blood piru: Of blood is in MS-13

    Blood is the second deepest in the world put in a form other than MS-13. The Crips little more but not by much.In '93 at Rikers Island in New York, OG Mack began in the United Blood Nation. UBN states that "all pure blood", which means that B against another set of B at all.
    '93 B-side vs. Blood. Did not even all the blood that often. Dont get it twisted. Crips are the people who fight them. Notice they have a "nation" but not "united". Blood has two types of sets. Most of the original paper gown and red flag (bandana). There is a new group called Limehood Piru.
    Blood theyre wearing a green dress and bandana. Blood was living with a certain code. Instead of saying "locced out" they say "proved" because red is the color of fire. They will wear their clothes on the right side only.Bloods conversate with each other as "dog" instead of " Locs "(ie dogs are dogs). They will not try to say words that have a" C "on them if they can replace it with" B "theyll add the" K "in front of" C " to "CK" which means Killa CRIP. Theyll also change the "S" with the number 5 of the Blood Star has 5 pionts on it. Another type is B-Low Thangz.

    Friday, October 2, 2009

    Pirus a Band of Young Blood

    Pirus originally called named after Piru Street in Compton was created to fight against the Crips ever increasing danger, they adopted their red and turned their names in blood. because they are black Crips gang of Los Angeles. And as the blood crips generated a large number of sets of imatator all U.S.

    multiracial gang of blood is not white, who claimed to be fake blood and live in the suburbs and not recognized by the real blood in Los Angeles. Other fake blood are famous people like Dipset called false by GL Rogers T, and as a dirt Dickriders LA gang.

    Dipset is fake mainly because they are not pink and purple this bitch is the color bands grapestreet their claim crip in LA and NYC NYC real not recognize them, Lil Wayne is a fake, OG T Rogers in the Interveiw just laughed and laughed when the name was brought up waynes.

    They are known for a long-standing feud with the Crips They also noted quarrels with the Mexican gangs as well.

    blood see people who claim the blood of LA as a "Dickriders"

    they were dealing drugs and robbery

    Thursday, October 1, 2009

    Blood Piru Knowledge: Regret blood

    Other bands, like another gang, lifeless, where none of them end up in jail like a gang. Blood does not contain a life where they must join a gang to get friends. in simple words, they were just a "loser." Someone life is not, or no friends who have tried very hard to get into the team in which he was not. it could be a hypocrite who does not know where he went to life. gang life could end sooner or around the age of 30-40 she then realized that being in a gang just futile. at the end, he could well end up in the street or in prison, he may or he may die.
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