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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Knowledge utilization dung worms.

Knowledge utilization dung worms

Kascing ... this is not the type of tasty food for humans. But the type of food is delicious by the need to improve land fertility, Kascing is the meaning of the sewage worms.

Kascing is one type of organic fertilizer at this time that i often used by farmers and have economic value that is high enough, because kascing organic fertilizer is one of the organic fertilizer which is full of burly womb.

As the title any posts, I will try to prescribe how the creation kascing of Soil Science, because I did not know of any other field. This recipe in Create By Mother Dr. Ir. Ni Luh Kartini, M.S. which is a lecturer in the Department of Land. She stages in pembutan kascing is making this medium, seed preparation, seed penebaran, maintenance and penen. Meanwhile, the main material is a waste in this house is cut animal waste (RPH).

Making medium; medium that is used to place a live worm compost should be rare, because of waste in the RPH should komposkan during the first 15 days. In the next set in the form of about 5m long, 1m wide and 20cm high.

Elections and penebaran seed; worms should be used with a healthy feature 7-15 cm long, 4-6 mm diamater color and reddish purple to dark. Next ditebar evenly. So when the worm nervous medium does not match, if caing active and direct entry, indicates the appropriate media.

Maintenance; first love worms eat it, worms are important though not dead, just as food mashed with medium (in juice) with a comparison of feed and water is 1:1. This serves to keep moisture in the medium and poke every 3 days for aerasi also awake. Pengadukan do not use a shovel, but the forks of a shovel. There are important things that need to be remember, worms eat the food seberat own body every day. So every day the food should be as heavy worm ditebar do.

Harvest; before the harvest, it's good to know characteristics kascing ready to harvest. According to the experience mrs. Kartini kascing the harvest is ready to have a blackish color and a soft serpihan. To separate the worms and kascing, we juggle with the worms, because worms are very sensitive to light. Do with the media, such as pyramid pile and light on the top of the pyramid disinarkan. Later worms continue toward a dark place, and then separate.

Oh yes, before dilakuakn things over there making a good selection kascing is a place that is easily monitored and not exposed to direct sunlight such as under the shady trees, in addition to the house or make home-made in a special, so do not pick up the sun and the heat does not save .

Monday, June 29, 2009

Blood and water.

Blood and water

Once in order to drink a lot every day ... and ask 'Why should drink lots of water and white-many. . Good initiative can be useful info .. . In fact, the answer is' chilling 'but as an honest question must be answered with a honest, the topic can be described as follows: Approximately 80% of the human body consists of water.

In fact there are some parts of the body that we have a water content above 80%. The two most important organs with water content above 80% are: brain and blood. ! The brain has a water component of 90%, while the blood component has a 95% water. Ration drinking life is at least 2 liters a day or 8 glasses a day. Number of the above must be added when you
a smoker.

Water as it is necessary to replace the fluid that comes from our body through urine, sweat, respiratory, and sekresi. What happens when we consume less than 2 liters a day ...? Of the body will balance itself. How ...? By the way 'suck' water from the body's own components. From the brain ...? Has not been up to so (ah. brain dry .. imagine what happens ...), but from the nearest source: Blood. ! Blood taken water and become thick. Due to blood coagulation, the journey will be less rather than the thin lancer. When passing kidney (filter poisons from the blood), kidney work extra hard to filter blood. And because the filter in the kidneys smooth, often thick blood can cause tear in the kidney glomerulus. As a result, your urine reddish color, signs began to leak kidney filtration. When left continuously, you may have to spend at a 400,000 dollar a week for washing blood Eh, I have spoken earlier about the brain '... eh? So when the blood flows through the thick brain, the way a bit obstructed. The brain is no longer 'liquid', and because brain cells are the most extravagant meals, and consume oxygen, slow the flow of blood can cause brain cells die quickly, or not working properly (yes his name is also only fair to eat less) If this is with heart disease (which also works when the added weight of blood coagulate ...), then the attack can be more quick-stroke come.
Now you select to stay:

doing 'investment' with a drink at least 8 glasses a day - or-'pay interest' through a stroke or kidney disease.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Knowledge about the hotel in the helicopter.

Knowledge about the hotel in the helicopter

Hotel this one is the case why be so terrible? Because the hotel is in a certain kind of breast in a helicopter, so when the stay at this hotel can also make all travel. Ya really nice indeed.

Knowledge of the hotel behind the waterfall.

Knowledge of the hotel behind the waterfall

[Songjiang Hotel]
Luxurious hotel behind the waterfall

What happens when there is a palace behind waterfall? This is something that seems to exist only in fairy-tale course, but now China are realizing this. Palace not behind the waterfall that is being built in China, but a hotel is very luxurious.

China want to give something that can not be given another hotel in the world. Have many options if you want to sleep in luxury hotels, or in the peak-peak of the highest building, or even under the sea. But sleeping in the hotel which is located behind the waterfall seems to exist only in the new China.

The hotel was built in the Songjiang district close to Shanghai, China. The plan this hotel will have 400 hotel rooms and conference rooms that are able to accommodate 1000 people. In addition, in this hotel also akan there are several restaurants, café, sports facilities, public space and also under the surface of the water.

If you have enough money, happy with the water sports and rock climbing, and want to stay in luxury hotels, this hotel will probably be a very appropriate choice for you (^_^).

The hotel is scheduled to finish the process of development in May 2009.

[source: publishedmind]

Friday, June 26, 2009

Knowledge about blood sugar.

Knowledge about blood sugar

In medicine, blood sugar is a term that refers to the level of glucose in the blood. Blood sugar concentration, or serum glucose level, with a tight set in the body. Glucose which flowed through the blood is the main source of energy for body cells.

Generally, the blood sugar level stand on the borders of the narrow throughout the day: 4-8 mmol / l (70-150 mg / dl). This level increased after meals and usually are on the lowest level in the morning, before the meal.

Diabetes mellitus is the most prominent disease caused by the failure of blood sugar

Although called "blood sugar", in addition to glucose, we also find the kind of sugar, such as fruktosa and galaktosa. However, only glucose levels are regulated through insulin and leptin.

Direct influence of blood sugar problems

When the blood sugar level is too low to decrease, berkembanglah fatal condition that can be called hipoglikemia. Symptoms are feeling tired, a decreased mental function, feeling resentful, and loss of consciousness.

When the level stays high, which is called hiperglikemia, appetite will be depressed for a short time. Hiperglikemia in the long term can cause health problems that are drawn related to diabetes, including damage to the eyes, kidneys, and nerves.

The mechanism of blood sugar

Blood sugar level is set through a negative feedback to maintain balance in the body. Level of glucose in the blood monitored by pancreas. When the glucose concentration decreased, because the consumption of energy to meet the needs of the body, release glukagon pancreas, the hormone target cells in the lever (the heart). Then the cells glikogen this change into glucose (this process is called glikogenolisis). Glucose is released into the blood stream, to improve blood sugar levels.

When the blood sugar level increases, either because of changes glikogen, or because the digestion of food, another hormone that is released from the grain that there are cells in the pancreas. This hormone, called insulin, causing the heart to be more glucose glikogen. This process is called glikogenosis), which reduce the blood sugar level.

Diabetes mellitus type 1 is caused by not enough insulin or does not dihasilkannya, while type 2 is caused by the inadequate response to the insulin that is released ( "insulin resistance"). Both types of diabetes lead to too many is that there is glucose in the blood.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Knowledge about the fastest car.

Knowledge about the fastest car

British researchers are planning to make the car as soon as, and even be faster than the bullet shot.
As quoted from Reuters, four-wheel vehicle speed can be 1600 km / hour for the cost of producing about 12 million pounds. Car "Bloodhound SSC" that, if successfully established, will certainly record-breaking fastest car at this time that is 400 km / hour. Bloodhound SSC is the name taken from the UK in Rudal supersonic cold war era.

Experts even mention that their car can be improved up to speed in 1690 km / hour - that is, faster than a bullet distance from 357 magnum revolver. According to the Guardian newspaper, the project is done in secret since 18 months ago in the aircraft hangar in Bristol. Cars is the dream of Drayson, a car lovers who want to inspire a new generation to become interested in English so that engineers and scientists. UK at this time is very understaffed for the two fields.

Bloodhound team plans their project will be completed less than a year lagi.Mobil that the Eurofighter Typhoon jet engine with the rocket so that it encouraged thousands of 20 kilograms. "This is the opportunity to do something extraordinary in the field of machinery and for the record-breaking speed on land," said a mathematician at a time fighter pilot, Andy Green. He is the highest speed record holder in the land that is 1228 km / hour in the year 1997.Green working with Richard Noble, head of business solutions that record in 1997.

Green was a commander in one of the pilots union AU English (RAF). He used to set the acselerator jet engine speeds up to 563 km / hour, after that the speed with how to light a "solid rocket booster." Racing machine A V-12 start pumping more than one ton to hydrogen peroxide in the "booster" so that the car is in within 20 seconds travel distance can be up to 1660 km / hour.

"While it will not comfortable. Exactly where I sat down in the 'intake' jet engine, so definitely very noisy, "said Green.Rem car that is two and a parachute" airbrakes.


Knowledge of the hotel under the sea.

Knowledge of the hotel under the sea

Such as do not want to lose a Dubai hotel is being built under the sea, Istambul also are building a hotel in the sea under the new plan is completed around 2010.

The hotel is located in the former factory, a historic building and the 1930 will consist of 7 floors of all the floors are in the sea floor and all rooms have spectacular views ascertained under the beautiful sea.

The hotel also will be one of the 7-star hotel and of course 100% anti-water (waterproof).

Between the hotel under the sea in Dubai and has 2 Istambul similarity that is equally at the bottom of the sea and the prices stay high certainty.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blood cancer in children.

Blood cancer in children

Leukemia is a type of cancer that most often found in children, or around 25-30 percent of the total number of cases there. Symptoms that need to be, among others, the child appears lethargic, tired, along with pale, fever that does not clear the cause, bleeding not normal, The speck-blue The speck on the skin, exacting because the bone pain, and stomach feels hard or swell.

Protrusion on the body of a child also needs to. Some other types of cancer that also affects many children is brain cancer, retinoblastoma (eye cancer retina), limfoma maligna (lymph gland cancer), kidney cancer, rabdomiosarkoma (nerve cancer), and osteosarkoma (bone cancer).

On brain cancer, the symptoms need to be a headache that the longer the weight, along with nausea and vomiting that hose, power of vision is reduced, the decline in awareness, behavior change occurs as a rage, and even can cause paralysis and convulsions. This type of cancer usually occurs in children who have been larger.

Cancer eyes also be one of the causes of death in children with a case number is high enough. "Symptoms to note is The speck of white in the middle of the eye as if a light shines when. Not change the cat's eyes as luminous at night. Vision can also be disrupted, cast a sudden, prominent eyes and the ball out.

Although the cause of death, cancer in children can actually be cured, especially if known and treated since early stages. Hope for recovery to be greater if the child is suffering from cancer can go through life after undergoing treatment at least five years. Some types of cancer even take more than five years.

Handling and treatment of cancer in children and depend on the type of stadium. However, it is not far different from the treatment in adults, that is, the combination of surgery to remove tumor, chemotherapy, radiation, and treatment information and post-operation rehabilitation.

[source: dr. Heru Noviat Herdata, Sp.A]

Blood Cancer.

(Blood Cancer)

Leukemia (blood cancer) is a disease that attacks the cancer cells-white blood cells produced by bone marrow (bone marrow). Bone marrow or bone marrow in the human body produces three types of blood cells and white blood cells of these (functions as the body resistance against infections), red blood cells (carry oxygen into the function body) and platelet (the small blood cells that help the process of blood coagulation ).

Leukemia generally appear on the self since someone in the small, bone marrow with no known cause has been clearly produce white blood cells do not develop a normal or abnormal. Normally, white blood cell reproduction me-back when the body or there is a need for the blood cell itself. The human body will provide a sign / signal regularly when blood cells are expected to be re-reproduction.

In the case of leukemia (blood cancer), white blood cell does not respond to the sign / signal is given. Finally, the production is not controlled excessive (abnormal) will be out of the bone marrow and can be found in the blood or blood perifer edge. The number of white blood cell that is abnormal when excessive can disrupt the normal function of other cells, some with conditions like this (leukemia) will show some symptoms such as easily affected by disease infection, anemia and bleeding.

# Diseases acute and chronic leukemia

Acute leukemia with a marked way the disease is very fast, kill, and worsened. If this is not treated immediately, it can cause death in a matter of weeks to days. While leukemia chronic diseases that have not travel so fast, so have the expectations of living longer, to more than 1 year.

# Classified based on the type of leukemia cells

When the examination is known that leukemia cells affect limfosit or limfoid, so-called leukemia limfositik. While the leukemia cells that affect mieloid as neutrofil, basofil, and eosinofil, called leukemia mielositik.

From this classification, the leukemia is divided into four type designation;
1. Limfositik acute leukemia (LLA). Is a type of leukemia most commonly occurs in children. This disease is also found in the adult who has mainly aged 65 years or more.
2. Mielositik acute leukemia (LMA). This occurs more often in adults than children. This type was called nonlimfositik acute leukemia.
3. Limfositik chronic leukemia (LLK). This often affects adults over the age of 55 years. Sometimes it also affects young adults, and almost none on children.
4. Mielositik chronic leukemia (LMK) often occurs in adults. Can also occur in children, but very few.

# The disease leukemia

To date, the disease causes leukemia has not been known exactly, but there are several factors that affect the frequency of occurrence of suspected leukemia.
1. Radiation. This is supported by some reports from some of the research dealing with cases of leukemia that employees often suffer Radiology leukemia, People with radiotherapy more often suffer leukemia, leukemia found in the victims life incident atom bomb Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan.

2. Leukemogenik. Some chemical substances have been identified are reported can affect the frequency of leukemia, for example, environmental poisons such as benzena, inustri chemicals such as insecticides, medicines used for chemotherapy.

3. Herediter. People with Down Syndrom have acute leukemia incidence 20 times greater than normal people.

4. Virus. Some type of virus can cause leukemia, such as retrovirus, feline leukemia virus, HTLV-1 in the adult.

# The sign and symptoms leukemia disease

Symptoms are generally caused leukemia among different people, but in general can be described as follows:
1. Anemia. People will quickly appeared tired, pale and breathing fast (red blood cells under normal oxygen in the body less, a result of fast breathing as the compensation of oxygen deficiency in the body).

2. Bleeding. When Platelet (freezer blood cells) can not be produced with reasonable because it is dominated by white blood cells, then the patient will experience bleeding skin dijaringan (many red jentik wide / small dijaringan skin).

3. Infection fell ill. White blood cells act as a protective body resistance, especially against infections disease. People in the leukemia, white blood cell that is not normal (abnormal) so that it does not work properly. As a result of the body susceptible infection virus / bacteria, even with the complaint itself will reveal the existence of fever, white-out fluid from the nose and coughing.

4. Dislocated and painful joint. This is caused as a result of the bone marrow (bone marrow) urged by dense white blood cell.

5. Stomach aches. Stomach pain is also one of the symptoms of leukemia indications, where the leukemia cells can be collected on the organ kidney, liver and bile that causes enlargement of body organs, and pain relief. Stomach pain this can impact the loss of appetite leukemia.

6. Lympa gland swelling. People most likely experience swelling in the gland lympa, either under the arm, neck, chest and other. Gland lympa duty filter blood, leukemia cells can be collected here and cause swelling.

7. Difficulty breathing (Dyspnea). People may show symptoms of breathing difficulty and chest pain, if this happens then have to immediately get medical help.

# Disease Diagnostic leukemia (Blood Cancer)

The disease can be ascertained with leukemia a few checks, among others; Biopsy, blood examination (complete blood count (CBC)), CT or CAT scan, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), X-ray, Ultrasound, Spinal tap / lumbar puncture.

# Handling of Medicine and leukemia

Handling of leukemia cases, the disease usually starts from the symptoms appear, such as anemia, bleeding and infection. In general the handling and treatment of leukemia can be done with a single or a combination of several methods below:

1. Chemotherapy / intrathecal medications
2. Radiation therapy. This method is very rarely used
3. Bone marrow transplantation (bone marrow)
4. The provision of medicines and tablets needle
5. Red blood cell transfusion or platelet.

Therapy system is often used in dealing with people with leukemia is a combination of Chemotherapy (chemotherapy) and the provision of drugs that focus on the discontinuation of production of white blood cells in the abnormal bone marrow. Next is the handling of some symptoms and signs that have been seen in patients with a body that monitors comprehensive.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Knowledge about lung cancer.

Knowledge about lung cancer

Lung-cancer diseases are tuberculosis disease in the cancer death, both for men and women. Compared with other types of cancer diseases, such as prostat cancer, intestinal cancer, and breast cancer, cancer of the lungs mature more quickly is likely to increase development.

Disease lung cancer is a form of development which sell very quickly (abnormal) in the network of tuberculosis caused by changes in the form of a network or sell the expansion of sell itself. If left this abnormal growth that can spread to other organs, which is close to both tuberculosis and the remote, for example bone, liver, or brain.

Disease lung cancer is caused more by smoking (87%), while the rest are caused by substances asbestos, radiation, arsen, kromat, nickel, klorometil ether, and mustard gas emission charcoal oven can cause lung cancer, although usually only occur on workers who also smoke.

Classification Diseases Lung Cancer Lung -
There's pengklasifikasian disease lung cancer, It is seen from the level of spreading good dijaringan tuberculosis itself and to other organs. However, in disease lung cancer into two criteria based on the level of distribution:

Lung cancer primary
Has 2 main types, namely the Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) and Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). SCLC is the type of sell is small (many) where the power has a very fast growth to expand. Usually called "oat cell carcinomas (cell karsinoma wheat). This type is very closely related with the smokers, Handling is quite good through the action berespon Chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

While growth is the NSCLC sell a single, but often attack more than one area in the lungs. For example Adenoma, Hamartoma kondromatous and Sarkoma.

Cancer tuberculosis secondary
Tuberculosis disease is a cancer that arises as a result of the spread of cancer from the body's other organs, the most common is breast cancer and intestinal cancer (stomach). Cancer spreads through the blood, spleen or the system as proximity organ.

Disease-tuberculosis Lung Cancer

Disease-tuberculosis Lung Cancer

Alerts and Lung Cancer Disease Symptoms tuberculosis
Sign and symptoms of cancer paru this will only occur when the development of abnormal sell this stadium towards the more severe the more, and this takes many years since the beginning of its development. In fact, there appeared no possibility of special signs and symptoms, but only appear if the X-ray done. However, if some signs and symptoms when this is felt, should flee to the doctor check:

Cough-cough in older people who smoke
Difficulty breathing (short of breath)
Coughing blood (although the number of bit)
Often have tuberculosis infection (pneumonia or bronchitis)
There is a sore chest, shoulders and the back
Voters who changed from the usually
Cough more than 2 weeks in people who do not smoke
More like a gulp hard, neck and face look swell, decreased appetite, weight loss, rapid tired or weak.

The disease causes tuberculosis Lung Cancer
The cause is smoking, while the other is due to the contamination of air by oxygen asbestos, air pollution by smoke and burning vehicles, including cigarette smoke. There are several cases of diseases that trigger the occurrence of disease lung cancer, the disease, namely tuberculosis and pneumonia. Both diseases can cause this perlukaan sell organs on the network supporting the occurrence of tuberculosis so that the abnormal growth of the cavity sell it. Typically developing cancer of the tuberculosis cases of this type is adenocarcinoma (adenoma).

Handling and Treatment Cancer Lung Diseases
Handling and treatment or treatment that is done on people who have the disease of cancer terdiagnosa tuberculosis akan stadiumnya depend on the level, the possibility of conducting operations, and general condition of the People. This is not apart of history and the causes of cancer is of course tuberculosis.

Some of the usual steps are:

Take action operations sell cancer surgery
Action Therapy Radiasi
Action Therapy Kemotherapy
Photodynamic action penyuntikan ((PTD))
Providing Nutrition and supplement mengurang symptoms can be caused by cancer tuberculosis. Vitamin D and Fe is very good for the people with tuberculosis disease cancer, Similarly, Antioxidant foods like blueberri, cherri, and tomatoes.

[Source:Lung Cancer Disease]

Stem Cell therapy for malignancy in Blood Diseases .

Stem Cell therapy for malignancy in Blood Diseases
Diseases such as violence in the blood Chronic lymphatic leukemia or thalassemia major requires more than just conventional therapy. Disease takes many years to treat and there is no certainty of recovery.

In recent years, there is progress in the world especially in the medical field hematologi and stem cell transplants. "Stem cell is a wave in the history of the world's fifth treatment after the use of natural (herbal), oxygen-oxygen probe attached to the network that continues in the discovery of drugs sifilis (screening), discovery of penicillin by Alexander Flemming, and biotechnology,
Stem cell therapy has been proven to cure many diseases that are difficult malignancy treated blood and increase of life expectancy.

Stem Cell, Cell Magic

Stem cell is a cell that is very unique because it has the potential for imposing breed and can change into new cells or the cell body of the other. Stem cell tasked to improve the difference in the body, and theoretically the stem cell can be divided without limit for the cells to the human body or animal is still alive.

When a stem cellterbagi, each new cell has the potential to remain a stem cell or cells to be different with a more specialized function, such as muscle cells, red blood cells, brain cells, heart cells, kidney cells, and others.

Stem cell source is:

1. Stem cell from the embryo (embryonal stem cells)

Taken from the embryo in the phase blastosist. Cell mass in the group and contains the stem cellembrionik. Cells in isolation from the cell and in part on the culture in vitro. Stem cell akan specialization can become blood cells, muscle cells, heart cells, kidney cells.
2. Adult stem cell (adult stem cells)

One of them is hematopoietik stem cell (hematopoietic stem cells) stem cell that is capable of forming blood formed red blood cells, white blood cell and blood of healthy chip. Found in normal bone marrow (bone marrow), blood edge (perifer blood) and blood strap navel (umbilical cord blood).

To get a stem cell transplant healthy new cells to replace blood cells-a violent, people can get it from:

* Member, or a suitable family donor does not have a family relationship (allogenic transplant).
* Twin identical (syngenic transplant).
* Stem cell patient's own previously stored (autologous transplant).

In humans, stem cell hiding in the area generally is less oxygen in the bone marrow. Stem cell will exit the body at the time of the injury and the area of injury is. For example, to cells in the brain when people experience stroke, to red blood cells due leukimia appear, and so on. However, the stem cell is not able to help the stroke, leukimia or other diseases have become serious.

New hope malignancy Blood Diseases

Stem cell is a new hope to treat diseases that are difficult to be cured. Treatment with stem cell transplant this is also called mobile. Stem cell dispesialisasi can become nerve cells in the brain, cells, heart muscle cells, spinal marrow, and cells other body.

Stem cell is dikultur (dikembangbiakan in the laboratory) for example, cells become heart cells ago the new heart is new and first entered kateter through to the heart.

Stem cell therapy routine that is used to treat the disease at this time is a transplant of adult stem cell from the spinal marrow and the blood and blood perifer center strap the baby.
A. Stem Cell on the white Tulang Belakang

Stem cell therapy is now well known this is a stem cell transplant bone marrow back the leukimia used to treat cancer and other diseases including malignancy of blood.

Leukimia is a cancer of blood cells or leukosit. Such as cell-red blood cells other leukosit made in the spinal marrow through a process that begins with the adult stem cell multipoten (berdiferensiasi may be important cells in the body). Leukosit adults released into the bloodstream where they work to fight infection in the body.

Leukimia called when leukosit start to grow and become cancerous abnormal function. Abnormal cells can not fight this infection and may disrupt the function of other organs.

Leukimia therapy depends on the leukosit abnormal in the patients and leave the healthy cells to grow in its place. One way to do this by using the chemotherapy drugs are hard to find and kill abnormal cells.

When chemotherapy alone can not destroy abnormal cells, medical staff sometimes prefer spinal marrow transplants.

In the spinal marrow transplantation, bone marrow stem cell patient is replaced with the back of healthy donors who match. To do this, spinal marrow and the patient's abnormal leukosit first destroyed using a combination of therapy and radiation.

Next, the sample donor bone marrow stem back to a healthy cell is inserted in the patient's bloodstream. If successful transplant, the stem cell will move to the back of the patient's bone marrow and produce healthy new leukosit to replace the abnormal cells.

B. Stem Cell Blood Perifer

Most of the blood stem cell in the marrow in the spine, while a number of stem cell appears in the bloodstream. Stem cell blood perifer multipoten can be used such as the spinal marrow to treat leukemia, cancer and various blood interference.

Stem cell blood from perifer more easily collected for comparison with bone marrow stem cell background to be extracted from the bones. This makes the blood stem cell perifer treatment of choice is not as effective as bone marrow stem cell background. Because, perifer blood stem cell number in a bit so that the flow of blood to perform transplants can cause problems.

C. Tali Blood Stem Cell Center

New born baby does not need the center strap so that the center is tali akan removed. In recent years, rich in blood stem cell multipoten found in the central belt evidently useful in treat some types of health problems on the same diterapi patients with bone marrow stem cell and blood perifer back.

Blood stem cell transplant center strap declined to less than bone marrow stem cell and blood perifer back. This may be due to bone marrow stem cell and blood back perifer not so developed can be identified and attacked by the body's immune resipien.

Also, because the blood center strap has a few new cells that develop immunity, so that the risk of small cells in the transplant can attack the body resipien, a problem called graft versus host disease.

Both the diversity and availability of blood stem cell to create a central strap poten source for transplant therapy.

Stem cell therapy as a point of light in the dark who faced the cruelty of blood diseases such as multiple myeloma, Chronic lymphatic leukemia, and thallasemia mayor.

But in fact, not only they but also other people with the disease can be cured because of stem cell therapy in foreign countries has been successfully treat the disease, infark miokard heart, stroke, alzheimer, and others.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Knowledge about how to Caring Ban Cars .

Knowledge about how to Caring Ban Cars

According to data of the Ministry of Traffic Safety National Road, U.S., as many as 660 cases of traffic accidents caused by lack of air pressure in the tires and take the victim as 33 serious injuries per thousand years. A study sponsored by the Rubber Manufacturers Association (rma) recently, which is carried out on 1000 drivers in the entire state, find the facts that:

* 63% chauffeur said that tire pressure influence the distance from the vehicle
* Only 19% of the drivers check the condition of their car tire pressure
* Each month, three of the four-rider car washing their vehicles, while only one of the five rider who check their car tire pressure

You can travel the distance to reach 3.3% more and save fuel costs, if you always check the diligent car tire pressure and keep you always in the pressure that should be.

Below is a list of 10 car tire care tips:

1. Do not wait until the tire was damaged and to always check the tire pressure your car, at least once a month and especially before traveling long distance. Tire pressure with a lack of adequate akan cause hot tire easily because of friction with the asphalt, so that worn-out tires quickly and can be dangerous driving.

2. You must always remember that with pressure proportional to your car's tires. Size of tire pressure can be seen in the pas sticker attached on the inside of the door of your vehicle, or on the vehicle owner's manual.

3. For a valid measurement of your car tire pressure, check tires when they are cold temperatures. If your car runs out through the remote, wait for approximately three hours.

4. Perform periodic inspections, at least once a month and take care so that the size of your car tire pressure is always proportional to the restriction. So that your car is ready for use, if any time you need.

5. Coin money can be used as a tool that your car tires have been bald. Put the money in the coin of your car tire tread. If you can see the whole picture coin money, it's time for your car to change tires.

6. Keep your car tires from the holes in the road. For holes that are too large can not only damage the tires of your car, but will also disturb the equilibrium or balance of the car tires.

7. Make a schedule. Make sure you turn in your car tires in the front of the back in the 6000 miles each, that uniform condition of all tires and maintain the life ban is longer.

8. Do not drive a car with a tire without air cover. Steer the car with a tire without closing the valve could be leaking from the air in the tires and can lead to lack of tire pressure.

9. Check balance or balance your car's tires periodically, to avoid lap tires that are not stable.

10. Take into account the weight of the car must be loaded by you. If the load exceeds the maximum capacity which can cause excessive pressure on the tires of your car and it can be very dangerous.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Knowledge about the Embedded System On Cars.

Knowledge about the Embedded System On Cars

Embedded system is a combination of hardware and software that is inserted (embedded) in a device that aims to make a function / task-specific.

Destination Embedded System On Cars
The two factors which is the goal of each of the development of automotive technologies that facilitate the control of vehicles and increase safety. The same happens to the rudder system, from the beginning only to rely on mechanical movement of tercanggih use electronic brain. Rudder system that has a function to drive the vehicle was so easily moved.
How the operation of the rudder system is quite easy. Drivers who are living in the cabin to play the wheel left or right, depending on the direction in which you want to give direction. Inside the wheel there is a system component that can translate the play into motion a movement to the flexible rod wheels. Generally, the manufacturer of the car using the system rack and pinion helm.

Construction rack using rack & pinion wheel which has a bearing in it that can move to the left or right to use the metal teeth. The result of the wheel rim more precise and responsive. In its development, this system dirangkaikan technology with the power steering to facilitate power-play time in circumference wheel. Work rudder system that uses this technology, power steering mechanism based on combination of hydraulic and mechanical. Both work together to produce a round of a lightweight wheel.
The main components of the mechanical system is the wheel and rudder stem, the stem torsi and teeth are the teeth in the home or gear housing. Illustrations from the simple mechanical model of the lap wheel akan forwarded by the stem or main rudder shaft to the steering gear housing. In this section, the movement will be changed to play a straight movement to stem the tie rod to swing the wheel. Construction of this mechanism is called by the name of rack and pinion. Widely used because it has the advantage of rapid responnya.
The easiest way to find out the ability to play see the steering wheel is steering ratio. For example, number 18: 1, means the lap wheel 360 degrees of the steering wheel will rotate it 20 degrees (360: 18). Principally, the higher the ratio number, round stick not more responsive. That's why the car has a sport steering ratio of the number lower.
Power steering technology installed at the top of the gear housing with a hydraulic mechanism. Main component is a tank, oil filter, pump systems, oil lines, regulator valve, and a special tube. Just above the gear housing is a regulator valve. This work is controlled by a valve stem movement torsi located between the wheel and the pinion shaft.
When stem rudder movement, throttle closed will cause the oil into the cylinder. Akan pressure oil pushing piston left or right and then push the stem movement. By means of energy that is required to play the steering wheel more lightweight. Conversely when the rudder stem silent, oil will flow back to the reserve tank and pressure is reduced.

Supported by electronic technology more sophisticated, experts automotive system created active electronic steering wheel. With this technology drive so much easier.
The reason for the corner of the lap wheel low speed is not the same at high speed. For example, when parking comparison lap wheel and turn angle is 10: 1. When the vehicle dipacu at high speed, change the number 16: 1. Rudder system is not very responsive to the reasons for maintaining safety. At the helm of high-speed system that is very dangerous because responsive akan make easy vehicle roll. That's why a number rasionya be made larger.
Active wheel technology is the development of the concept of steer by wire technology adopted from the helm of the aircraft, fly by wire. Main component is the electric motor vehicle movement easier. Kedepannya technology rudder system predicted akan secanggih aircraft.

Development of Embedded Computer in the World Automotive

With the automatic control system (AutoPilot), the distance between vehicles on the road toll can be cut so that capacity can be increased road congestion and more traffic can be avoided. Cars are more efficient AutoPilot moves the air pollution is lower.
Saturation drive can be removed because the drivers are free to use the time for other activities. However, the ability to come up with such a system in full, automatic control system requires changes, concessions, and compromise of the user and the creator.

Automotive companies must work together to produce a suitable communications equipment with each other so that all cars on the road can move in harmony. The government also should provide the electronic infrastructure of the roads that will also require more handling and attention. Meanwhile, the "drivers" must also change the behavior mengemudinya. He should learn memercayai kendaraannya. We also have to want more money spent to buy the car equipped with special equipment.

IVHS (Inteligent Vehicle and Highway System) estimates the United States, creation and use of the car, and the road system "is the" in the U.S. this will require funding of at least 200 billion U.S. dollars (lk Rp 400 trillion) for 20 years. Most will be charged on the price of cars that people should be paid.
This step has been started since 1991, U.S. funds have been allocated approximately 660 million U.S. dollars (lk Rp 1.32 trillion) for 6 years for IVHS. In Japan also, the government and industry side by side test of the traffic automatically.

During this time the car engine depends entirely on the vision, hearing, and human resources that drive the reaction. If your car has antilock brakes system / ABS (antiterkunci brake system) and traction control (control of locomotion), kendaran means have been taken over some of your task. In the end later, the car akan me-ngam-bil total control over the equipment through the me-monitor speed, angle curve, the amount of fuel that flows to me in-sin, and the level of braking is applied. Radar to detect the position and count the great-ken patan-daraan around you.
Ken-daraan when you "see" obstacles, "feel" pavement roughness and "chat" with the post-post information on the side of the road, or with another vehicle, will activate the brain mikroprosesornya Electromechanical motors that control the rudder, acceleration, speed reduction, and determine the speed.
In the priority roads, such as toll roads in the city, tunnels and bridges, "brain" of your car may sometimes have to yield to the command center monitoring the traffic. Thanks to the central monitoring this, all vehicles as well as coordinated air traffic control.

Prevent collision
Evolution began when the car thinking antiterkunci brakes (ABS) appears in the mid-1980s, followed by the control of locomotion. Both against the rider, so that the ban remain under control. ABS automatically reduces pressure when the brake system is memperkirkan Any akan locked wheel braking on the sudden death. You certainly know if this happens the vehicle will skid, while the control of the driving force. It was to prevent slip during the addition of speed.

"One reason this technology is very interesting because it is relatively inexpensive, so basically the components are placed," said Gene Farber, determines strategy and planning for IVHS Ford. When the sensor, drive, energy and process has been successfully installed to create a system of free matter pemograman computer.
Two key components of the basis is still grown penghindar collision radar controllers and driving force that is integrated. With a driving force integrating the car did not need gas pedal again. The addition of speed is quite done in electronics, as well as a video game. Significant step towards it is the electronics skselerator luks BMW 750iL sedan. Pedal gasnya play a potensiaometer, such as the volume of the radio buttons. Drive-by-wire/DBW System (driving through a cable) allows us to more easily control the speed automatically as the mechanism of physical machine fully set up the computer.
In the car now, pengemudilah feet quickly determine the most slow-pace vehicle. That may not happen in the convoy at the meeting which determined the exact speed and automatic, so that each vehicle synchronized with the other. With DBW, the computer can work off the gas pedal when necessary.

Equipped with navigation systems

Other technologies also large. For example, navigation systems that can understand the position of the vehicle and the road that must be passed for the purpose of menccapai. How it works is a combination of technology sateit with the technology installed in the car. The result is an image the movement of vehicles on a computer map.
In the test project is in progress TravTek recently in Orlando, a video screen in the car Oldmobile Toronados display traffic information and map work to the goal.

In the future, the vehicle navigation system can be connected to the central automatic control of vehicles. Plus-signs with signs for communication on the road, the car can "know themselves" when the need to exit from the toll road, to go to one place. Of the many automated pullback off street. The greatest problem is not on the technical, but on social issues, such as pollution vehicles. The producers also cringe when going to production errors, and they charged consumers.

Imagine, automatic control system will allow you to play chess, enjoy one chapter from a novel, even while sleeping. Some says, the speed of progress when viewed Tech-nologinya, possible automatic control system will arrive much faster than the estimate we. When the case, we have siapkah? (r edi panjunan / Int 's)

Embedded in the System Concept Cars

Cars Future with Artificial Intelligence

San Francisco - In the year 2030-an, professional drivers may start akan tergusur. Section, a number of researchers Robotics is currently developing race-car race that can be automatically restrained through a street-street of the city independently.
Cars akan dijajal initial generation capacity in the Grand Challenge race is held DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) in November. Cars are designed not only restrained automatically, but understand the traffic rules and even select the nearest route. In competition, the cars must compete in order to pass traffic traffic street that is designed like a city street.

The one that is already ready to wash the car modification Stanford University team, which was named the U.S. Junior. The type of car Volkswagen Passat 2006 direkayasa so that gas, brake, and tooth movement can be controlled through the computer. Device global positioning system (GPS), radar, laser and installed around the body of the car to let the computer location and position of the car to nearby objects.
"Today we membiarkannnya can go up to 100 miles (about 160 kilometers), but in 2020 I hope will be able to up to a thousand miles a million miles," said Sebastian Thrun, professor of computer science and electrical engineering at Stanford University. He believes the development of the car robot will compete stringent since 2015 before reaching commercial stage and ready to actually go through the city streets.
Thrun predicts leap of progress in the development of artificial intelligence will result in automatic car without a driver on the road in the year 2030. In fact, he added, in the year 2030, we will see cars speed automatic compete with cars in the regular toll road. He is enthusiastic about the benefits of this technology because it can help people who can not drive cars such as the disabled.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Knowledge about the ozone.

Knowledge about the ozone

About Did You ozone?

The ozone layer in STRATOSFER

Ozone was first discovered by Christian Friedrich Schonbein in 1840. Naming ozone taken from the Greek language OZEIN which means smell or odor. Known as the ozone gas that has no color. Soret in 1867 announced that ozone is a gas molecule that comprises three oxygen atoms (O3).

Natural ozone can through ultraviolet ray radiation beam radiotherapy Sun. Chapman describes the natural formation of ozone in 1930. In which he explained that the ultraviolet rays from the sun-ray beam is able to decompose in the oxygen gas-free air.

Earlier unravel molecular oxygen into two oxygen atoms, then this process is known as photolysis. Then, atomic oxygen before natural gas bertumbukan with molecular oxygen that is around, and form ozone. Ozone layer in the Stratosphere that we know the name of ozone layer (the ozone layer) is the ozone that occurs naturally from the process of this photolysis.

The ozone layer is located at a height of 19 - 48 km (12 - 30 miles) above the Earth. This event has occurred since millions of years ago.

The ozone layer is very useful for life on Earth because it protects our way with 90% radiation absorbing ultraviolet rays (UV), which emanated by the sun. Note that UV rays are very dangerous and can cause:

1. diseases of skin cancer,
2. cataracts
3. genetic damage
4. decrease in animal's immune system, plants and organisms that live in water
5. the results of agricultural and forest
6. kill the children of fish, crabs and shrimp in the ocean, and reduce the amount of plankton which is one source of most food animals, sea animals

Damage the ozone layer also has a direct influence on the warming of the earth is often referred to as "greenhouse gases" stratosfer Most of the ozone produced in tropical areas and transported to a high altitude with a round of large-scale atmosphere during snow season until spring. Tropical regions generally have a low ozone.


Ozone occurs naturally in the smog (fog), especially in large cities, such as in Jakarta. Nox and hydrocarbon gases from the smoke-out vehicles and various industrial activities, is a source of ozone terbentuknya.

Reaction of ozone with hydrocarbon gas is resumed with the acid nitrate and sulfate acid which can cause acid rain, which in addition can also be dangerous to the human damage to various water ecosystems.

Ozone gas is toxic, so if the land is located near the surface will be dangerous if terhisap may damage the lungs and even is able to cause death.

Because the toxic nature of ozone is owned by you, the people should find ideas such as ozone can be used: to kill the germs of disease.

Based on human knowledge about the process of how the occurrence of ozone, in the year 1857 Siemens successfully create ozone method with dielectric barrier discharge.

The formation of ozone with the electrical discharge of this principle is very simple. This principle is explained by Devins in 1956. He explained that the collision of the electron generated by the electrical discharge with molecular oxygen produces two oxygen atoms.

Next oxygen atom is natural to meet again with the surrounding molecular oxygen, and ozone terbentuklah. Nowadays, electrical discharge method is the method most used in the making of ozone in different industrial activities.

Ozone, active species that have the nature of this radical, also require special attention in storage. 100 percent ozone level in the room temperature is easy to explode. Akan ozone safe stored at a temperature below -183 OC level ozone in the ozone and oxygen mixture under 30 percent. Now, most ozone is stored in the form of ozonized or ozonized water ice.

Utilization of ozone has been performed more than one hundred years ago. Ozone was first in use by NIES from France in 1906 to clean drinking water. From this success NIES in various European countries to make use of ozone for drinking water grew rapidly.

In Asia, the ozone process for drinking water was first performed in the city of Amagasaki, Japan, in 1973. However, at the time of utilization is still limited only to remove the smell. In the United States, including the slow ozone, ozone was first used in water treatment center in Los Angeles in 1987.

Entering the 1990s the use of ozone develop very rapidly. Various utilization, among others, for the ozone treatment of drinking water and waste water, ozone sterilization for food raw materials, and for ozone sterilization equipment.

Broadest scope of the use of ozone is not irrespective of the nature of the ozone radical nature have known (easy to react with the compound around) and have oxidation potential V. 2:07 With the ability of ozone oxidation can decompose various toxic organic compound in the waste water, such as Benzene, atrazine, dioxin (Daito, 2000), and various organic substances coloring (Sugimoto, 2000).

Through the process of ozone oxidation is also able to kill various microorganisma bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella enteriditis, and various other bacterial pathogen (Violle, 1929).

Ozone can also be used to preserve food raw materials such as meat and fish to prevent the development of fungi (Kuprianoff, 1953). The same is also used to prevent development of the fungus (Botrytis cinerea) of vegetables and fruits (Barth, 1995).

In the field of medical ozone start after finding a lot of used equipment for ozone sterilization of medical Hansler by the year 1957. The use of ozone in the field of medicine, among others, is to wash medical equipment.

Ozone also can be used to make the blood flow path. In Japan the use of ozone as a method for washing medical equipment has obtained confirmation from the Department of Health and Welfare in 1995.

Along with the development of human knowledge, ozone is used in the field of treatment to treat patients in a way and have monitored the use of widespread, as in Germany. Of them is to burn your skin care.

Meanwhile, in the industry, ozone is used for:

1. chase away germs before dibotol (antiseptic)
2. eliminate pollution in water (iron, arsen, hydrogen sulfide, nitrit, and organic complex known as the color)
3. flokulasi assist the process (the process of merging molecular filter to help remove the iron and arsenik)
4. washing, and bleach fabrics (dipaten)
5. help color in the plastic
6. determine the resilience of sap
7. preservation of food,
8. medical sterilization equipment

Knowledge of container hotel.

Knowledge of container hotel

Travelodge Hotel: first hotel in the world who use the container as a material basically

Hotels in London, this may be less visible or not "ooh" compared with other hotels, but you certainly impressed when I have been in this hotel is made.

Travelodge Hotel is (probably) the first hotel in the world who use shipping containers as the foundation.

Because the container is the development of the hotel is 25% faster than with the use of building materials in general. And if you ever need dibongkarpun, some materials (especially container itself) can be used again.

The hotel consists of 120 rooms each room measuring 5 × 3 m. Once the hotel is finished, they will also make the hotel the same amount of room that is 307 more rooms in Heathrow.

Why? Great? Try a hotel in the port are made like this, certainly far more quickly because a lot of container is also used there?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blood travel scheme.

Blood travel scheme

Image that you see this is a scheme in the blood of our bodies, seen as complex but highly organized and tidy. On the principle that blood work is always normal and we need to do an activity that is good so that blood can always smooth and normal, otherwise we do not treat the activities that make the blood of both the blood that hampered travel experience with the system so that our bodies.

knowledge about the distribution of computer.

knowledge about the distribution of computer


Computer comes from the latin language which means computare calculate. Because the extent of computer science, experts and researchers in a slightly different terminology defines computer.

* According to Hamacher [1], the engine computer is fast and electronic information can receive a digital input, and processing in accordance with programs stored in memory, and produce output in form of information.
* According to Blissmer [2], the computer is a tool that elektonika able to do some tasks as follows:
- Receive input
- Process the input according to the earlier program
- Keep the commandments and the results from the processing
- Output in the form of providing information
* The Fuori [3] argued that the computer is a data processor that can perform large calculations quickly, including the calculation of arithmetic and logic operations, without intervention from humans.

To realize the concept as a computer data processing to produce an information, the required computer system (computer system) that consists of hardware elements, software and brainware. The three elements of the computer system must be interconnected and form a unity. Hardware will not work without the software, when, as vice versa. And no useful when they are not human (brainware) that operates and controls.

1. Hardware or Hardware: equipment that is physically visible and can be held.
2. Software or Software: programs that include instructions / commands to perform data processing.
3. Brainware: men who control and operate the computer system.

Computer classification

Literature on the computer to computer ranking based on three things: the data processed, use, capacity / size, and generation.

Based on the Data Calculated

1. Analog computer
2. Digital computer
3. Hybrid computer

Based on the Use

1. Computers For Special Purpose (Special Purpose Computer)
2. For General Purpose Computers (General Purpose Computer)

Based on the capacity and size

1. Micro-computer (Micro Computer)
2. Mini computer (Mini Computer)
3. Computer Small (Small Computer)
4. Computer Accessories (Medium Computer)
5. Computer Large (Large Computer)
6. Super Computer (Super Computer)

Based on the Generation

1. First Generation Computers (1946-1959)
2. Second Generation Computers (1959-1964)
3. Third Generation Computers (1964-1970)
4. Fourth Generation Computers (1979-present)
5. Fifth Generation Computer

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Heart and blood vessel we.

Heart and blood vessel we

So the influence of the heart and blood vessel in our survival. Every human being needs oxygen to breathe and for the formation of energy in the body, and that oxygen may not work automatically in the body that we have no control or provide work in our bodies. To take over the heart is working, the provide oxygen overlooks the body and clean the body's metabolism of carbon dioxide.

Perform its duties in the heart by using the blood, the lack of blood is collected and pumped oxygen into the lungs, where blood will take the oxygen and expel carbon dioxide.
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Of course, the heart does not work alone, he is assisted by a blood vessel attached to the body, the arterial blood vessel of a red blood vessel and the vena blue similar to the inky blue pen. The second blood vessel such as this do not change the main stream of water, but different. If you bring arterial blood from the body while the heart overlooks vena carry blood back to heart. Because this is the blood in our bodies can do with good circulation.

It is interesting that we need to know if in fact the small arterial and arteriol it was muscular, so adjust the diameter to increase or lowering of blood flow to certain areas while the vena diameter is usually greater than the arterial blood so that the vena haul with the same volume but in a lower speed and under pressure. Heart can manage its tasks with how well we do?

Piru symbol # 6

Piru symbol # 6

No.6 symbol of the gang groups.

Piru symbol # 5

Piru symbol # 5

No.5 symbol of the gang groups.

Piru symbol # 4

Piru symbol # 4

No.2 symbol of the gang groups.

Piru symbol # 3

Piru symbol # 3

No.3 symbol of the gang groups.

Piru symbol # 2

Piru symbol # 2

No.2 symbol of the gang groups.

Piru symbol # 1

Piru symbol # 1

No.1 symbol of the gang groups.

Blood group.

Blood group

The members of both groups of gang blood, crime, and the other at this point is to explore media through the Internet to encompass those who want to join, of course they also offer programs in the group, on their network at this time is so modern.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Blood Pressure Checks.

Blood Pressure Checks

To find out how our blood pressure, then the checks should be done with a tool called the tensimeter, how to measure blood pressure we needed the help of others in order to more easily conduct checks, with the way the blood pressure is normal or not we can be known with fast.

Diet For High Blood Pressure.

Diet For High Blood Pressure
Research at Chicago finds evidence that the recommended diet for lowering blood pressure can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. This study followed 88,000 women by age with a healthy almost 25 years. The researchers reviewed the women's food choices and see how much suffering a heart attack and stroke. Those who have the results (result) that it is the women that follow the eating pattern recommended by the government to reduce high blood pressure. Diet plan, which called Dash (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) include fresh fruits, vegetables, wheat, milk, low calorie, and vegetables that contain lots of protein compared with meat.

Women with eating patterns is about 24% have a lower risk of heart attack and 18% lower for the stroke than other women. 2 out of every 5 women aged 50 years in the United States the potential for interference to the heart and blood vessel which include heart attack and stroke. Previous research shows that diet can help prevent high blood pressure and cholesterol, which both can cause a heart attack.

This latest research is published in Monday's Archives of Internal Medicine. Around 15,000 women in the research to follow a diet that can lower blood pressure. They take 2 times the share of fruits, vegetables, and wheat compared with the 18,000 other women to follow the pattern of eating a normal American woman. Although this research only to learn about women, Fung said that men can get the same benefits with this approach. This research is limited because it can only follow the pattern of eating a woman for 24 years. Due to the limitations, Dr. Laura Svetkey, director of the Hypertension Center at Duke University said the research provides the results of research with long time coming in a decrease in high blood pressure.

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Blood Gangsta 1980's.

Blood Gangsta 1980's

This group, called the blood gangsta established in 1980, I served here so you can better know and be careful of the group that most people who do african operations in Texas, the United States.

Officers caught the Bloods.

Officers caught the Bloods

Seen one of the bloods that caught the officer, may create unrest or the other, appear bent and haggard after arrested by officers, for that we should always keep the good things so useful to each other for the sake of life in tranquility.

Youth With Piru and pistol.

Youth With Piru and pistol

Each youth who join the group bloods certainly provided with weapons and piru which is a sign of pride, because they are more with the security of the enemy who is always there at any time.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bloods Shooting Exercises With Left Hand.

Bloods Shooting Exercises With Left Hand

In musketry origin can not only shoot, so must the special techniques that teach the course by teachers who have been advanced. With diligent practice of the members of bloods can become experts in the case of shoot, shoot yourself because you have the expertise possessed by the individual members.

Knowledge About the True Shooting.

Knowledge About the True Shooting

The members of the bloods of weapons to be able to correctly perform the exercises that need to be special, so that the increased ability of the members and can become a professional in the running tasks on the waistband.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blood Piru Gang.

Blood Piru Gang

The group bloods always write them in groups of any place, it is clear the atmosphere of the beauty of the city, because of the gang's graffiti, we should realize the act is wrong and write in the appropriate fields.

Wall Model Red Bloods.

Wall Model Red Bloods

Group is a group of gangsters who are fanatics, try to see you on the brick wall above, with a visible red light, such as blood, the color of this characteristic of their group.

In symbols Piru Office.

In symbols Piru Office

At this time the symbol "Piru" displayed many kinds, trying to picture you see above, that is a man who are meeting in the office

Symbols In The World Sports Piru

Piru symbol at the time this is no longer the property of certain groups such as the bloods and the other, but at the time this symbol also have entered the world of sports and the other, essentially in the symbol is already widely from small children to adults.

The note "Piru" On the Train.

The note "Piru" On the Train

The note "Piru" on the train, this is not piru show bloods in the group, but this paper shows that the train has a route to the area "Lake Piru."
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