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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Knowledge about lung cancer.

Knowledge about lung cancer

Lung-cancer diseases are tuberculosis disease in the cancer death, both for men and women. Compared with other types of cancer diseases, such as prostat cancer, intestinal cancer, and breast cancer, cancer of the lungs mature more quickly is likely to increase development.

Disease lung cancer is a form of development which sell very quickly (abnormal) in the network of tuberculosis caused by changes in the form of a network or sell the expansion of sell itself. If left this abnormal growth that can spread to other organs, which is close to both tuberculosis and the remote, for example bone, liver, or brain.

Disease lung cancer is caused more by smoking (87%), while the rest are caused by substances asbestos, radiation, arsen, kromat, nickel, klorometil ether, and mustard gas emission charcoal oven can cause lung cancer, although usually only occur on workers who also smoke.

Classification Diseases Lung Cancer Lung -
There's pengklasifikasian disease lung cancer, It is seen from the level of spreading good dijaringan tuberculosis itself and to other organs. However, in disease lung cancer into two criteria based on the level of distribution:

Lung cancer primary
Has 2 main types, namely the Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) and Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). SCLC is the type of sell is small (many) where the power has a very fast growth to expand. Usually called "oat cell carcinomas (cell karsinoma wheat). This type is very closely related with the smokers, Handling is quite good through the action berespon Chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

While growth is the NSCLC sell a single, but often attack more than one area in the lungs. For example Adenoma, Hamartoma kondromatous and Sarkoma.

Cancer tuberculosis secondary
Tuberculosis disease is a cancer that arises as a result of the spread of cancer from the body's other organs, the most common is breast cancer and intestinal cancer (stomach). Cancer spreads through the blood, spleen or the system as proximity organ.

Disease-tuberculosis Lung Cancer

Disease-tuberculosis Lung Cancer

Alerts and Lung Cancer Disease Symptoms tuberculosis
Sign and symptoms of cancer paru this will only occur when the development of abnormal sell this stadium towards the more severe the more, and this takes many years since the beginning of its development. In fact, there appeared no possibility of special signs and symptoms, but only appear if the X-ray done. However, if some signs and symptoms when this is felt, should flee to the doctor check:

Cough-cough in older people who smoke
Difficulty breathing (short of breath)
Coughing blood (although the number of bit)
Often have tuberculosis infection (pneumonia or bronchitis)
There is a sore chest, shoulders and the back
Voters who changed from the usually
Cough more than 2 weeks in people who do not smoke
More like a gulp hard, neck and face look swell, decreased appetite, weight loss, rapid tired or weak.

The disease causes tuberculosis Lung Cancer
The cause is smoking, while the other is due to the contamination of air by oxygen asbestos, air pollution by smoke and burning vehicles, including cigarette smoke. There are several cases of diseases that trigger the occurrence of disease lung cancer, the disease, namely tuberculosis and pneumonia. Both diseases can cause this perlukaan sell organs on the network supporting the occurrence of tuberculosis so that the abnormal growth of the cavity sell it. Typically developing cancer of the tuberculosis cases of this type is adenocarcinoma (adenoma).

Handling and Treatment Cancer Lung Diseases
Handling and treatment or treatment that is done on people who have the disease of cancer terdiagnosa tuberculosis akan stadiumnya depend on the level, the possibility of conducting operations, and general condition of the People. This is not apart of history and the causes of cancer is of course tuberculosis.

Some of the usual steps are:

Take action operations sell cancer surgery
Action Therapy Radiasi
Action Therapy Kemotherapy
Photodynamic action penyuntikan ((PTD))
Providing Nutrition and supplement mengurang symptoms can be caused by cancer tuberculosis. Vitamin D and Fe is very good for the people with tuberculosis disease cancer, Similarly, Antioxidant foods like blueberri, cherri, and tomatoes.

[Source:Lung Cancer Disease]

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