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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Knowledge about the ozone.

Knowledge about the ozone

About Did You ozone?

The ozone layer in STRATOSFER

Ozone was first discovered by Christian Friedrich Schonbein in 1840. Naming ozone taken from the Greek language OZEIN which means smell or odor. Known as the ozone gas that has no color. Soret in 1867 announced that ozone is a gas molecule that comprises three oxygen atoms (O3).

Natural ozone can through ultraviolet ray radiation beam radiotherapy Sun. Chapman describes the natural formation of ozone in 1930. In which he explained that the ultraviolet rays from the sun-ray beam is able to decompose in the oxygen gas-free air.

Earlier unravel molecular oxygen into two oxygen atoms, then this process is known as photolysis. Then, atomic oxygen before natural gas bertumbukan with molecular oxygen that is around, and form ozone. Ozone layer in the Stratosphere that we know the name of ozone layer (the ozone layer) is the ozone that occurs naturally from the process of this photolysis.

The ozone layer is located at a height of 19 - 48 km (12 - 30 miles) above the Earth. This event has occurred since millions of years ago.

The ozone layer is very useful for life on Earth because it protects our way with 90% radiation absorbing ultraviolet rays (UV), which emanated by the sun. Note that UV rays are very dangerous and can cause:

1. diseases of skin cancer,
2. cataracts
3. genetic damage
4. decrease in animal's immune system, plants and organisms that live in water
5. the results of agricultural and forest
6. kill the children of fish, crabs and shrimp in the ocean, and reduce the amount of plankton which is one source of most food animals, sea animals

Damage the ozone layer also has a direct influence on the warming of the earth is often referred to as "greenhouse gases" stratosfer Most of the ozone produced in tropical areas and transported to a high altitude with a round of large-scale atmosphere during snow season until spring. Tropical regions generally have a low ozone.


Ozone occurs naturally in the smog (fog), especially in large cities, such as in Jakarta. Nox and hydrocarbon gases from the smoke-out vehicles and various industrial activities, is a source of ozone terbentuknya.

Reaction of ozone with hydrocarbon gas is resumed with the acid nitrate and sulfate acid which can cause acid rain, which in addition can also be dangerous to the human damage to various water ecosystems.

Ozone gas is toxic, so if the land is located near the surface will be dangerous if terhisap may damage the lungs and even is able to cause death.

Because the toxic nature of ozone is owned by you, the people should find ideas such as ozone can be used: to kill the germs of disease.

Based on human knowledge about the process of how the occurrence of ozone, in the year 1857 Siemens successfully create ozone method with dielectric barrier discharge.

The formation of ozone with the electrical discharge of this principle is very simple. This principle is explained by Devins in 1956. He explained that the collision of the electron generated by the electrical discharge with molecular oxygen produces two oxygen atoms.

Next oxygen atom is natural to meet again with the surrounding molecular oxygen, and ozone terbentuklah. Nowadays, electrical discharge method is the method most used in the making of ozone in different industrial activities.

Ozone, active species that have the nature of this radical, also require special attention in storage. 100 percent ozone level in the room temperature is easy to explode. Akan ozone safe stored at a temperature below -183 OC level ozone in the ozone and oxygen mixture under 30 percent. Now, most ozone is stored in the form of ozonized or ozonized water ice.

Utilization of ozone has been performed more than one hundred years ago. Ozone was first in use by NIES from France in 1906 to clean drinking water. From this success NIES in various European countries to make use of ozone for drinking water grew rapidly.

In Asia, the ozone process for drinking water was first performed in the city of Amagasaki, Japan, in 1973. However, at the time of utilization is still limited only to remove the smell. In the United States, including the slow ozone, ozone was first used in water treatment center in Los Angeles in 1987.

Entering the 1990s the use of ozone develop very rapidly. Various utilization, among others, for the ozone treatment of drinking water and waste water, ozone sterilization for food raw materials, and for ozone sterilization equipment.

Broadest scope of the use of ozone is not irrespective of the nature of the ozone radical nature have known (easy to react with the compound around) and have oxidation potential V. 2:07 With the ability of ozone oxidation can decompose various toxic organic compound in the waste water, such as Benzene, atrazine, dioxin (Daito, 2000), and various organic substances coloring (Sugimoto, 2000).

Through the process of ozone oxidation is also able to kill various microorganisma bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella enteriditis, and various other bacterial pathogen (Violle, 1929).

Ozone can also be used to preserve food raw materials such as meat and fish to prevent the development of fungi (Kuprianoff, 1953). The same is also used to prevent development of the fungus (Botrytis cinerea) of vegetables and fruits (Barth, 1995).

In the field of medical ozone start after finding a lot of used equipment for ozone sterilization of medical Hansler by the year 1957. The use of ozone in the field of medicine, among others, is to wash medical equipment.

Ozone also can be used to make the blood flow path. In Japan the use of ozone as a method for washing medical equipment has obtained confirmation from the Department of Health and Welfare in 1995.

Along with the development of human knowledge, ozone is used in the field of treatment to treat patients in a way and have monitored the use of widespread, as in Germany. Of them is to burn your skin care.

Meanwhile, in the industry, ozone is used for:

1. chase away germs before dibotol (antiseptic)
2. eliminate pollution in water (iron, arsen, hydrogen sulfide, nitrit, and organic complex known as the color)
3. flokulasi assist the process (the process of merging molecular filter to help remove the iron and arsenik)
4. washing, and bleach fabrics (dipaten)
5. help color in the plastic
6. determine the resilience of sap
7. preservation of food,
8. medical sterilization equipment

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