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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Knowledge of how to change their own oil in your car .

Knowledge of how to change their own oil in your car

Although the actual car engine oil change is a process that is easy, many people prefer to go to the shop to replace. Here are some tips for those who want to save a little time and money, replace the oil with the engine car.

Preparation Step

1. Put your car on the surface is truly flat.
2. Cars must be fully stopped in a condition (not moving). If necessary, use jack stands to hold the car body.
3. Jack stands should always be installed when the car lifted with a jack. Do not be under the car if the car is still in the condition of the jack.
4. Always use gloves and thick of the refractory time to change car engine oil, to avoid the valve cover oil is hot.

The equipment needed

1. Handbook. This is very important to be able to know information about the type of engine oil and how much needed measure of your car engine
2. Car engine oil
3. Bowls used oil container
4. New oil filter
5. Key oil filter
6. Key note serrate
7. Gloves
8. A lock bolt
9. Cloth
10. Shaft
11. Two jack stands or car body suspension
12. Jack

Changing Oil

1. When we prepare the equipment to replace the engine oil, keep the engine on the car for about 10 seconds before starting to replace oil. Then, place your car on a flat surface and attach a hand-brake or hand brake.
2. Put the jack on the top surface of the hard and were able to sustain the car body.
3. Jack the front of the car with caution. If necessary, enter the tooth for a manual transmission car. Or more convincing, the wedge back car tires with wooden blocks.
4. Look in the manual, where the location of valve to remove oil. Usually it is located in the front-middle-bottom of the car.
5. Make sure bowl used oil container under the valve thrower oil, before the valve is opened. By using the key lines, open valves in the direction of the clockwise (if you open it from the top). Be careful, the oil temperature can be still hot.
6. Leave the oil out to actually run out, while the clean valve oil disposal, and open the valve to enter the new oil. After re-attach the valve disposal, fasten with a reasonable (not too tight).
7. Replace the old oil filter with a new one. Check the seal of the filter and add a new layer of film thick coat to seal. Then attach the new oil filter and tighten it by hand.
8. After the new filter is installed, open the oil cap engine, enter a mine shaft and pour the new engine oil, according to the measure that has been assigned to the handbook. After the measure met, close the back cover oil and oil spill clean up around the hole.
9. Turn the car engine on and let some time. Then check the height with the oil measuring stick (already installed on the machine) and add more oil if needed.
10. Check the possibility of leakage in the channel and the discharge of oil the new oil filter. If there is, tighten it up to oil seepage is not visible. Additionally, if you always add the oil to get the measure of fit, there is a leak in the engine oil. Then you must immediately check the location of leakage. Or flee to the nearest garage.

Note the date of the replacement of oil and the mileage of your car. Oil should be replaced every 3000 km, or once every three months, if you do not too often and not far in the distance. Replacement of oil will result in a delayed easy engine temperature increased engine noise and the rough.

When changing oil, you should also check the other cars containing liquids, such as cooling, power steering, transmission and brakes. Who knew needed the addition of brake fluid or oil, for trying.

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