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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Khelasi healthy blood therapy.

Khelasi healthy blood therapy
Feed nutrients that your body overlooks meals taken by blood, including a variety of hazardous substances. When the blood vessel stopped, surefire function subject to your organs. With therapy khelasi, hazardous substances can be removed from the blood.

Tired, as expressed Rudi, 40 years old, a broker at the securities exchange. Section, he experienced pain due to diabetes. During this time he must keep eating patterns, and even sometimes the dibencinya insulin injections must be given at any time. In addition, because the warmth sickener culminate with Hanny, his wife disturbed. Nearly disordered sexual life. "I am not able to provide sexual satisfaction for istriku. This is a bitter reality," said Rudi. Luckily, Hanny tips wife who is understanding about the condition of the disease. However, already this week, before there is hope secercah Rudi. Now he tried a therapy that it is convenient for him.

Blood is a liquid \ o "Body Network" network of the body is one of the most important elements in our bodies. Blood work to carry \ o "Oxygen" oxygen that is required by cells throughout the body. Blood also supply the body with the nutrition network, carry oxygen-oxygen remaining metabolisms, and different materials it contains \ o "immune system" immunity systems that aims to defend the body from various diseases. With blood, all the networks in the body can support life processes in the body's metabolism. When this function is disrupted, such as the refinement, it will disrupt the body's other organs.

Does not smooth the flow of blood vessel, at least, caused by several things. First, the effects of blood sugar is too high as in diabetes patients. Excess blood sugar that causes the entry of fat in the blood does not get caught and cause a smooth flow in the coronary blood vessel in the brain, heart, and kidney.

Second, due to oksidan or unstable molecules produced or enter the body from outside the body. This condition causes damage to blood vessel, so the stoppage occurred and the blood vessel stiffening. Therefore, antioxidants are necessary. Deposition of cholesterol and solidify long run to accumulate and cause a stoppage of blood vessel. One of sexuality will lead to decreased because of blood circulation that is not true to the whole body, especially to the heart.

In addition, the pattern of eating that one is also one of the causes. Meals ready to eat food or canned food containing preservative, food coloring, and Monosodium glutamat, participate in a womb of hazardous substances brought by the blood.

Menngambil stoppage
Terapi khelasi or chelate comes from the latin language which means Chele tweezers. So that the principles of therapy khelasi this is taking, where the metal is taken here, a lot of heavy metals into the human body. Heavy metals such as tin black, aluminum, mercury, cadmium, and other chemical materials into the body through the pollution around us and there's food.

According to Dr. Bertha Herlina, actually Khelasi term for his actions include EDTA. EDTA or Tetracetic Acid Ethylene Diamine fluid is a synthetic amino acid is made soluble. Oxygen together with the artificial amino nutrien other to include in the vena vena through infus. "Its function is to clean the blood vessel, working with the retrieve, erase, and then make a deposit artheroscierosis fall," said owner Provitalitas this Clinic.

Fluid is given through infus in the hands of the patient. During diinfus, patients can still sit down with the relaxed, chat, read, watch television and can even run with infus if you want to bring to the toilet when the therapy progress. Therapy is more detoxification and neutralize or eliminate the poison into our bodies that cause the prows atherosklerosis it. Then this liquid akan mengambilt binding or plaque in the vessel wall and fall off slowly. This automatic terbuang with urine through the kidneys.

Series khelasi a given therapy is done 20-30 times 2 times a week long of 3 to 4 hours. Because the kidneys receive more heavy burden to remove the waste and minerals that are necessary to support the terbuang out, the laboratory examination should be performed. This checks to monitor kidney function and mineral content in the body of at least the beginning of therapy each clan has finished 10 times therapy.

Not denied the existence of side effects of each treatment. Usually within minutes the skin will feel itchy red clan. But this is not a difficult problem. The allergic pengidap must first swallow pills antialergi before the Khelasi. However, during therapy, when given clan supervised by a physician expert in the field, usually relatively safe. In addition, before any therapy patients need to undergo laboratory examination din. This includes the lever function, kidney function and organ function eksresi other. Can be spelled out, khelasi have a special way of working. The direct strike khelasi all mouth disease that affects the issue, that is, the way blood. Irw

Khelasi suitable for people with the disease:
- Coronary heart clan high blood pressure (hypertension)
- Disturbance of blood vessel brain 0 + Diabetes Melitus wound gangrene
- Rhematik / stiff joints (arthritis) 0 Resources remember decreasing function 0 decreased vision and hearing
- Extremitas cold, sleep, paresthesia (morning stiffnes)
- Impotence
- Old early

Benefits of therapy khelasi:
- Improve the function of organs in the body with natural substances to clean-out of toxic substances in the body and improve blood flow.
- Improving the organs as a whole is not only one organ only
- Increased vitality after khelasi.
- Cost is lighter than the operating

[Source: Male Emporium]

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