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Friday, July 3, 2009

Jus healthy blood group.

Jus healthy blood group
Healthy living must start with a healthy eating pattern as well. And who should be healthy if you are not always comfortable. Try to see from just this one book. From how to prepare, choose fruits and vegetables, how to complete mengolahnya all terangkum in this book.

In addition to reducing body weight, juice can also beautify the skin and make you always look in shape and appear prima. Because some fruits and vegetables that act as antioxidants which can prevent the occurrence of cancer.

In fact other than fruit and vegetables is important to consider is the type of blood type you have. Because according to Dr.. Peter J.D 'Adamo, a blood type diet specialist, the selection of food to suit your blood type can increase the effectiveness of the benefits of healthy eating is. No wonder if Wied Harry Apriadji, a healthy food experts write this book based on what has been written by experts in blood type diet.

Well, if you have blood type B, you should be thankful because it could be said of all types of fruit and vegetable juice is very good for blood type B. But if you want to strengthen the body's immune system and improve the health of nervous system, you start consuming juice dpaat Drink Pembasah membrane that consists of a mixture of juice with flaxseed oil and lesitin.

This drink contains many amino acids Kolin, Serin, and etanolamin which is required by blood group B. In addition, the fruit is very good for blood type B is a watermelon. Because it can reduce the swelling due to water or Retention dikenla term with edema.

In addition to fruit, almost all vegetables can also be consumed by blood group B. Only a few that should be avoided, such as tomatoes and corn young. Because it can cause irritation alimentary tract, particularly stomach.

For you who have blood type B and want to lose weight by consuming fruit and vegetables, you can start consuming Slimming Juice blend of pineapple, green grape and a little lemon perasan guaranteed to taste the delicious and fresh. Or you can make juice Three Vegetables, a mix of lettuce, bokcoi, mentimun and ginger menghasilakn sense of grace and warm. Overall tesaji full in this book.

Vegetables from the cabbage-like kubisan cabbage (green / white), flower cabbage, red cabbage should be avoided for those who have blood type O. In addition, blood group O lack blood factors freezer, so you should consume green vegetables rich in vitamin K such as green mustard greens, spinach, and kangkung.

Not only to reduce body weight, fruit juice and the vegetables in the juice terangkum Healthy Blood Type this recipe also provides the option for you who always want to appear young. Jus like this one, Sexy Strawberry. Mix antsara guava, strawberry, pineapple and also produce a sweet juice is tasty and fresh. Guaranteed diet you will feel more comfortable. Not only that peeled papaya, tomato and carrot mixed into the juice for the Young & Beauty keremajaan can keep your skin.

Spinach, broccoli, lettuce and some vegetables that are very useful for you who have blood type A. If you bored with the usual processing, you can see the recipe to make fruit juice and vegetables so that they can produce one type of drink which is very nice and helpful. Jus like this one, Sexy Guava juice, star fruit juice blend and the red guava juice with a beautiful sense of grace. But really be pitied, for you are very fond of orange but has a blood type A, you must avoid because orange is less good for your blood diversified A.

For you who have blood type AB, you should be happy because your body is tolerant of almost all types of food. Keungulan because all of the blood group A and B ignites in your body. All types of watermelon are good for blood type B, blueberry and plum good for blood type A is also very good for your blood type AB have.

Try it out Shake Watermelon juice is sweet and slightly warm because there is a touch of ginger in it. Or maybe you can try Girlie Spinach, mix spinach, cabbage and seaweed green menhasilkan beautiful decoy. Both juice is very beneficial for cell rejuvenation and make you look younger, especially for blood type AB.

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