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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stem Cell therapy for malignancy in Blood Diseases .

Stem Cell therapy for malignancy in Blood Diseases
Diseases such as violence in the blood Chronic lymphatic leukemia or thalassemia major requires more than just conventional therapy. Disease takes many years to treat and there is no certainty of recovery.

In recent years, there is progress in the world especially in the medical field hematologi and stem cell transplants. "Stem cell is a wave in the history of the world's fifth treatment after the use of natural (herbal), oxygen-oxygen probe attached to the network that continues in the discovery of drugs sifilis (screening), discovery of penicillin by Alexander Flemming, and biotechnology,
Stem cell therapy has been proven to cure many diseases that are difficult malignancy treated blood and increase of life expectancy.

Stem Cell, Cell Magic

Stem cell is a cell that is very unique because it has the potential for imposing breed and can change into new cells or the cell body of the other. Stem cell tasked to improve the difference in the body, and theoretically the stem cell can be divided without limit for the cells to the human body or animal is still alive.

When a stem cellterbagi, each new cell has the potential to remain a stem cell or cells to be different with a more specialized function, such as muscle cells, red blood cells, brain cells, heart cells, kidney cells, and others.

Stem cell source is:

1. Stem cell from the embryo (embryonal stem cells)

Taken from the embryo in the phase blastosist. Cell mass in the group and contains the stem cellembrionik. Cells in isolation from the cell and in part on the culture in vitro. Stem cell akan specialization can become blood cells, muscle cells, heart cells, kidney cells.
2. Adult stem cell (adult stem cells)

One of them is hematopoietik stem cell (hematopoietic stem cells) stem cell that is capable of forming blood formed red blood cells, white blood cell and blood of healthy chip. Found in normal bone marrow (bone marrow), blood edge (perifer blood) and blood strap navel (umbilical cord blood).

To get a stem cell transplant healthy new cells to replace blood cells-a violent, people can get it from:

* Member, or a suitable family donor does not have a family relationship (allogenic transplant).
* Twin identical (syngenic transplant).
* Stem cell patient's own previously stored (autologous transplant).

In humans, stem cell hiding in the area generally is less oxygen in the bone marrow. Stem cell will exit the body at the time of the injury and the area of injury is. For example, to cells in the brain when people experience stroke, to red blood cells due leukimia appear, and so on. However, the stem cell is not able to help the stroke, leukimia or other diseases have become serious.

New hope malignancy Blood Diseases

Stem cell is a new hope to treat diseases that are difficult to be cured. Treatment with stem cell transplant this is also called mobile. Stem cell dispesialisasi can become nerve cells in the brain, cells, heart muscle cells, spinal marrow, and cells other body.

Stem cell is dikultur (dikembangbiakan in the laboratory) for example, cells become heart cells ago the new heart is new and first entered kateter through to the heart.

Stem cell therapy routine that is used to treat the disease at this time is a transplant of adult stem cell from the spinal marrow and the blood and blood perifer center strap the baby.
A. Stem Cell on the white Tulang Belakang

Stem cell therapy is now well known this is a stem cell transplant bone marrow back the leukimia used to treat cancer and other diseases including malignancy of blood.

Leukimia is a cancer of blood cells or leukosit. Such as cell-red blood cells other leukosit made in the spinal marrow through a process that begins with the adult stem cell multipoten (berdiferensiasi may be important cells in the body). Leukosit adults released into the bloodstream where they work to fight infection in the body.

Leukimia called when leukosit start to grow and become cancerous abnormal function. Abnormal cells can not fight this infection and may disrupt the function of other organs.

Leukimia therapy depends on the leukosit abnormal in the patients and leave the healthy cells to grow in its place. One way to do this by using the chemotherapy drugs are hard to find and kill abnormal cells.

When chemotherapy alone can not destroy abnormal cells, medical staff sometimes prefer spinal marrow transplants.

In the spinal marrow transplantation, bone marrow stem cell patient is replaced with the back of healthy donors who match. To do this, spinal marrow and the patient's abnormal leukosit first destroyed using a combination of therapy and radiation.

Next, the sample donor bone marrow stem back to a healthy cell is inserted in the patient's bloodstream. If successful transplant, the stem cell will move to the back of the patient's bone marrow and produce healthy new leukosit to replace the abnormal cells.

B. Stem Cell Blood Perifer

Most of the blood stem cell in the marrow in the spine, while a number of stem cell appears in the bloodstream. Stem cell blood perifer multipoten can be used such as the spinal marrow to treat leukemia, cancer and various blood interference.

Stem cell blood from perifer more easily collected for comparison with bone marrow stem cell background to be extracted from the bones. This makes the blood stem cell perifer treatment of choice is not as effective as bone marrow stem cell background. Because, perifer blood stem cell number in a bit so that the flow of blood to perform transplants can cause problems.

C. Tali Blood Stem Cell Center

New born baby does not need the center strap so that the center is tali akan removed. In recent years, rich in blood stem cell multipoten found in the central belt evidently useful in treat some types of health problems on the same diterapi patients with bone marrow stem cell and blood perifer back.

Blood stem cell transplant center strap declined to less than bone marrow stem cell and blood perifer back. This may be due to bone marrow stem cell and blood back perifer not so developed can be identified and attacked by the body's immune resipien.

Also, because the blood center strap has a few new cells that develop immunity, so that the risk of small cells in the transplant can attack the body resipien, a problem called graft versus host disease.

Both the diversity and availability of blood stem cell to create a central strap poten source for transplant therapy.

Stem cell therapy as a point of light in the dark who faced the cruelty of blood diseases such as multiple myeloma, Chronic lymphatic leukemia, and thallasemia mayor.

But in fact, not only they but also other people with the disease can be cured because of stem cell therapy in foreign countries has been successfully treat the disease, infark miokard heart, stroke, alzheimer, and others.


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