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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Knowledge about the Embedded System On Cars.

Knowledge about the Embedded System On Cars

Embedded system is a combination of hardware and software that is inserted (embedded) in a device that aims to make a function / task-specific.

Destination Embedded System On Cars
The two factors which is the goal of each of the development of automotive technologies that facilitate the control of vehicles and increase safety. The same happens to the rudder system, from the beginning only to rely on mechanical movement of tercanggih use electronic brain. Rudder system that has a function to drive the vehicle was so easily moved.
How the operation of the rudder system is quite easy. Drivers who are living in the cabin to play the wheel left or right, depending on the direction in which you want to give direction. Inside the wheel there is a system component that can translate the play into motion a movement to the flexible rod wheels. Generally, the manufacturer of the car using the system rack and pinion helm.

Construction rack using rack & pinion wheel which has a bearing in it that can move to the left or right to use the metal teeth. The result of the wheel rim more precise and responsive. In its development, this system dirangkaikan technology with the power steering to facilitate power-play time in circumference wheel. Work rudder system that uses this technology, power steering mechanism based on combination of hydraulic and mechanical. Both work together to produce a round of a lightweight wheel.
The main components of the mechanical system is the wheel and rudder stem, the stem torsi and teeth are the teeth in the home or gear housing. Illustrations from the simple mechanical model of the lap wheel akan forwarded by the stem or main rudder shaft to the steering gear housing. In this section, the movement will be changed to play a straight movement to stem the tie rod to swing the wheel. Construction of this mechanism is called by the name of rack and pinion. Widely used because it has the advantage of rapid responnya.
The easiest way to find out the ability to play see the steering wheel is steering ratio. For example, number 18: 1, means the lap wheel 360 degrees of the steering wheel will rotate it 20 degrees (360: 18). Principally, the higher the ratio number, round stick not more responsive. That's why the car has a sport steering ratio of the number lower.
Power steering technology installed at the top of the gear housing with a hydraulic mechanism. Main component is a tank, oil filter, pump systems, oil lines, regulator valve, and a special tube. Just above the gear housing is a regulator valve. This work is controlled by a valve stem movement torsi located between the wheel and the pinion shaft.
When stem rudder movement, throttle closed will cause the oil into the cylinder. Akan pressure oil pushing piston left or right and then push the stem movement. By means of energy that is required to play the steering wheel more lightweight. Conversely when the rudder stem silent, oil will flow back to the reserve tank and pressure is reduced.

Supported by electronic technology more sophisticated, experts automotive system created active electronic steering wheel. With this technology drive so much easier.
The reason for the corner of the lap wheel low speed is not the same at high speed. For example, when parking comparison lap wheel and turn angle is 10: 1. When the vehicle dipacu at high speed, change the number 16: 1. Rudder system is not very responsive to the reasons for maintaining safety. At the helm of high-speed system that is very dangerous because responsive akan make easy vehicle roll. That's why a number rasionya be made larger.
Active wheel technology is the development of the concept of steer by wire technology adopted from the helm of the aircraft, fly by wire. Main component is the electric motor vehicle movement easier. Kedepannya technology rudder system predicted akan secanggih aircraft.

Development of Embedded Computer in the World Automotive

With the automatic control system (AutoPilot), the distance between vehicles on the road toll can be cut so that capacity can be increased road congestion and more traffic can be avoided. Cars are more efficient AutoPilot moves the air pollution is lower.
Saturation drive can be removed because the drivers are free to use the time for other activities. However, the ability to come up with such a system in full, automatic control system requires changes, concessions, and compromise of the user and the creator.

Automotive companies must work together to produce a suitable communications equipment with each other so that all cars on the road can move in harmony. The government also should provide the electronic infrastructure of the roads that will also require more handling and attention. Meanwhile, the "drivers" must also change the behavior mengemudinya. He should learn memercayai kendaraannya. We also have to want more money spent to buy the car equipped with special equipment.

IVHS (Inteligent Vehicle and Highway System) estimates the United States, creation and use of the car, and the road system "is the" in the U.S. this will require funding of at least 200 billion U.S. dollars (lk Rp 400 trillion) for 20 years. Most will be charged on the price of cars that people should be paid.
This step has been started since 1991, U.S. funds have been allocated approximately 660 million U.S. dollars (lk Rp 1.32 trillion) for 6 years for IVHS. In Japan also, the government and industry side by side test of the traffic automatically.

During this time the car engine depends entirely on the vision, hearing, and human resources that drive the reaction. If your car has antilock brakes system / ABS (antiterkunci brake system) and traction control (control of locomotion), kendaran means have been taken over some of your task. In the end later, the car akan me-ngam-bil total control over the equipment through the me-monitor speed, angle curve, the amount of fuel that flows to me in-sin, and the level of braking is applied. Radar to detect the position and count the great-ken patan-daraan around you.
Ken-daraan when you "see" obstacles, "feel" pavement roughness and "chat" with the post-post information on the side of the road, or with another vehicle, will activate the brain mikroprosesornya Electromechanical motors that control the rudder, acceleration, speed reduction, and determine the speed.
In the priority roads, such as toll roads in the city, tunnels and bridges, "brain" of your car may sometimes have to yield to the command center monitoring the traffic. Thanks to the central monitoring this, all vehicles as well as coordinated air traffic control.

Prevent collision
Evolution began when the car thinking antiterkunci brakes (ABS) appears in the mid-1980s, followed by the control of locomotion. Both against the rider, so that the ban remain under control. ABS automatically reduces pressure when the brake system is memperkirkan Any akan locked wheel braking on the sudden death. You certainly know if this happens the vehicle will skid, while the control of the driving force. It was to prevent slip during the addition of speed.

"One reason this technology is very interesting because it is relatively inexpensive, so basically the components are placed," said Gene Farber, determines strategy and planning for IVHS Ford. When the sensor, drive, energy and process has been successfully installed to create a system of free matter pemograman computer.
Two key components of the basis is still grown penghindar collision radar controllers and driving force that is integrated. With a driving force integrating the car did not need gas pedal again. The addition of speed is quite done in electronics, as well as a video game. Significant step towards it is the electronics skselerator luks BMW 750iL sedan. Pedal gasnya play a potensiaometer, such as the volume of the radio buttons. Drive-by-wire/DBW System (driving through a cable) allows us to more easily control the speed automatically as the mechanism of physical machine fully set up the computer.
In the car now, pengemudilah feet quickly determine the most slow-pace vehicle. That may not happen in the convoy at the meeting which determined the exact speed and automatic, so that each vehicle synchronized with the other. With DBW, the computer can work off the gas pedal when necessary.

Equipped with navigation systems

Other technologies also large. For example, navigation systems that can understand the position of the vehicle and the road that must be passed for the purpose of menccapai. How it works is a combination of technology sateit with the technology installed in the car. The result is an image the movement of vehicles on a computer map.
In the test project is in progress TravTek recently in Orlando, a video screen in the car Oldmobile Toronados display traffic information and map work to the goal.

In the future, the vehicle navigation system can be connected to the central automatic control of vehicles. Plus-signs with signs for communication on the road, the car can "know themselves" when the need to exit from the toll road, to go to one place. Of the many automated pullback off street. The greatest problem is not on the technical, but on social issues, such as pollution vehicles. The producers also cringe when going to production errors, and they charged consumers.

Imagine, automatic control system will allow you to play chess, enjoy one chapter from a novel, even while sleeping. Some says, the speed of progress when viewed Tech-nologinya, possible automatic control system will arrive much faster than the estimate we. When the case, we have siapkah? (r edi panjunan / Int 's)

Embedded in the System Concept Cars

Cars Future with Artificial Intelligence

San Francisco - In the year 2030-an, professional drivers may start akan tergusur. Section, a number of researchers Robotics is currently developing race-car race that can be automatically restrained through a street-street of the city independently.
Cars akan dijajal initial generation capacity in the Grand Challenge race is held DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) in November. Cars are designed not only restrained automatically, but understand the traffic rules and even select the nearest route. In competition, the cars must compete in order to pass traffic traffic street that is designed like a city street.

The one that is already ready to wash the car modification Stanford University team, which was named the U.S. Junior. The type of car Volkswagen Passat 2006 direkayasa so that gas, brake, and tooth movement can be controlled through the computer. Device global positioning system (GPS), radar, laser and installed around the body of the car to let the computer location and position of the car to nearby objects.
"Today we membiarkannnya can go up to 100 miles (about 160 kilometers), but in 2020 I hope will be able to up to a thousand miles a million miles," said Sebastian Thrun, professor of computer science and electrical engineering at Stanford University. He believes the development of the car robot will compete stringent since 2015 before reaching commercial stage and ready to actually go through the city streets.
Thrun predicts leap of progress in the development of artificial intelligence will result in automatic car without a driver on the road in the year 2030. In fact, he added, in the year 2030, we will see cars speed automatic compete with cars in the regular toll road. He is enthusiastic about the benefits of this technology because it can help people who can not drive cars such as the disabled.

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