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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blood Cancer.

(Blood Cancer)

Leukemia (blood cancer) is a disease that attacks the cancer cells-white blood cells produced by bone marrow (bone marrow). Bone marrow or bone marrow in the human body produces three types of blood cells and white blood cells of these (functions as the body resistance against infections), red blood cells (carry oxygen into the function body) and platelet (the small blood cells that help the process of blood coagulation ).

Leukemia generally appear on the self since someone in the small, bone marrow with no known cause has been clearly produce white blood cells do not develop a normal or abnormal. Normally, white blood cell reproduction me-back when the body or there is a need for the blood cell itself. The human body will provide a sign / signal regularly when blood cells are expected to be re-reproduction.

In the case of leukemia (blood cancer), white blood cell does not respond to the sign / signal is given. Finally, the production is not controlled excessive (abnormal) will be out of the bone marrow and can be found in the blood or blood perifer edge. The number of white blood cell that is abnormal when excessive can disrupt the normal function of other cells, some with conditions like this (leukemia) will show some symptoms such as easily affected by disease infection, anemia and bleeding.

# Diseases acute and chronic leukemia

Acute leukemia with a marked way the disease is very fast, kill, and worsened. If this is not treated immediately, it can cause death in a matter of weeks to days. While leukemia chronic diseases that have not travel so fast, so have the expectations of living longer, to more than 1 year.

# Classified based on the type of leukemia cells

When the examination is known that leukemia cells affect limfosit or limfoid, so-called leukemia limfositik. While the leukemia cells that affect mieloid as neutrofil, basofil, and eosinofil, called leukemia mielositik.

From this classification, the leukemia is divided into four type designation;
1. Limfositik acute leukemia (LLA). Is a type of leukemia most commonly occurs in children. This disease is also found in the adult who has mainly aged 65 years or more.
2. Mielositik acute leukemia (LMA). This occurs more often in adults than children. This type was called nonlimfositik acute leukemia.
3. Limfositik chronic leukemia (LLK). This often affects adults over the age of 55 years. Sometimes it also affects young adults, and almost none on children.
4. Mielositik chronic leukemia (LMK) often occurs in adults. Can also occur in children, but very few.

# The disease leukemia

To date, the disease causes leukemia has not been known exactly, but there are several factors that affect the frequency of occurrence of suspected leukemia.
1. Radiation. This is supported by some reports from some of the research dealing with cases of leukemia that employees often suffer Radiology leukemia, People with radiotherapy more often suffer leukemia, leukemia found in the victims life incident atom bomb Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan.

2. Leukemogenik. Some chemical substances have been identified are reported can affect the frequency of leukemia, for example, environmental poisons such as benzena, inustri chemicals such as insecticides, medicines used for chemotherapy.

3. Herediter. People with Down Syndrom have acute leukemia incidence 20 times greater than normal people.

4. Virus. Some type of virus can cause leukemia, such as retrovirus, feline leukemia virus, HTLV-1 in the adult.

# The sign and symptoms leukemia disease

Symptoms are generally caused leukemia among different people, but in general can be described as follows:
1. Anemia. People will quickly appeared tired, pale and breathing fast (red blood cells under normal oxygen in the body less, a result of fast breathing as the compensation of oxygen deficiency in the body).

2. Bleeding. When Platelet (freezer blood cells) can not be produced with reasonable because it is dominated by white blood cells, then the patient will experience bleeding skin dijaringan (many red jentik wide / small dijaringan skin).

3. Infection fell ill. White blood cells act as a protective body resistance, especially against infections disease. People in the leukemia, white blood cell that is not normal (abnormal) so that it does not work properly. As a result of the body susceptible infection virus / bacteria, even with the complaint itself will reveal the existence of fever, white-out fluid from the nose and coughing.

4. Dislocated and painful joint. This is caused as a result of the bone marrow (bone marrow) urged by dense white blood cell.

5. Stomach aches. Stomach pain is also one of the symptoms of leukemia indications, where the leukemia cells can be collected on the organ kidney, liver and bile that causes enlargement of body organs, and pain relief. Stomach pain this can impact the loss of appetite leukemia.

6. Lympa gland swelling. People most likely experience swelling in the gland lympa, either under the arm, neck, chest and other. Gland lympa duty filter blood, leukemia cells can be collected here and cause swelling.

7. Difficulty breathing (Dyspnea). People may show symptoms of breathing difficulty and chest pain, if this happens then have to immediately get medical help.

# Disease Diagnostic leukemia (Blood Cancer)

The disease can be ascertained with leukemia a few checks, among others; Biopsy, blood examination (complete blood count (CBC)), CT or CAT scan, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), X-ray, Ultrasound, Spinal tap / lumbar puncture.

# Handling of Medicine and leukemia

Handling of leukemia cases, the disease usually starts from the symptoms appear, such as anemia, bleeding and infection. In general the handling and treatment of leukemia can be done with a single or a combination of several methods below:

1. Chemotherapy / intrathecal medications
2. Radiation therapy. This method is very rarely used
3. Bone marrow transplantation (bone marrow)
4. The provision of medicines and tablets needle
5. Red blood cell transfusion or platelet.

Therapy system is often used in dealing with people with leukemia is a combination of Chemotherapy (chemotherapy) and the provision of drugs that focus on the discontinuation of production of white blood cells in the abnormal bone marrow. Next is the handling of some symptoms and signs that have been seen in patients with a body that monitors comprehensive.


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