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Monday, June 22, 2009

Knowledge about how to Caring Ban Cars .

Knowledge about how to Caring Ban Cars

According to data of the Ministry of Traffic Safety National Road, U.S., as many as 660 cases of traffic accidents caused by lack of air pressure in the tires and take the victim as 33 serious injuries per thousand years. A study sponsored by the Rubber Manufacturers Association (rma) recently, which is carried out on 1000 drivers in the entire state, find the facts that:

* 63% chauffeur said that tire pressure influence the distance from the vehicle
* Only 19% of the drivers check the condition of their car tire pressure
* Each month, three of the four-rider car washing their vehicles, while only one of the five rider who check their car tire pressure

You can travel the distance to reach 3.3% more and save fuel costs, if you always check the diligent car tire pressure and keep you always in the pressure that should be.

Below is a list of 10 car tire care tips:

1. Do not wait until the tire was damaged and to always check the tire pressure your car, at least once a month and especially before traveling long distance. Tire pressure with a lack of adequate akan cause hot tire easily because of friction with the asphalt, so that worn-out tires quickly and can be dangerous driving.

2. You must always remember that with pressure proportional to your car's tires. Size of tire pressure can be seen in the pas sticker attached on the inside of the door of your vehicle, or on the vehicle owner's manual.

3. For a valid measurement of your car tire pressure, check tires when they are cold temperatures. If your car runs out through the remote, wait for approximately three hours.

4. Perform periodic inspections, at least once a month and take care so that the size of your car tire pressure is always proportional to the restriction. So that your car is ready for use, if any time you need.

5. Coin money can be used as a tool that your car tires have been bald. Put the money in the coin of your car tire tread. If you can see the whole picture coin money, it's time for your car to change tires.

6. Keep your car tires from the holes in the road. For holes that are too large can not only damage the tires of your car, but will also disturb the equilibrium or balance of the car tires.

7. Make a schedule. Make sure you turn in your car tires in the front of the back in the 6000 miles each, that uniform condition of all tires and maintain the life ban is longer.

8. Do not drive a car with a tire without air cover. Steer the car with a tire without closing the valve could be leaking from the air in the tires and can lead to lack of tire pressure.

9. Check balance or balance your car's tires periodically, to avoid lap tires that are not stable.

10. Take into account the weight of the car must be loaded by you. If the load exceeds the maximum capacity which can cause excessive pressure on the tires of your car and it can be very dangerous.

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