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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Knowledge About Aviation Aircraft.

Recently, some people express opinions about the profession of a pilot .. Some say that the flight was so with the same driver. There is another one that just might learn to fly, said that the opinion was that an airplane is the same car with the wheel. Many more opinions delivered in connection with the professional aviator.

I want to respond to a few opinions about that as it is. Skills or flying an airplane is not something that is very special one. I still remember one of my instructors once said, monkeys can be trained to become a pilot.

No to coal that the great aviator and others, but that need to be submitted to become a pilot there are some physical requirements, intellectual and mental illness that must be fulfilled first. It is correct, and that there are also many people who said after learning to fly only a few weeks, and says that flying is easy. Usually they come up with a conclusion like this because knowledge about the flight is limited. Once again I have to insist, that for some people who are talented and skilled, can only learn to fly in a short time, then, declare themselves to be already a skilled pilot and also states that it's easy to fly.

In short, I can describe, that flying is not something very difficult. Similarly for a flight is not something difficult to achieve. However, if people only crammer only to be pilot, and then run a pilot of its duties, it will be many difficulties akan faces. All the more when we speak as a professional pilot or flying as a profession. Stock of knowledge is not needed and not a little too simple. Starting from a knowledge of aircraft flight, such as yourself learn the various systems used in aircraft to the conditions and limitation on the operation. On the other there is some knowledge to know the absolute limit on the particular circumstances related to the air. Understanding the weather situation in general, learning the "water-ways," know about "aerodinamik", telefoni radio and more. Knowledge "air navigation" can not not be learned carefully, not to mention the requirement that the navigation equipment available in the Great Air and available in the travel route of a particular flight. An airplane is one thing, but to become a professional pilot is otherwise very different. A flight must be conducted in a format that subject and obedient to the rules that apply, and also to the rule-rule fence. Discipline is the key word is. Series of rules that is quite a lot should be first. "Air manship" into one of the main measurements of the quality of a pilot. Ethics in the profession as a pilot at any time and attention in the assessment of the surrounding environment. "Flying Hour" to measurements in other skills to see a flyer. Because the skills of a pilot will only be obtained with good training and experience through the hours of need. There are special requirements, and again in the rules, to how many hours of someone new can be given that trust can be improved its position to become "captain pilot" for example. That should be all that should be the main stock is owned by a pilot. That is also the standard time required to print a flyer is approximately 18 months. Each school pilot program always begins with "ground school" to provide a stock of knowledge, and then proceed with a special knowledge related to the aircraft that will use. Introducing the "cockpit", something that is not easy. "Cockpit drill", in the equipment that is in the cockpit including how to cram all of the panel and "switch" that there is space in the rudder. Not an emergency procedure which should memorize the size of the part outside the head, and this requires a certain level of intellect. Before flying there's more training sessions in the simulator, which includes many things, among others, emergency procedures and patterns for "take off" and "landing". Communication skills that are part of the whole process of implementation of a flight will be the burden of extra training in the simulator. After all that running with the results of the evaluation is satisfactory, then a student permitted to start flight training to fly with the actual aircraft.

As a pilot who is active, then in accordance with the regulations that have, in every 6 months they have to do health tests and also "Proficiency check" for the skills of flight.

For the professional pilot who has not, will soon see the difference at the time of the emergency .. They generally acted wrongly in the matter, because the stock of knowledge as a pilot does not exist. Say for example its knowledge of the aerodinamik, this pilot will be guiding the decision for the right machine at the time the plane died. Who have no knowledge aerodinamik, akan already be taking the wrong decision, because the book knowledge that is not supported enough.

Thus, a picture, that to become a professional pilot, is not something easy. For those who often say that the fly is easy and the same flight with a driver, we should also know and understand together, because (without meaning to disparage) opinion is certainly out of the knowledge that someone is new to the driver level. Please and Thank You Sorry.


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