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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Where do we find the blood gang?

The chances are that you have gangs in your community, your school and your workplace. Prison and jail, you're almost certainly a gang in prison. And perhaps you have gang members living in your own home and you do not recognize the problem. Gangs are no longer limited to large urban agglomerations. They are now found in many smaller cities in the United States and not just low income, poorly educated, dropouts of society. Members of the gang now mixed in all races, cultures and ethnicities. Are no longer members come from single parent families who are never available to show the love and guidance of children. Our young people today are sometimes join gangs, although they lived with both parents who are in the middle income or income sector of society.

Too often the words we do not have gangs in our communities say the city fathers, police, chamber of commerce or tourism office. This is often followed by what we have is a bunch of wannabes. The conclusion here is that since the gangs in the community are not from Los Angeles or Chicago, they are not real gangs. Nothing could be further from the truth. If a group of young people in your community have banned together and call themselves a certain name, if they use signs, symbols or colors, and if they commit a crime, they are gangs, no matter what community members say.

It is easy to understand why any community, large or small, may deny the existence of gangs in the community - people do not want the stigma of a criminal. However, in denying the existence of gang activity, the public and helped the gang - they are a band that can develop, strengthen and develop the basic amount of power. In consequence of this power base, the gang believed to develop alliances and rivalries with other gangs gangs in the community

It is also easy to understand how parents do not recognize gang identifiers, such as graffiti, signs and symbols, tattoos, or a particular style of dress, worn or used by their son or daughter. How did this happen? They do not have time to become conscious.

Geng Have Gone Global

As mentioned previously, gangs are not limited to certain regions of the United States, they are not limited to the United States. Although their numbers are small, the gang is now known in several European countries, the United Kingdom, Africa and even under - Australia. This gang is now the same problem for every community and law enforcement that the United States.

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