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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Symbol of knowledge that is more intelligent hand

Times have changed. Many have learned that the gang clothing identifying them as gang members can easily bring to the attention of police.

Street gangs use hand gestures like a silent language to communicate with others and unless the signs are used hand in front of police officers, there may be no other indication that the person was a gang member.

hand signs, blood piru knowledge
The signature is often used as a means of identifying members of a gang with other gang members and each group showed signs of their own hands, they use to show their loyalty to the band, or fail to comply not (the disease) a member of a rival gang.

Many gangs have created a signature, using their fingers and hands, to represent each letter of the alphabet and other symbols to represent a word or phrase. Most members have become adept at this "art" and can communicate with other without speaking. View this signature is known as "flash" or "start" signs.

Often we are asked to list the signature and the tape is not possible to satisfy this demand. Why? Because there is no master list of signs that are used by each gang. There are about 25,000 gangs in the United States and each group has its own signature that would be a list of 25,000 signatures. If you add some other signs that used to greet or disrespect, and 26 letters in the alphabet, you can see that the list may contain at least 750,000 or more signatures.

For parents, teachers, counselors, or others who work with youth, did not need to learn the different hand signals. If a child is observed to flash or practice of signing, just knowing that the team uses signatures should be a warning that children or their students may join a gang or already in gangs. This practice should not be allowed and the rule of "zero tolerance" should be defined.

Good practice for the police and other law enforcement agencies, if they see gang members sometimes, often or every day, they should be concerned about the signature used by gangs in their immediate environment. If the public only a few bands, agents must search for gang members who are willing to explain and demonstrate the hand signals used by the gang. In trying to learn the hand signs of gang that is not in your area mean nothing.

If there are many gangs in one city or region, an agent must try to make contact with gang members as he could for regions or areas where he has worked to try to learn some hand signals basis for each gang that may be encountered. At least, he must learn to identify signs of gang signs of disrespect rival gangs, and all other signs that can be used to warn group members to fight or attack someone.

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