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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Blood is a bet on a group of gang

On initiation, a rite, ceremony, or instructions with which a member of a sect or a society or held by a particular function or status.

Initiation may have been part of culture since humans started to organize the group and there are people who want to join. There are clubs, organizations and secret societies around the world that require prospective members to go through some form of initiation. Initiation may be something as simple as learning a set of rules and regulations and then read them before the members. Or at the end of the spectrum, initiation May require the person to survive some of the difficulties that causes pain.

Street gangs or gangs in the prisons are not created as a condition of initiation rite for gang members, but must have extended the mandate of initiation.

Geng use initiation rites as a means of determining whether the designated mentally and physically strong enough to be worthy of membership. In other words, they do not want members to be held at the first sign of trouble or people who whine about this / his orders or instructions.

blood piru knowledge

Gang members often refer to joining a gang as "Blood In - Blood Out" - which wants to join you and may have shed the blood of your own or someone else's blood.

Join a prison gang literally means "blood - the blood out. Gangs of prison, do not want law enforcement to try to infiltrate the gangs by placing an informant or undercover agent in a group, generally require prospective members to murder or serious assault someone in prison. This "guarantee" that the loyalty of individual leadership and above and above. In theory, if he had killed someone, he will not disclose this fact to the authorities, other violence about it in May or witness.

Street gangs use a variety of measures taken to induct an individual into full membership.

These actions may include one or more of the following:

* "Beat" or "jump in" - The oath must prove himself immortal by a beating by a pre-determined number of members for a pre-determined number of minutes. During this action, members using fists, kicks and stomps, or even beat the club to new members. This is often referred to as "the act of love." It is also, in many cases, an act of extreme violence. New members at most, can survive with broken ribs, cuts and bruises or maybe a broken jaw. But the moves could be so severe that the person can suffer permanent injury or even death.

MS-13 "Beat-in '

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Other forms of initiation
No armed robbery - was inaugurated (s) committed the crime of armed robbery and often fired on the victim (s) without reason.
o Drive-By Shooting
o assault on innocent victims
o Rape of innocent victims
O blessed In - Sometimes a candidate member of the gang will not cover all the normal ritual of gang initiation. May it be blessed "is probably the result of a reputation as one of the prospects of a gang decent or it may be a family member of a gang member who has secured the eligibility and fidelity.
o "Sex in" - Male inductees are often "sexed in" by having sex with several gang members. This is sometimes used as a substitute for battered women has been reported that sometimes were asked to consent to have sex sex with someone who is experienced HIV-positive.
o Murder - which was necessary to kill an innocent victim, a member of a rival gang, or even a police officer.

Leaving street gang

Out of gang violence may be the same as membership. Many gangs require a lifetime membership.

The gang takes a lot of people want to deviate from the path of gang life, take a "beat". Such abuse often more serious and more harm to members of blows that would have been taken to join.

Although not a "beat the new section below, with video showing the brutal beating, where groups of young people involved.

Teen Violence - Caught On Tape Beating Gang (requires Windows Media or Real Player)

Leaving the Prison Gang - Blood - Blood Out

To join the gang from prison, the prospect must shed the blood of someone (in the blood). This often involves the murder of a member of a rival gang. Most gang members in prison should remain a lifetime member. Even if he is released from prison, they were supposed to remain faithful members incarcerated in providing support for them, by any means, usually through the sale of drugs and / or street crime. The punishment for "stop" the gang is death; In other words "Blood Out."

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