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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Myth blood gang

Myths and urban legends - Throughout history there's always a myth about everything - humans, animals, soil, air and sea monster, the fastest ball in the old west, and more.

In this era of gangs, many of which have been said and written about gangs. Unfortunately, too much of what has been said is a myth passed from one person to another until believed to be a reality.

The myth following is an excerpt from my file, but I do not know the source, giving due credit to the author. I'm sure he wanted to share with you.

blood piru knowledge, myth
Myth # 1
Myth - All street gangs is a grass-oriented.

Fact - Some gangs may not claim the region while others may work in several places, even in small towns that are not suspicious.

Myth # 2
Myth - All groups have a leader rigorous and structured.

Fact - Most bands are fairly weak group and have a "so-called" leaders. The new leaders are often waiting in the wings while standing members or leaders who are jailed or killed.

Myth # 3
Myth - The minority of young members of street gangs.

Fact - The teenagers, aged 18 years or less, in fact, write most of gangs. Hardcore members representing 10% - 15% of active gang participants / members.

Myth # 4
Myth women - are not allowed to join the gang.

Facts - Women are allowed to join a large number of gangs. Mara Salvatrucha is the exception. Females are often very difficult and dangerous. In the past, women were regarded as a mule "- a transporter of weapons and drugs - no precise figures are available on the number of female gang members. Estimates vary between 9% - 22%. For membership female gang

Myth # 5
Myth - The gang members do not cross the color line.

Fact - Most of the gang now allow other ethnic groups to join their gang. Hybrid an ethnic gangs in May to adopt a name other ethnic groups.

Myth # 6
Myth - graffiti / tagging is just an art form.

Facts - Graffiti is much more than art form. It is the newspaper of the street and proclaim his message to the existence of gangs / crews and offers a challenge to rivals. Graffiti / tagging function as a form of intimidation and control - Instruments announced.

Myth # 7
Myth - Gang consists of a chain gun, knife, tire iron and bats.

Facts - the above is a weapon for gang last year. Today, the weapon of choice is a semiautomatic pistol, and also AK-47. Tech-9, AMC-10 and Uzi.

Myth # 8
Myth - The gang members that hurt each other.

The fact - the opposite is true. In the case of gang-related homicides, 80% of people have been killed or attacked or observers are not affiliated with a gang.

Myth # 9
Myth - A way to eliminate the gang is a gang member locked.

Facts - detention and rehabilitation of hardcore gang members have proved ineffective. Changing patterns of criminal behavior is difficult. Prison is often the center of command and institutions of higher education for sustainable gang-related crimes. Often, detainees were forced to take sides, often along racial lines, with one group or another.

Myth # 10
Myth - The gangs are a problem for law enforcement.

Facts - Gangs are a problem for everyone. Communities need to develop programs for the entire system effectively address the gang problem where you are in childhood. Do not let gangs grow and develop a power base. Gang problem becomes more difficult or impossible to remove.

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