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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Clothing - Is it used as a fashion garment or gang?

"Clothes make the man." Or who has so often said. Clothing is also, by style, color, and how it is used, may indicate that the individual, a young man or young woman is a gang member. Unfortunately, many young people today who are not related to gang activity has even adopted the dress style and manner of cool.

blood piru knowledge, blood gangs

The emergence of youth gangs carrying bags and Banger visible, and most recently - the drug addicts seen, does not necessarily mean that the gang had arrived in a particular environment. It is not graffiti, code words and symbols are converted automatically into gang activity.

Arose from the grunge "look with great praise from the hip-hop with" attitude ", small bags and heads shaved, clothing or gang, has become popular among teenagers, including the scale of young upper class and white middle too. Gang Clothing posted everywhere that the statement of chic fashion to young people. This shows that all your peers, and videos on MTV.

blood piru knowledge, blood gangs
Professional and College Sports Wear - Today's youth can be seen in groups in the streets, in schools, malls, everywhere, all the same kind of clothes and a hat with a color identical or similar. Does this mean that every young man in this way is a gang member? Absolutely not !!!!!

If a young man wearing jewelry popular items as a star of six points, five point star, a crescent or a Playboy bunny, does that mean he or she is a gang member? Again, absolutely not.

Wearing a certain style, type and color of clothing, colored bandanas, jewelry, shoes and other goods, not a positive indicator of the gang. This is just one of the indicators or factors to consider when identifying gang members.

In many areas, especially when the band is still involved in the war region, where shootings are commonplace, where people are often attacked or killed, many victims are identified as members of a rival gang because " he wore a particular color. Sometimes, young children without gang ties, had become targets or victims, because they, too, wearing the wrong colors or clothes.

Young people want to "look cool" and wearing the latest fashion, including fashion gang. My advice is do not!

There is an old saying - If you walk like a duck, if you talk like a duck, if it looks like a duck, then it must be a duck.

In other words, if you walk and dress like a gang bang, real gang Banger May falsely identify you as a member of a rival gang. Trying to calm down and act like gang members, you might be a target.

Links below are intended to draw attention to what happens when your clothes make you look like a gang member.

* Bologna killings "Mistaken Identity - by shooting Gang MS-13
* Stabbing caused GANG-style dress
* Children 17 year old boy killed in SF, one for gang members
* Teens cautious on roads where you can shoot without reason

Efforts to equip the standards prescribed by the school staff have failed dismally short to go to school uniform width. In Bannister V Paradis (1970) lower court ruled that the ban on clothing because of style and taste is unconstitutional except the clothes he had worn such a danger to health and safety of others or cause disturbance or other disorders (Lane et al. 1994: 64). There are many other cases related to clothing: they discuss length of the skirt - V. Wallace Ford (1972), and one directly linked to the problem of gang clothing Olesen v. Board of Education School District No. 228 (1987). (Source:

Note: It was reported that some of the band began to change their dress code is no longer wearing their colors in the efforts of law enforcement to deceive and conceal their gang affiliation

To learn more about the importance of clothes, colors, jewelry and other items worn by gang members click on the link below.

* Parent Information - Clothing
* Gang Related Clothing
* Boys and Girls - Gang Related Clothing and Styles
* Planned Hearing on Gang insignia on clothing

Professional and college sports clothing worn by team of street gangs.

The following information is an indicator of how many gang members by using the popular sportswear to illustrate their gang. The two professional teams and universities are represented. It should be noted that sportswear is not necessarily a gang. The list is drawn up to make readers aware of the possibility of gang involvement. Should also be noted that street gangs have become aware of the fact that law enforcement uses color as an indicator on the gang.

Sports teams, sports, logos and gangs

Team Sports

Color / Clothing / Logo

Gang - Affiliates
Atlanta Braves initial "A" for the Almighty
Boston Celtics color - green / black Spanish Cobras
Charlotte Hornets initials "C" & "H" 4 Corner fraud
Charlotte Hornets colors - black / pink Imperial Gangsters
Chicago Bulls Color - Black / Red Vice Lords
Chicago Blackhawks Colors - Black / Red Vice Lords
Chicago Cubs first "C" Spanish Cobras
Dallas Cowboys Star Point Five People
Denver Broncos Switch "DB" for the initials "BD" Black Disciples
Detroit Lions Color - Black / Black Gangster Disciples
Detroit Tigers initial "D" for the disciples Folks
Detroit Tigers Colors: Black / Black Gangster Disciples
Duke University Colors - Black / Blue; "Duke" = "Disciples Using Knowledge everyday" Folks
Georgetown initial "G" for gangster Folks
Hoyas Georgetown Hoyas "means" Hoover's On Your Ass Disciples "(Larry Hoover) Gangster
Georgia Tech early "G" for Folks Gangster
Indiana University The initials "I" & "U" overlapping appear to be in the form of a fork Folks
Kansas City Royals Colors: Black / Black Folks
Kansas City Royals 'Simon Royals' City Royals
LA Dodgers initial "D" for Disciples Gangster Disciples
Los Angeles Kings "King" Latin Kings
Los Angeles Kings "King" stands for "Kill Inglewood Nasty Gangsters" People
Los Angeles Raiders "Raiders", an abbreviation of "cruel Ass Insane Disciples Running Shit Folks
Miami Hurricanes orange-People
Initial Michigan "M" Maniac Latin Disciples
Minnesota Twins initial "M" Maniac Latin Disciples
NY Yankees Colors - Black / Blue / White Gangster Disciples
North Carolina - University Colors - Black / Black Folks
Oakland A's initial "A" for Ambrose Ambrose
Colors Oakland A's - Green Spanish Cobras
Orlando Magic "Magic" means "Maniacs and gangsters of Chicago" The
Philadelphia Phillies initial "P" for "People" People
Phoenix Suns The initials "P" & "S" Black Peace Stone Nation
Pittsburgh Pirates Colors - Black / Silver Latin Kings
Pittsburgh Pirates initial "P"; to Pirus (Blood) Blood
St. Louis Cardinals hat is red Spanish Vice Lords
Texas Rangers T "Initial" like a fork made to a friend
University of Illinois initials "U" & "I" all made Folks fork

Other logos, symbols and accession


Used For

British Knights initials "B" and "K" for Blood Killers Crips
Burger King's initial "B" and "K" for Blood Killers Crips
British Knights initials "C" & "K" for Crip Killer Blood
Converse All Star Five Star Point on people label logo
Sports starter broke a star with five points in honor of "The Folks
Beginners in the sport five-pointed stars
FUBU (For Us By Us) Figure Clothes "05" The people
Nike Colors - Folks Black / Black
Calvin Klein The initials "C" & "K" for Crip Killer Blood

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