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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

GKB Blood Gang 2010

GKB blood gangT. O. G. Mack was raised by his grandmother on 183rd Street and Davidson Avenue in the Bronx and was a very young and active high ranking member of a ruthless ABB gang in the area called the One Eight Trey Gangsters before the crack era hit. He was arrested in 1988 at age 16 for an armed robbery. After serving three years at Rikers Islandeleased in 1991 at age 19 with a plan to resurrect his gang and the ABB alliance with the help of his religion. Two years later (1993) he had already managed to rebuild the One Eight Trey Gangsters back to what they were before the crack era, but was still not sure how to bring back the ABB. Later that same year, O. G. Mack was arrested for attempted murder and sent back to Rikers Island.

By early 1993 The Bloodline Latin Kings (Bloodline is a nickname for the New York State Chapter of the Latin Kings, which was started by King Blood) and the Netas were the two largest and most violent Latino organizations on the streets and prisons of New York City and were inflicting violence on blacks along with other Latino organizations like DDP (Dominicans Don't Play), Trinitarios (3ni), La Familia, and many others. The Latino organizations controlled the New York State prison systems and targeted the independent black gangs with daily acts of racist violence. At this time the existing independent black organizations in Rikers Island were fighting amongst themselves over street beef that they carried over into the jails and weren't receiving help from the fledgling NYG or NYC alliances. The independent black gangs desperately needed a way to unite, which would be the only way they could protect themselves. In October 1993 O. G. Mack (who was already a high ranking member of the One Eight Trey Gangsters, whose original turf is from 183rd street and Andrews Avenue all the way to Webster avenue in The Bronx, New York). He called for a meeting of several black gang leaders (most of which were involeved with the ABB in the past) and approached them with the idea of uniting their gangs together by bringing back the concepts of the ABB to expanding and help end the violence the Latin organizations were inflicting upon them. Some of the existing independent black organizations in Rikers Island were tired of fighting amongst themselves and saw this as a great opportunity to reunite and finally stop the abuse from the Latino organizations in the NY prison system. These small independent black gangs took O.G. Macks advice and aligned together to recreate the ABB. To shake off the past conflicts they decided to drop the ABB name and birth a new beginning as the United Blood Nation (UBN) and they also decided to mix Moorish Science into their teaching to get their fellow brothers on a spiritual path.

Within a few days, more and more black organizations in Rikers Island were being sanctioned into the UBN. One person very instrumental in helping the UBN rapidly grow was O. G. Mack's right hand man named O.G. Deadeye (Leonard Mackenzie). O.G. Deadeye got his nickname for his cloudy right eye that looked dead. Deadeye, formerly of Howard Avenue in Brooklyn, was born to a 14-year-old mother. Deadeye's rap sheet showed 11 arrests between 1985 and 1993, including three robberies, two assaults, a gun charge and a murder. O.G. Deadeye was the leader of his own gang that was based in Brooklyn and upon meeting O. G. Mack he flipped his entire gang into the GKB (Gangster Killer Bloods) a.k.a. G Shine UBN set which helped fuel the growth of the UBN in prison. Another organization that joined the UBN was the Valentine Gangsters which was created from the entire Chapter 4 of the Universal Zulu Nation flipping to the UBN under the decision of its highest ranking leader named Valentine and their headquarters are the Bronx River Projects. Another of the original UBN sets was Sex Money Murder, which was led by Pistol Pete (Peter Rollack) from Soundview Projects in the East Bronx. The UBN quickly became a strong force in the prison systems on the east and the Bloodline Latin Kings, Netas, DDP's Trinitarios, La Familia, and the rest of the Latino organizations no longer severely out-numbered them. The unfair abuse stopped but a fair war began which led to many years of bloodshed between Latin organizations and the UBN sets in New York's prison system.

Mack was later convicted of ten various counts of criminal activity, including racketeering, murder, conspiracy, credit card fraud, and drug selling, on April 28, 2002, and is now serving 50 years in Florence, Colorado Super Max Prison.

source: wikipedia

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