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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

East Side Blood Gang Knowledge

east side blood gangChapter 1 - How it all started.

Tyronne Nyne and Ciano Nyne flew in from LC when they were 18 and 17. They had no knowledge what so ever about what was waiting for them in Los Santos. They had to move to Los Santos because there mom Lakisha was shot in a 27/4 when she was buying some grocery's, it was all caught on tape she was murdered brutally by some black guys with blue bandanas.
Tyronne knew that they were Crips and kept that in mind when he moved to LS. When they arrived in Los Santos they called their cousin Andre West, Andre gave them a place to stay at his motel in Ganton. Andre was affliated with Bloods he had his own set called the "SouthSide Bloods". Eventually seeing all that goes around in LS Andre recruited Tyronne and Ciano as one of his soldiers. The gang grew big Tyronne was good friends with one of the gangbangers his name was Deshawn Miles. Because of there fine shooting and knowledge of guns Tyronne got the nickname "T-Murda" and Ciano was "C-Murda". One day the motel was attacked by the East Beach Crips and many Bloods were killed also the leader Andre West was killed. Only Deshawn Tyronne and Ciano were alive from the attack they were shot several times by Glock 17 rounds but they were lucky, they survived it. Deshawn moved back to LC because he couldn't take all the things that were going on. Tyronne bought a little house at Verdant Bluffs and he lived there with Ciano, both of them were recovering and thinking what to do further. Tyronne thought of making a new set but they only had two members, himself and Ciano. So Tyronne spoke with Ciano what they were going to do and they both agreed to make a new set " Verdant Bluff Bloods ".

Chapter 2 - Verdant Bluff Bloods.

Verdant Bluff Bloods was settled. . Tyronne was working hard to get contacts with some other gangs and to create allies but they all refused since they thought we were puny and wouldn't grow. Glen Park Crips knew that a new set was created and wanted to wipe Tyronne's set out. Tyronne was aware of that since the Glen Park Crips did several drive-bys at his house. Ciano knew that they would get killed if they didn't start to recruit some other Bloods, at first he called Deshawn Miles again. Deshawn agreed with it and moved back from LC, at that time Bloods had grown big with some members named Kenyon, H-Dawg, A-Wax and Co-Caine. They were making a name for themselfs and they got in contact with the mob, they were Irish and they had a bar next to Tyronnes house. At most times the Bloods were hanging at Tyronnes house which was next to their bar and the Irish thought that that would keep away costumers since the Bloods were robbing people who were parking infront of Tyronnes house. The Irish had a meeting with them and gave them 2 days to move out of there. Tyronne refused and the next day the Irish called Seville Boulevard Families and Los Locotes to finish there work. . The Bloods couldn't take on 2 big gangs on there own and got allied with La Raza. . for some time they were powerfull. La Raza got wiped out by the Locotes and Bloods had to move out.

Chapter 3 - East Side Blood Gang.

Tyronne earned alot of money at that time and bought a house in the east side, many people heard of them and alot of wannabes wanted to join them. They were big so Tyronne discussed with Ciano and Co-Caine if they wanted to change there set name. East Side Blood Gang was born with more members and was big and strong. Tyronne wanted to take revenge on the Irish for making them move out so they sorted out a plan to burn down there bar. They burned down there bar with molotovs. Tyronne thought that the Irish wouldn't mess with them, but no he was wrong. The Irish were angry and called out the all the gangs that had hate against the bloods and sorted out an attack. The Bloods were outnumbered and they eventually surrendered, a couple of bloods were killed. Tyronne called in his homies from Liberty City to move in to Los Santos, the gang grew bigger and bigger. . Glen Park Crips were on the ferge of getting destroyed and they were struggling against attacks by Saint Jefferson Families which was also an enemy of the Bloods. Tyronne didn't help against the attack because he sorted out a plan, several Jeffersons and Crips died in the war at Glen Park. Crips got wiped out by the jeffersons. Now it was the Bloods turn, Jeffersons were recovering from the war and were trying to take over Glen Park but they were outnumbered by the Bloods. The Bloods took over the Jefferson motel and Tyronne is doing it big now. Illegal business is going on in the motel.

Chapter 4 - Dead or alive ?

Tyronne got "killed" in a drive-by and he took 4 bullets in his chest, however no vital organs were hit. In the hospital the doctors declared him death, not many people knew that this was planned only Ciano Nyne his younger brother and Andre Crawford one of the first ESBG members knew about this. The doctors were bribed by Ciano Nyne to declare Tyronne death for $150,000 dollars. After a few months Tyronne recovered and he gathered all the trusted members to talk about what is gonna happen now. They eventually decided to gather everyone and make a comeback.


We are not a gang that goes around to shoot some random crips for fun, I implemented a system that goes more to a mob side. Everyone will have something to do. The outsiders won't be able to just talk to higher ranks, everything will be organized. Higher ranks won't just go out for a drive, they will go with bloods to protect them. I won't tell it all here, if you want to get involved you will find it all out ICly.

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