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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blood Gang History and Knowledge

blood gang, history, knowledgeThe People Nation is an alliance of street gangs based out of the Chicago area which has since branched throughout the United States. They are rivals to the Folks Nation. Within the People Nation alliance there are individual gangs or nations called "Mobs" which all have their own unique colors, handsigns, and organization. Most of these gangs have signed a charter to officially join the People alliance, many have not.

The People Nation was formed much in the same way as the Folks Nation. In the year of 1978, the El Rukns (now Black P. Stones), Latin Kings, and the Vice Lords formed an alliance of their own, and called it the "People".Jeff Fort of El Rukns, Bobby Gore of the Vice Lords, and Gustavo Colon of the Latin Kings were very instrumental in the forming of this alliance.

Among initial gangs to become members to the People Nation were the Mickey Cobras a.k.a. the Cobra Stones, Latin Counts, Bishops, Insane Unknowns, and Spanish Lords.Many of the African American People gangs adopted an Islamic religious doctrine, while many Latin gangs in the People alliance adopted a Christian one.

People mobs identify to the left, with hats tilted or "broke" to the left, left pants leg rolled up, etc.

Contrary to popular belief, real Bloods do not represent any 5 point star and are not part of the People Nation Alliance. The confusion of Bloods representing the People Nation's 5 point star started on the internet with unknown persons creating various fictional "Blood Books of Knowledge" which consist of mixing Blood history and People Nation history, symbols, and literature (lit) together. These fictional "Books of Knowledge" spread rapidly throughout the internet and eventually into the streets with wanna-be's taking these books seriously. There are, however, legit Bloods who use the terms "5 poppin" and "We ride the 5", but these are Blood sets that were created in New York City and they use the term/number "5" to signify the 5 boroughs of New York City. In short, when a New York Blood says "5 poppin" or "We ride the 5" it translates into "New York is Poppin" or "We ride for New York". The New York Bloods 5 has absolutely nothing to do with the People Nation Alliance or any 5 point star, but the New York Blood sets use of the number 5 may have sparked the idea of creating the fictional internet "Blood Book of Knowledge".

Hip Hop Forum
Stack Bundles
Known People Mobs
# Almighty 12th Street Players Nation
# Almighty 4 Corner Hustlers Nation (4ch)
# Almighty Bishops Nation
# Almighty Black P Stones Nation
# Alimghty Fourth Generation Messiahs
# Almighty Gaylords
# Almighty Insane Latin Counts Nation
# Almighty Latin Angels Nation
# Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation
# Almighty Latin Pachucos Nation
# Almighty Latin Stones Nation
# Almighty Noble Knights Nation
# Almighty Party Players Nation
# Almighty Popes Nation
# Almighty Renegade Saints Nation
# Almighty Spanish Lords Nation
# Almighty Spanish Vice Lords Nation
# Almighty Stoned Freaks
# Almighty Vice Lords Nation
# Apache Stones
# Aztec Souls
# Blue Fin Black Disciples
# Chi West
# Cicero Insane Vice Lords
# Conservative Vice Lords
# Ebony Vice Lords
# Executioner Vice Lords
# Familia Stones Nation
# Gangster Stones
# Gangster Stone Vice Lords
# Imperial Insane Vice Lords
# Insane Latin Brothers Nation
# Insane Unknowns Nation
# Insane Popes Nation (Southside)
# Insane Vice Lords
# Israelite Stones
# Mafia Insane Vicelords
# Maniac Four Corner Hustlers
# Maniac Traveler Vice Lords
# Madd Renegade Vice Lords
# Mickey Cobras Nation
# Outlaw Lunatic Traveler Vice Lords
# Renegade Vice Lords
# Ridgeway Boys
# Rubenite Stones
# Titanic Stones
# Traveling Vice Lords
# Undertaker Vice Lords
# Unknown Traveler Vice Lords
# Unknown Vice Lords


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