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Monday, August 24, 2009

How to Prevent High Blood Pressure?

high blood pressureHow to Prevent High Blood Pressure?

One thing that's important is the regular examination. Keep in mind that the lighter the problem, the easier it to make a return to normal blood pressure before the other problems in our bodies.

Controlling High Blood Pressure
Most people need medication to control high blood pressure, but others can reduce blood pressure or reducing the use of drugs by regulating the way of life. Your doctor may suggest to us to follow the way of life as below, even if you're already using the drug.

Healthy Diet
A healthy diet is very important in mind control high blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease. There are no rules that are too tight or miracle drug. Healthy food begins and ends with the balance and diversity. This includes foods with low salinity and drink alcohol that is naturally includes a healthy diet.

Control Your Weight
Controlling your weight is an important step to reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Excessive weight burden the work of the heart. If you are suffering from high blood pressure, losing weight can be controlled and sometimes even with drug treatment is not necessary.

The best way to control weight is by reducing the foods that contain fat and exercise regularly. Get healthy recipes book for managing your diet and family. Here are the instructions regarding the appropriate weight to height.

Many people eat salt more than what the body needs. The salt is generally present in processed foods or preserved. Excessive salt affects blood pressure. If you are suffering from high blood pressure, the amount of salt you eat may interfere with the business of controlling your blood pressure.

Eat fresh foods that do not contain salt or subtract foods preserved with salt.

Beverages that contain alcohol can increase blood pressure. If you drink three or more glasses of alcohol a day, your blood pressure may be increased and the high blood pressure. Alcohol can reduce the efficiency of high blood pressure medicine that you eat. It is advisable to drink less than two glasses a day.

Physical Activity
Suffered from high blood pressure does not mean you are helpless in every way. Instead of sports should be part of your life everyday. No need of heavy exercise, enough with the road, swimming, cycling, tennis, golf and other types of games. Avoid heavy exercise and stressful, such as coaching sports and heavy lifting (weight lifting), which actually can even improve blood pressure at the point of danger, when you do so. Consultation with the doctor about the kind of sport that suits you.

Treatment with Drugs
There are so many types of drugs to control high blood pressure. If you need, your doctor will suggest you use appropriate conditions, starting with low doses and monitor the results. If deemed necessary will be added dose gradually, so that your blood pressure can be in control. If deemed necessary the doctor will recommend the use of more than one drug to reduce the side effects of drugs used.

Once you start using drugs, there will likely continue to use during your life. High blood pressure medications do not eliminate the disease but only controls. The medicine is not survive living in our bodies, much longer period of drug use better it works. You should always take medications and how to use it with you.

Side Effects
Blood pressure drugs may cause side effects, this can be reduced by adjusting the type of drug and dosage. Report to your doctor if you get side effects with complaints that arise. Benefits and effectiveness of blood pressure drugs far exceed the problems that arise because of side effects. Many people do not get side effects and can live normally with always cooperate with his doctors.

Leave Cigarettes
Your doctor will strongly recommend that you leave a cigarette. Smoking is not the cause of high blood pressure, but can make it dangerous, which leads to heart attacks, stroke, gangrene (decay) foot and other damage. Once you quit smoking posed a risk can be avoided by quickly.

Please Yourself
By seeing the doctor, the doctor will suggest you check your blood pressure regularly, maybe a week or several times a month. It is important to see your doctor, since blood pressure and use of drugs was always on track. Your doctor may recommend that you monitor your blood pressure at home with a gauge you can buy at the drugstore.

Taking medication for high blood pressure according to the instructions provided. If you feel the medicine given is not suitable for you, tell your doctor what you feel. Treatment so that you can set the side effects can be at a minimum.

Follow medical advice about diet, exercise and smoking. Try with a strong determination to lose weight, change eating - into a healthy diet, and exercise regularly.

Although this is a "Team Effort", but you can do it more than anyone else to control your high blood pressure. Try!

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