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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blood Gangster Disciples

Blood Gangster Disciples

The history of the Gangster Disciples is Also known as the Black Gang members BGDs assets of the group back to 1960 and on the south side of Chicago. Mirror the gang is part of the "people of the nation." Some members want to be members of "growth and development, and criminal activities. Mirror Gang were the first modern street Gang to appear in a number of Memphis, and back in the 1980s. For several years, and The Streets were virtually by itself.

Symbols, colors and clothing: take advantage of six points of the star as a symbol to print. "Poppin six, which is used for writing on walls, in other words, the benchmark of six stars. Other important figures are the three points and the devil, is the highest peak of the heart and wings. Will use different colors, including black , gray, white and silver. Among the Pro and college sports and favorites: New York Yankees, Oakland Raiders and Georgetown Hoyas.

Pyramid: For many years, and the gang leader Larry hoover was in prison. The members are also talking about the hoover, which is now called Super Max in the Federal State of Colorado, and respect. He is still the president. Board of Directors of the gang in Chicago, and there is no Separation of Memphis Board of Directors. A Targeted Tennessee, and three for Memphis. Among the ranks of management in Memphis, the rulers of the supervisors, assistant chief executive of the safety and the heads of units and leaders and soldiers.

The symbols, colors and markings: common symbols include the five stars and the dollar, an increase of the moon and Pyramid Playboy bunny. Main colors black and gold, black and red. The latter can be used as a war of colors. Is the wearing of such clothing and Pittsburgh Pirates, "P" on the hat for the pirate, "a nation of people." Michael Jordan's jersey number and color of 2 and 3 add up to 5, five points of the star. They use the thumb, index and middle fingers of a hand and sitting on the formation of "VL."

Hierarchy: the vice-chairman of the House of Lords has, over the heads South Others include the following: Supreme Commander, and five-star elite, world, the global elite's three stars in the entire city and its implementation in the city and the President of the Security Branch and the five-star elite, the elite three-star section and stronger. Ronald Terry, who in 2006 went to prison for attempted murder, and five star global elite in Memphis.

Writing on walls: VLS would GDS 'pitchfork upside down to show Viola.


History: Founded in 1969 in Los Angeles, sense of games and many of Memphis, the state of California is named after the games, including Grape Street, Rollin 20 years, kitchen and on the west.

Colors, signs, symbols, language: blue is the color is blue mask bag hangs from the path to the flight of colors. However, the gang used purple and black and orange too. There is a maximum for the Lakers may be used to symbolize the Grape Street Crips, in the city of Kansas City Royal to represent fill the kitchen Crips. Los Angeles Dodgers hats are also common. The three-point crown tattoo preference. Refers to the blood "simple" as a plea of lack of respect for them. Crips call each other "Cuzzi.

Hierarchy: A not to be organized at national and local level, which is known for the Crips Selective about the members of the gang. The command line, a 16-year-old feeling of Memphis, says "not a feeling, feeling of coming to you."

Writing on walls: Crips use grapes as a symbol of the brand. With his blood, and it will use "BK" the blood of the murderer.

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