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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blood piru knowledge on the power

The District never had an organized gang problem, said Moten, who is now an anti-violence Advocate in the District. The city's Crews were homegrown neighborhood cliques while the Bloods were a Los Angeles gang, a huge criminal enterprise widely known for its rivalry with the Crips.

But about six months ago, when a teenager showed him the Cigarette burns on his arms - an Initiation rite the teen endured rather than get a tattoo under his eye - Moten said he realized that the Bloods were serious.

"They do that in LA They do not do it in DC," said Moten, co-founder of Peaceoholics, a DC neighborhood organization that mediates disputes. "These are more than wannabes. Our young people will get sucked right into this if we do not do something."

Law enforcement officials acknowledged that the Bloods, and to a Lesser degree the Crips, have been on the rise in Maryland and are now creeping into the District.

In downtown Silver Spring last month, Montgomery County police set up an operation to combat an increase of the Bloods criminal activity that included armed robberies. Police Busted a 22-year-old D.C. man and four teenagers after they observed them spray paint "Bloodz" on a wall and then try to rob a man.

The national gangs, which are involved in robbery, extortion, prostitution, auto theft and drugs, are moving south from New York, said Montgomery County Prosecutor Jeffrey Wennar of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Investigators Network.

In Baltimore, more than 28 purported members of the Tree Top Piru Bloods gang were indicted in February on racketeering, drug and gun charges. Piru The name comes from a group of streets in Compton, Calif., Named after trees.

Rival gangs vying for authority in suburban Maryland committed a string of violent crimes late last year. One person was fatally stabbed in the Lakeforest Mall in Gaithersburg, and a week of retaliatory shootings that followed left several alleged gang members injured.

Authorities said the attacks involved the Vampire Bloods, the Black Mob Bloods and the Crips.

In DC, the Bloods are concentrated along Minnesota Avenue in Anacostia and in Trinidad, the Northeast neighborhood marred by a barrage of homicides this summer, law enforcement officials said.

The Bloods in Trinidad first surfaced in December, 5th District Commander Lamar Greene said.

Police noticed gang graffiti and teens Strolling through The Streets wearing the gang's red colors about six months ago, Greene said. The Crips have not solidified themselves in Northeast DC, he added.

"Fortunately, a lot of the guys seen wearing the clothing, walking around with bandannas in the pockets, are pretty young. That may be why we have not seen the violence," Greene said. "But a group like that, you have to take seriously."

D.C. police said they are gathering intelligence on the Bloods and Crips movement. One recruiter Bloods in Trinidad, a heavily gang-tattooed man in his 20s who used to live outside the city, told a police officer that he recently got out of the Army.

Data collected by Wennar's group last summer credited the Bloods with having 400 members in the region, but gang experts say that number had more than doubled by the end of 2007 and has continued to rise. Membership in the gang has surpassed that of the largest Latino gangs, such as Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13, and the Latin Kings.

The report, which said 36 separate gangs were active, is based on self-identifications by Suspects, tattoos, clothing, and police informants Investigative methods.

The Bloods and Crips recruit in schools, The Streets, playgrounds and even on Metro buses, the experts said. Most of the Recruiting occurs inside Maryland's Prisons, where joining a gang is a matter of survival. The Bloods first took root in Maryland about nine years ago in the Washington County detention center in Hagerstown. They were known as Trey 8 and later became the Insane Red Devils.

After the inmates are released, they often return to their old neighborhoods to help the national gang gain supremacy over local groups, Wennar said.

Sometimes they use the lure of belonging to a Nationally Syndicate affiliated with a violent reputation, he added. Sometimes they use threats or even beatings.

Wennar said the California gangs have moved in while law enforcement and the media focused on the Latin gangs.

"If you're operating under the radar, it's great," Wennar said. "Everybody has kind of forgotten about the Bloods and Crips."

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