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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Best Gang In Los Angeles 2010

Blood Gangs - LA  GangsLa Gangs - Hispanic Gangs

Mexican and other Latino LA Gangs in Los Angeles do not claim colors, but rather represent neighborhoods and cities. Turf wars are common among Hispanic Gangs in Los Angeles. Hispanic Gangs in Los Angeles are highly structured, extremely formal organizations with explicit leadership and defined hierarchies. The Mexican Mafia for the most part reins over Hispanic LA Gang membership - Specifically members that claim the number 13 or Trece, also known as Surenos. Common attire consists of Blue Bandanas, Black, Gray, Khaki, Blue and White clothing and Nike Cortez or other similar style shoes. It is ,however, common in some LA Gang neighborhoods to see colors (other than Blue) worn by the Hispanic LA Gangs to represent that particular turf. For instance, the LA Watts Varrio Grape Street Gang wears Purple, the LA Varrio Clover Gang wears Green, and the LA East Side Varrio Wilmas Gang wears Red to represent their particular neighborhood. Click the Photo above to visit the LA Gangs - Mexican Gangs page.

LA Gangs - Crip Gangs
The LA Gang known as the Crips is primarily, but not exclusively, made up of Black Members. Formed in the late sixties/early seventies, this LA Gang began as a partnership and support affiliation between the LA Gang known as the East Side Crips and the LA Gang known as the West Side Crips. This coalition of sorts has since then been further split into multiple separate LA Crip Gang Sets. The Crips are considered by Law Enforcement to be one of the largest Gangs in the Greater Los Angeles County area with an estimated membership nearing 40,000 members. LA Crip Gangs have an ongoing intense feud with their mortal enemies the Bloods. For more information and a complete list of LA Gangs - Crip Gangs, photos, videos and more click on the photo above.

LA Gangs - Blood Gangs The LA Gang called the Blood Gang began as a loose coalition of Piru and other Gangs in and around Compton, Watts and South Central in the mid 1970's. Gangs with such names as Push Piru, Lueders Park Hustlers, Elm Street Mafia, Athens Park Boyz and Tree Top Trojans were all individual gangs back then. They soon banded together under the Piru name to resist the rising force of the Compton Crips, West Side Crips, Avalon Gangsters Crips and Santana Block Hustlaz (later known as Santana Blocc Crips). At this point in time, the West Side Crips and the Avalon Gardens were under the control of Tookie Williams and Jimel Barnes respectively. The East Side was under the control of Raymond Washington. The original Piru Gang started in Compton at Centennial High School and was named after Piru Street in the City of Compton. In the Mid 70's Piru Gang members began associating themselves with the name Blood due to an influx of African American Soldiers from the Vietnam War that used the term to refer to one another during the war.

Asian Gangs - LA Gangs

LA Gangs - Asian Gangs

There are several thousand LA Gangs of which most are exclusively Hispanic. Blood Gangs and Crip Gangs, however, are not exclusively African American. There are several Asian Gangs that represent the Blood Gang color, Crip Gang color and exclusive Asian Gang Turfs in and around the Los Angeles area.


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