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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Crip Knowledge Gang Blood from Los Angeles

crip knowledge gang, los angelesThe gang, known as the Crips, is based in Los Angeles, California, and was started in 1969 by Raymond Washington, who at the time was 15 years old and Stanley Williams. Washington was not old enough to join in the Panther movement in the 60’s so he decided he wanted to take what he had learned, regarding control of neighborhoods, and start his own. Washington chose to continue the style of clothing the Panthers wore, such as the black leather jackets, and at first called the gang the Baby Avenues, also known as the Baby Cribs, after another gang he had admired known as the Avenues.

The idea behind the gang was to gather up some of his friends and become active, aggressive protectors of their communities. However, this plan fell through with the immaturity that came along with the building of the gang and they soon became more concerned about protecting themselves against other rival gangs.

In 1972 the Crip gang had eight separate individual groups which grew to 45 in 1978. There were 109 individual Crip gangs by 1982 and 199 by the late 1990s. They all occupy territory within Los Angeles. There are other gangs who try to copy the style and mode of operation of the Crips, however they are in other parts of California and have nothing to do with the Los Angeles based Crips.

Although not exclusively, the Crips are mostly made up of African Americans. There is about 30,000 to 35,000 members that belong to the Crips throughout Los Angeles. They are known as violent and involved in warfare with other rival gangs. Among other crimes, this gang is known to have been involved in robberies, murders, and drug dealing.

Today, the Crips are known by the color they chose to wear of blue. Stanley was known to wear the color blue in association with the gang and when he died, other members decided to continue wearing a blue bandanna in his memory, which eventually became known as the gang color. Due to the insistence by police to crack down on gang violence however, the wearing of the colors is starting to not be shown as much. The biggest rival gang to that of the Crips is known as the Bloods.

The Crips are a very dangerous gang, not only to get involved with, but especially to cross. They are known to fight within their gang, if it means defending their hood. The gang has alliances within it and they have what is known as “cards”. These include Neighborhood Crips, Trays, or gangster Crips, Blocc Crips, Coasts, Deuces, and CC Riders. If need be these alliances will be put aside and violence ensue.

As more and more children and adults chose to join in the Crips, their territory continues to spread, and the violence along with it.

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