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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blood Gang Knowledge

blood gang knowledgeGang Knowledge - The Bloods: The Bloods were formed in the late ‘60s in Compton, an area of Los Angeles, California. Their rivals, the Crips, outnumber them by at least 7 to 1. The Bloods are represented by the color red. Members represent their loyalty by wearing red bandanas, often called ‘Doo Rags’ as in Hair-Do Rags, as well as red clothing. There have been a great deal of street fights and even murders, based on the assumption that a person is disrespecting the Blood gang by wearing the color red, when it is not their color to wear. Although it sounds bit silly, squabbles like this are not uncommon when it comes to street gangs such as the Crips and the Bloods, although it is common with other less known street gangs like the Folk and the Mexican Mafia. Gang Knowledge is the knowledge that gang members, or potential gang members, have about what it takes to be a member of that particular gang. The Crips and the Bloods are two of the most notorious rival gangs in history, and the amount of knowledge that a street member of either of these gangs have is probably quite extensive. They have spawned other street gangs and created a terrifying revolution in the United States, that is responsible for the murder of hundreds or even thousands of young people every year.

Blood, Like Kin Folk? Not If You Have A Little Gang Knowledge: The Bloods are reputed to have gotten their name from the term ‘blood’ as a term similar to the word ‘brother,’ which was utilized by soldiers in Vietnam to refer to each other. Blood members are usually like kin folk to one another, and are treated as such in most cases. The designated area, or ‘turf’ for the Blood gang was around a certain housing project. Gang members usually do not fight each other, but the Bloods are known for being extremely violent and will fight (and kill) over many things.

Gang Knowledge - The Crips: The Crips is another street gang that was formed in the Compton area around the same time as the Bloods. While this information will never be known for sure, credit for founding the Crips is given to Raymond Washington and Stanley “Tookie” Williams, the latter of which was recently executed for murder in 2006. The Crips are represented by the color blue, and wear blue bandanas in much the same way that the Bloods wear red ones.

“Tookie” Williams Authored Several Books About Non-Violence and Other Gang Knowledge: Although the alleged founder of the Crips, Stanley Tookie Williams wrote several books while on death row, none of these books admitted fault to his murders or said where the name actually came from. There is a great deal of speculation on where the name ‘Crips’ came from. Some say that the gang was named after the “Tales From The Crypt,” a popular show that used to come on HBO, but simply misspelled the word ‘Crypt.” Others say it has to do with the word ‘Cripple’ and was shortened to Crip by a reporter, which would mean the name was given to the gang by a member of the media, and not a member of the gang. Still others say the letters C-R-I-P stand for something, from Community Revolution In Progress to City Riot In Progress.


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