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Monday, May 10, 2010

Dalton Gangster Bloods 2010

dgbBrief History: This neighborhood is not active and faded out in the mid 1980s but here is the run down on Dalton Gangster Bloods as told by one of their early members.

In mid 1977 a family moved on to Dalton Avenue, the oldest brother was an Athens Park Bloods (APB) member. At this time there was no real gang activity on Dalton Avenue between King Blvd and Vernon Avenue. There were Rollin' 30 Harlem Crips and Denker Park Crips just to the north who knew people in the area, and there was actually a time when we organized street football games with 30's on Dalton. During one of these games tempers flared and the word BLOOD was thrown out toward a Denker Park player. More words were passed, some pushing and shoving, and within two days word got around that DALTON was occupied by BLOOD gang members.

These were the very beginning days of the history of Dalton Gangster Bloods. There were "INFORMAL' contacts between various 30's and "DALTON BOYS" but at this time there was no official gang activity in progress on Dalton.

When a particular Harlem Crip decided that he would get to the bottom of things on Dalton, a conflict came about between him and the APB member. It was a one-on-one fistfight. Needless to say the fight ended with the Harlem Crip vowing to return with some homies to get a little payback. Naturally, it being a head-up fight, everybody on Dalton thought it uncool to threaten neighbor/friend.

Things went on this way until 1978 when another family moved in whose oldest brother was a Centinella Park Blood from Inglewood. The brother under him was a VAN NESS Blood (VNG) member. It was at this time that actual violent conflicts began to occur between Harlem 30's and the Dalton residents. It came about that a younger brother in this family was having a bad time with certain Crips in the area. He was a very good friend and street football companion. His cause was taken up by several residents on Dalton and at this point a definite Blood allegiance was formed. The "Dalton Boys" and then the Dalton Gangster (in aligning itself with the Van Ness Gangster's). Naturally Blood was added to the end to show allegiance.

There were members who thought of DGB's as an extension of the VNG's. There are actually some who still say that, some that have actually crossed over and now claim VNG. There are still a few however that saw these two neighborhoods as allied, but seperate. These were "42 DALTON GANGSTER BRIMS", the boundries were Dalton Av between King Bl and Vernon Av. 42nd Place being in the middle of these two blocks. Though everyone here were all "Dalton Boys" the absolute proper name is "42 DALTON GANGSTA' BRIMS".

By the mid 1980s many members moved, or began claiming VNG and the Rollin 40s Crip eventually occupied the area.


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