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Friday, May 8, 2009

Meaning Healthy Blood

Blood is a vital substance in our bodies. Ironically many people find out the new blood at the time they want to do the donor or a blood transfusion. In addition to the interests of donors and blood transfusion or organ, the blood is also needed in case of medical kehakuman, of descent, the state administration, etc..

What forms of diet and how best for us according to blood type?

In general classification of blood is divided into the ABO system, Rhesus, Lewis System (secretor / non-secretor), MN, and many others. Commonly used is the ABO (A, B, O, AB), and Rhesus (+/-). But did you know that there is another side that are important and interesting behind the blood type someone? Your blood type is the key that can unlock the mystery of health, disease, the resilience of life, physical vitality, emotional strength, and even your personality can be revealed from the blood.

Blood type determines our body's ability to defend against the attack of the disease, the food are appropriate for our consumption and physical exercise that right for us. The relationship between food and blood type be extremely stiff and difficult to be trusted, but in reality, we have realized that there was a link missing from our understanding of the healthy and disease conditions. For example: Diet high protein and low carbohydrate for the purpose of decreasing body weight according to blood type O but were not successful even failed to total blood type A. And things like that you may also hear and natural day-to-day that in the end be a very confusing question for all of us.

Basically there is no word right from wrong and all kinds of sports and diet, but have a better choice for each of the genetic code is different. And it's important that the life blood group with the goal is to obtain optimum health.

To understand the meaning of the blood there is no one we know the origin-muasal of each blood type.

Blood type is the oldest of the four blood type O is the (old) about 40,000 years BC in Africa, ancient man was a very dangerous predator on earth. They can make the weapons and equipment for hunting, automatically food is the meat of their prey. Increasing population in terms of their competitive search for food to survive the more stringent, they often fight and kill. This is why that underlie people with blood type O is a meat eater and have the nature of the hard and as a leader.

When they roam to Europe and Asia looking for new land for hunting, in the new land they found a fertile and a more mild climate. This not only cause changes in the food source but also the structure of their anatomy that was the structure of the bones have a very strong and the hair that curls into the bones a more smooth and straight hair more, while the pattern of eating was carnivora (meat eater eater into the hunt plants as a more fertile environment).

Automatically gen-gen is a mutation then the blood type A was born (Agrarian) around 25,000 - 15,000 BCE in the region of Asia and the Middle-East. At the time this man is no longer compete for food, but began farming and planting Beternak. They begin to live share work.

Birth of blood group B about 15,000 - 10,000 BC in the Himalaya mountain region (now area between India and Pakistan). Climate change caused them to think to create a system of agriculture and irrigation farming tekhnik planting more sophisticated. Merging creativity, ingenuity, and create a system tekhnik blood group B can berathan life. In addition they also have a farm that produces milk products processing (dairy products).

Merging between blood group A and B result in the birth of a new blood type is AB (modern). Found less than 5% of the world's population.

Lectin theory.
Chemical reactions that occur between the blood and the food we eat.

Lectin is a substance in food, has the ability to agglomerate in the blood of our time we eat food that does not comply with our blood type. There is a conglomeration of blood in our bodies cause health disturbances. Diet according to blood type lectin not only avoid but also toward optimum health.

Animal protein diet that is right for the O, because they have high stomach acid, and sports a high berintensitas such as aerobic, running, is a good activity as response to stress. Have a life of leadership, ekstrovert (open), full of energy, and focus. Because stomach acid has a high O types cause vulnerable side is exposed to inflammation, pain sorry, enteritis, and 12 fingers. In general, the type O have a high immune.

If you know people who fear taking risks, carefully, obey the rules, detailed, organized and almost rapih you can be faced with the blood group A. Have a low immune stomach acid and make the low type-A match style vegetarian diet. Sports berintensitas that high does not match the type-A because it can make type-A runs out of energy. Yoga, Tai-Chi, meditation is an activity that is appropriate for the type A.

The only blood type that can enjoy the products processed. Usually type B have the ability to avoid danger of diseases that threaten life, such as heart disease and cancer. Diet for blood group B varies from animal and vegetable products are diverse, only type B is not suitable to consume chicken.

Is a merger between the blood group A and B. One of the type AB to type A with the stomach acid has a low vegetarian eating patterns so that enough suitable type AB, but also need animal protein. Personality type AB is balanced and sensitive which is a type of merging A and B. Many people are of type AB in the spiritual world.

Important issues that must be remembered in the diet according to blood type is not the only type of food that we look but also the quality of our food.

For example: the O is allowed to eat beef, but if ayng our consumption of meat from a cow injected with antibiotics and hormones, we add the same problems in maintaining our health.

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